A Cookie Book Tag

June 26, 2017

I was tagged for this by Mary. Apparently it's a Booktube tag created by My Bookcase and I. I might have problems choosing the books and I might not know all the cookies, but who cares? It looks fun anyway.

Chocolate Chip // A book that never gets old

This book is so beautiful. It was my favorite when I was younger, and I used to read it every so often just to soak in the goodness. I haven't read it in ages, partly I think because I'm afraid that I'll find I've outgrown it with all the YA I'm reading. But it's still sitting on my shelf and I love it so much. I still have to get my hands on the sequel, Bambi's Children.

Dutch Snowballs // A book that gave you an unexpected surprise 

So many books. So many books have done this, and yet, I can't really think of one right now? Lemme just check my shelf here.... And what have I found. Martin Hospitality! This book gave me a few good shocks and yes, I think Abi really has a knack for twists! It's something I love to find in books - I want to be astonished :)

Molasses // A book with a character that gets in a sticky situation

Don't they all? Always? To take this more literally, I'm giving you The Book of Three because they got quite literally stuck in this one. It was an entertaining read, and yes, I think Lloyd Alexander deserved his name as the Grand Master of Fantasy.

Oreo // A book dealing with light and darkness

The Circle. Obviously. I'm a Ted Dekker fan as some of you might know. It's true that just about all characters are gray - they have both good and bad in them. But the thing is, in these stories, there's no such thing as staying gray - either you serve Elyon, or you serve Teeleh. You can't be in the middle.

Sugar // A book with a sugary sweet villain

I can't actually think of one who was "sweet"? But in this book the villain is like this: he is evil, and he knows it, and everyone else knows it, but he acts as if he's doing it all for good, and everyone else acts as if he's doing it all for good. They all act as if he's doing right and his duty, but everyone       knows inside that he's a villain. Complicated, eh? I really hate him.

Monster // a book that confused your emotions

Yeah. This... I don't know what to think of it. I like the characters and world building and I admire the complexity, but I understood the magic zero, which meant I was missing about half the books. Also the romance is so mixed up and messy and everyone is falling for everyone and a different person in each book and I can't stand it and I stopped caring long ago.

Snickerdoodle // A book that made you laugh

Is this the right response? I don't know, but I found this so funny. It's something I missed in the other two, I think. This one had humor. *laughs just thinking about it* I knew I would love this, and I did love it (but I don't like the cover). It gave us Celaena as such a multi-faceted character, and somehow I think that's missing in the other two.

Peanut Butter // A book with a nutty character

This is the only one I can think of right now? I don't think I have actually read a lot of nutty characters. Anyone have any recommendations? (as if my tbr isn't killing me. ha) But yes, this book was really something. It was an amazing ending to a fabulous series. The whole battle was epic.

So thanks, Mary, this was a great tag. And are you telling me I have to tag some people too? Well, I'm going to cheat here and say, if you read this post and if you haven't done it yet, you're tagged! No exceptions (of course, you can decline).

Let me know if you decide to accept.

See you there, 
- L.

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  1. YAY YOU DID THE TAG! :D I was excited to see this on my dashboard. ^_^

    Martin Hospitality is actually the only one of these I've read. #oops? But it's definitely a good one. ;)

    Thanks so much for doing this! I enjoyed reading all your answers!

    1. Wait, HAVEN'T YOU READ LUNAR CHRONICLES!? Because you must. Also go get Bambi *melts away in pure adoration* You did read Black though so points up! One fourth of Circle!

      Yes thanks for tagging me :) It was fun except I meant to do it a week ago but blogger was being naughty and I deleted the full post (?!?!?!) and had to do it all again. Botherations.

  2. I've heard lots of good things about Martin Hospitality! I think I'll have to give it a read soon. XD Oooh The Circle also sounds awesome! What's your favourite thing about the book?
    I had fun reading your answers! :)

    1. YES GO READ MARTIN HOSPITALITY ASAP! And Circle is one of my all time favorites! I love the allegory, the characters, and that it takes place alternately in this world and the future world. It's amazing :) Also it is actually a series with 4 books - Black, Red, White, and Green. You should check them out :D


  3. This is such a cool tag!!!
    I also grew up on Bambi :) I still remember coloring and listening to the audio books with my siblings, I actually cried secretly XD.

    1. Yes :D And Bambi, aww... I'm glad you love it too :D