how to add a cookies notification to your blog

June 23, 2018


Have you ever seen the notice on your Blogger dashboard  that says, EU laws require you to notify your European readers that you use cookies and also you must obtain consent. And they say "as a courtesy we have included this notice", which may very well be true. I don't know. I haven't seen any because I am not in Europe!

However, I am quite sure that if you ARE NOT USING A BLOGGER PROVIDED TEMPLATE this "courtesy" does not apply to you. See, in setting up my new pop up notification, I realized it is actually included in your HTML.

^^ (don't freak out, HTML is not a monster. I am actually quite fond of messing with it now :D)

SO NOW. I SHALL TEACH YOU HOW TO ADD A POP UP NOTIFICATION TO YOUR BLOG, whatever kind of template you might use.

And why should you add this notification in the first place??

Because then you'll be a law abiding blogger. Ha!!

Like I said, this post is meant for Blogger bloggers, because as you may have well noticed, Wordpress automatically has started to add a notification to all Wordpress blogs (UNFAIR I know). 

Thankfully, it is very easy for us to add our own (mwahahaa).

I used cookieconsent.insites to create my pop up banner. They are very nice and allow you to customize your own banner/box to your style. They even give you a live demo as you work on it ;D

Step 1.

Step 2.

  • Customize your notification bar/box on the site.
  • Paste Google's privacy policy url in the privacy policy box.

Step 3.

  • After you are done with your tweaks, copy the html that they provide you.
  • Go to your blog's HTML page. 
  • Find </head>

HAha yes, I know that is a high order. How does one find </head> in a jumble of letters that make no sense whatsoever?

Never fear. Here are two ways to find the elusive tag.

  • On your keyboard, press Cltr and F at the same time.
  • A search box should appear. Type </head> in it and hit enter.
  • It should highlight the code.

If you want to try a more heroic method, or you are not on a computer, here you go:

  • Start at the very top of the HTML.
  • Scroll down (you may have you use your arrow keys).
  • You should be scrolling through a lot of colorful text. Then you should come upon a ton of blue text.
  • Scroll all the way through the blue text.
  • Right after the blue text, you should find :

Got it? Great! Back to the original instructions.

  • Paste your code (that you copied) right above </head>.
  • Save your template, and view your blog.


Hope you all found this easy and helpful :DD Setting up a cookie notification is rather important in light of new laws, and I hope you guys are able to make the perfect kinds to match your themes ;D

Now go forth and create!

have you ever banged your head over the cookies notification problem? was this "tutorial" helpful? would you be interested if I wrote more posts on blogging tips?

ps / in case you didn't see, I am hosting a microfiction contest in honor of my blogoversary and there's still two weeks to enter ;D check it out here.


the penprints flash fiction dash [2018]

June 16, 2018


It's been a very very very long time since I last posted a short story (about ... 3/4 of a year ago?) and that's just way too long. Therefore, let's all thank Rosie (from Penprints) for having this challenge ;D

I remember the first time she was having this dash last year - in the late spring/early summer. I wasn't a blogger yet! But I did consider entering ;) Regretfully I didn't (because I didn't have Internet social skills and confidence lol), but I ENJOYED READING ALL THE STORIES when they were posted.

This year I'm honored to participate ;)

Without further ado here is the introductory post where you may familiarize yourself with the idea and rules of the challenge.

In short, a flash fiction is under 1000 words.

My story is 997.


In my world, you can only one of two things – black or white.

You were born one, you remain one – or at least you do in my case. I nuzzle my black paw. 




I turn my head to my human beside me – my black human. He’s called that because he is dressed entirely in that color (since humans have to do with clothes, not fur). And the color of a human’s clothes tells his caste. 

He’s the human I adopted, I think fondly, licking his knuckles. I couldn’t stand how he sat outside the store-that-has-books-in-its-window everyday with a worn cardboard sign of human scribbling. He looked so alone. 

So I adopted him. 

He brings his hand to my neck, scratching.

“Purr. Purr. Purr.”

He lifts me into his lap – he sits cross-legged – and continues to stroke me. I peer into his eyes as his head is bowed.

“Hey,” he whispers.

“Purr. Purr,” I respond.

He stops stroking suddenly and raises his head ever so slightly. 





I turn my head to see two human legs – two white human legs – walk by. The feet are in the oddest of odd shoes – the ones with very very very high heels that one can hear approaching from a mile away.

I crane my neck up, and up, and up. More whiteness. 


It’s her. She who  – every day –  comes from the store down the street. The store from which humans emerge constantly, all carrying cups. It’s decidedly odd. I lay my head on his knee and shut my eyes. 


I stand beside the door of the shop-that-offers-cups at the same time the next day, quite unmoving, only my long black tail twitching with each chime of the bell that rings when the door opens.

Finally, she emerges. I know because it’s the same white heels, and I tilt my head up to confirm it. Oh yes.

She starts walking down the street and I chase after.

“Meow! Meow! Meow?!”

I scratch at her legs, and when she pauses, I climb all over her shoes, rubbing my head on her ankles. 

“Hey,” she exclaims softly.

She moves her foot, and nudges me off to the side, giving me a little shake of her finger, and keeps on.

I hurry after her. 

“Meow! Meow! Meowmeowmeowmeow …”

I’m a pest, trying to trip her up, but she slows her walk, observing me curiously, as she tries to figure me out.

We reach the spot where my human is. I scoot beside him, making eyes at her.


Her eyes widen. She looks at me. At him. At me.

Her face becomes strangely twisted as she turns and leaves slowly, throwing a few glances over her shoulder.


I’m beside the store-that-offers-cups again, and this time I trot up and down, craning my neck at all the humans who frown and mutter “black mangy stray” at me, whatever that means.

Finally she steps out, and once again I’m at her heels.

“Meow! Meow! MEOW!” 

She looks at me, face serious this time – picks me up, and carries me under one arm all the way to him. I lick her fingers. She deposits me in front of him and is gone.


I sit like a statue in the window of the store-that-offers-cups and look inside. I realize then that all the humans are … sitting and … lifting the cups to their lips. Oh. Realization finally dawns of me. It’s a drink stop.

When she comes, I leap at her from the window sill, knocking her off balance. Her arm flies out and some liquid sloshes from the cup, spilling onto her. Onto her white clothes.

“Hey!” she exclaims sharply. She sets off at a brisk pace, and I scurry after her white feet, calling.

She ignores me.

I didn’t know that was possible until now, but she doesn’t even cast my human a glance as she clacks away.


This time I don’t stand guard you-know-where – I stand by my human. When I see her coming I take off running, crying, meowing at her – fairly leaping for her, claws outstretched.

She takes a few steps back, and I tumble to the ground – quickly retracting my claws.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers, and abruptly crosses the street.

I stare after her.


I wait for her along the street, in the window of another shop (between hers, and ours) but when she emerges from the cup-and-drink building, she walks the other way.


I give up.

I don’t give up easily, that’s for sure, but when I returned to my human yesterday, he scratched my ears and said, “Don’t. It’s no use. She’s white.”

So I don’t.

I’m curled on his knee, letting him stroke my back. I’m chewing on the corner of his cardboard sign.

He stops.

I turn. Black feet. Black shoes and very very very odd high heels have stopped in front of my face.

What is it with the heels? 

I give a little hiss at the stranger’s legs, and turn to look at my human.

“Hey,” I hear someone’s voice above me.

I turn my head again, and look up. And up. And up. And nearly fall of my human’s knee.

It’s her.

But… in black?

Her feet are black, her legs are black, her clothing is black, and her white hair is under a black cap.

I leap at her and nuzzle her legs.

She kneels down and I see that she has two cups, one in each hand. She offers one to my human.

When he takes it, she pats my head. I expect her to leave.

Then she scoops me up in one arm, steps closer to the store wall, and sinks down to sit next to my human, crossing her legs.

She sets my between them, and strokes my back. He puts a hand on my head.

They both bring the cups to their lips.

“Meow?” I offer.

Next week, Rosie will be having a giant wrap up post where she will link to all participants and stories, so keep your eyes on her blog for that ;D I've already read some awesome awesome stories written for this challenge, and I'm telling you - you should really really read them all XDD

Until next week then!

do you write flash fiction?
what do you think of this challenge?? :D



June 10, 2018


I've wanted to write a blogoversary post forever ^-^


Rewind back to one and a half years ago. That's when I discovered the blogosphere. Around December 2016/January 2017.

The first blog I ever landed on was Bookish Serendipity kept by a 15-yr-old Canadian called Jessica Bernt, and I found her because she'd been interviewed in The Writer Magazine in March 2016. If that blog still existed today it would be at the very top of the list. From reading it I learned what blogging really was, about different styles of book reviews, and I found you. I found this community.

But yeah, Jessica Bernt has pretty much disappeared from the face of the Internet, as far as I can see, and it is so sad *cries*

Anyway! The second blog I found was For The Bookish and from the "friends" page on there I found A Writer's Faith and Fishing For Ideas (plus others of course, but it was these two that stuck with me till now) and here I am.

So I started following blogs - not actually subscribing, of course, but checking back every other day in hopes of a new post XDD I read archives. Oh boy, did I read the archives. Every spare minute I had I was reading archives. Archives that I devoured WHOLE include Writer Emily Mundell, To The Barricade, The Left-Handed Typist, and Sunshine and Scribblings.

Then, in June (not July lol) I STARTED MY OWN BLOG. Called Inkwell (come to think of it, if I were starting my blog now I would give it a different name, but whatever. Inkwell means a lot to me you know XD)

And that's my story!!


Here comes my favorite part of ever! THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. I adore reading book acknowledgements and I feel that I need to do the same thing for my blog, because I wouldn't be where I am without so many of you.

God, first of all, because I'm quite convinced You brought me here, and for that I'm eternally grateful ^-^

My amazing cousin, Syl, because it was your idea to "start a blog to showcase [my] work" and while I've been very bad at showcasing my stories like you suggested, I've certainly benefited in so many other ways. I credit this to you ;)

My family too! Because they are my biggest fans, critiques, and promoters - (my mom = my fan, my sibs = my critiques, my dad = my promoter :P).

I'd like to shout out to my role models in blogging (aka those whom I admired even before I began) -

Katie Grace, because you welcomed me with open arms;

Jonathan, because you also found this newbie my first Camp Nano cabin;

Emily, because you let me read an ARC of your book, and participate in your blog tour (two firsts for me at the time!);

Mary, because you were one of the first to see my blog in all its newness and you told me it was  amazing (#mindblown);

Savannah, because your blog has taught me so much by being 100% #goals;

Cait at Paperfury (though you probably are not reading this), for teaching me about voice and how to write FUN book reviews XD;

Abbiee, because without your wisdom, I wouldn't be anywhere;

Rosalie, because you were the first flash fiction fan I ever stumbled upon (and that means A LOT lol);

Tracey, because you were the first TED DEKKER fan I found and asdfdfdfdkfjsalkfj words can't express how head over heels happy I was;

Abi, because you were my first author friend, and the first to allow me to beta read your work, and the first to put my name in the acknowledgements of a book

THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU, MY SUPER BLOGGER ROLE MODELS - all I've learned about this game, I owe it to you <3



especially -

Ivie - because ... because WHAT? HOW CAN I LIST EVERYTHING?? You're such a lovely human and one of my best blogging friends <3;

Karyssa - my one and only plotting buddy who rescues me from plot bunnies;

Sare - the author of MY SECOND FAVE BLOG OF ALL TIME;

Julia - my third favorite poet of ever and that's saying A LOT;

Kenzie - because actually it was your blog and your blog only that inspired my newest aesthetic (surprised? you shouldn't be);

Amanda - YOUR TRADEMARK HUMOR (your posts always make my day);

Ella - your PROFESSIONALISM blows me away (and as a fairly new blogger myself - *ahem* yes, I am older than you - I know what an achievement that is - and you inspire me);

Gray - I think you're the most real blogger I've ever seen (and I'm sorry that word cannot describe half of what it means);

and then there's Anna, and Catherine, and Lila, and Skye, and True, and Snapper, and Hanne, and Elaikie, and Ang, and Jem and Julian who deserve a BIG SHOUT OUT for being my squad (so to speak) - most frequent commenters and making me feel so at home where I am ;D

AND THEN THERE'S YOU. All of you who ever read, who ever comment, who follow - THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. I wouldn't be here without you <333 And I wish I could go on listing everyone I follow, and everyone who follows me - but that would take so much space. Still I'm going to feel endlessly guilty for NOT MENTIONING you in any other way than this :P




I had this spectacular idea for a prize (*ahem* yes, you heard right XD) which actually involves my faithful minion toiling night and day to prepare it for you and since I was mistaken about the date of my blogoversary (#oops) the prize isn't actually 100% ready yet -_-


My Special Celebratory Event is to be a contest, and seeing as you need time to enter, I have decided to let it run for ONE MONTH before picking the winner. That will also give time for me (and my minion) to prepare the prize.

^^ What is the prize, you might ask?
Sorry, folks, the contest first.

At first I was thinking a giveaway. But I decided no on that because

  • It's too easy for all of you while
  • we still need to work hard on the prize
  • and it's not very fun for anyone except the winner -_-

SO, that left the option of A CONTEST open! Since I adore short stories, I thought "why not a short story contest?" The answer to that is ...
  • it means I have to read a lot of short stories and try to pick my favorite #tough
  • it means you have to spend a long time (and yes, short stories take a long time) to write your entries
  • it means I won't get as many entries as I'd like 

Therefore, I decided on something in between. A MICRO-FICTION CONTEST.

^^ What is micro-fiction, you might ask? 
It's fiction under 300 words.


Don't worry! My main idea here is not to create award wining pieces (even though there is an award lol) but for you to have fun! (and for me to have fun and read your stories lol)

I have provided you with a selection of prompts and your job is to be inspired. Then, write your piece. Fast. Punchy. Only one point.

My tips for writing these kinds of stories are 

  • start very very short. you can always add more words later. 
  • stick to ONLY ONE main idea.
  • show a moment. it doesn't have to be a full story. the idea with flash fiction is to show a conflict, and the character's reaction.
  • have a conflict, like I said above. you don't need to show how it began, or how it ends. you will find it helpful to throw your reader right into the middle of the "action".
  • show emotion. rather than resolving it, you know, you want to show how your character reacts.
  • cut out adjectives and adverbs. "never use a long word when a short one will do" (or, never use a group of words when one will do).
  • HAVE FUN. that's my main requirement. 
  • in essence - keep it quick, keep it intense, have fun.

Are you on board? Great! My rules are as follows:

  • be inspired by the prompt
  • keep your story as clean as possible
  • keep your story under 300 words
  • deadline is July 10th.

AND ABOUT THE PRIZE NOW. Since many bloggers are fans of GIFs (and they are hilarious after all) I am giving the winner a pack of GIFs. And no, not just any old GIFs either. Hand drawn (digitally) by my faithful minion (and/or me - who knows? I'm very busy -_-). 

Here are a couple of examples to what we do:

This is the rougher version XDD

And this is one of my faves lol

Since the blog birthday crept up on me unawares, I am not yet totally sure exactly how many gifs that will be, but! It will be 50+.

And I'm hoping to be able to gift something to the second/third place winners as well. I'm not sure WHAT EXACTLY YET but we'll see ;D

And I hope to have the chance to publish some of these stories on my blog - so I'm giving you an option in my entry form to say "yes" or "no" to that ;D

Oh and never fear, if you win and don't like gifs, I can always send you some cool wallpaper painted/designed by me ;D

So without further ado:

Your prompt is this. Go to this amazing blog and choose any poem and write a story inspired by that poem. No, you don't need to quote or refer to the words in the poem in any way, so long as it was the inspiration behind your story.

And here's your entry form:

Note: a huge huge thank you to my faithful minion Retse Dragon for inspiring and helping with the prize XDD

SO. THAT'S THAT. Hopefully you enjoyed this blog birthday post *throws confetti* and hopefully you'll find time to enter this :D 

Also, I'd be super grateful if you shared this around, just cos the more the merrier! But no pressure, of course XD

so, happy blogoversary to inkwell, 
and what did you think of my contest idea? will you be entering? how long have you been blogging?


may recap [2018]

June 02, 2018

I know what you’re thinking! You’re here to see what kind of a hiatus I’m setting off on now, but no worries guys, I’m not going to abandon you again!

^^ I mean, come on, I ran away on two hiatuses already this year -_-

The thing is, I’m just going to take a three month break of writing… umm, yes, that means the whole summer. And I know what you’re thinking again!

^^ WHAT EVEN LISA summer is the best time to do writing!!!

Yeah, I know that, but I think my summer is going to be less free than yours, to tell the truth. I am quite sure I’ll be studying like crazy for the next three months (ha, as if I am not already).

Obviously you’re still asking WHY.

I’ve been concentrating so hard on WRITING for the past … err … year, that I feel I’ve been neglecting my other talents/creative outlets. I feel a bit stifled. For instance, art. I’ve been drawing so little, and I haven’t painted AT ALL since Christmas. For the past few months my artistic side has been begging and begging me to let it loose again and I can’t deny it for much longer.

Therefore, in my summer writing break I’m going to focus on

// ART. I’m going draw, and draw, and draw. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of my artistic talents and that I have the potential for SO MUCH MORE if I just allow myself to find it.
// MUSIC. I am starting my music course and it requires 120 HOURS OF STUDYING AND PRACTICING and just please where do I find an extra 120 HOURS.
// KITCHEN. I’m kind of hoping to learn some new things but we’ll see. I’ll probably be too busy studying *cries*

And the rules of my writing break are these –

// I will not put any kind of pressure or expectation on myself to finish any writing project (except the revising of BQ bc I have a deadline) or to pick up my pen at all (except for school purposes).
// However, should I actually WANT to write during the summer I will not stop myself. (And I feel like I will want to write a little bit at least.)
// BUT if I don’t write a single word at all, I shall refuse to feel guilty about it.


^^ what goes on in my brain at these times.
Me: okay we’re going on a writing break
Myself: oooh what does that mean
Me: permission not to write and not feel guilty about it
Myself: great idea!
I: mwhahahahahaha this means we can use all our energy on those plot bunnies that we’re not allowed to touch otherwise whooooohoooooo
Me and Myself:  -_- and -_-




// I know I read four books.

Such a good story about a home schooled epileptic girl who starts high school and THERE ARE EMILY DICKINSON REFERENCES AAAAAHHHHH (and also a cute dog and cute neighbor girl and a cute boy and super tough conflicts but whatever)

Another great story about a PIANO PLAYING GIRL who has to spend summer with her dad and step mom and step sis IN PARIS and there’s sight seeing and French speaking friends and French learning and lotsa conflicts with the step sis AND THE AWESOMEST BROTHER –SISTER RELATIONS (pretty much the best part of the book. The romance was so standard XD)

SO GRITTY SO COLD SO REAL. War stories, you know. Not the cleanest, so I won’t recommend this to anyone and everyone. But if you can take it, it’s so INTENSE. And a lot that happens in here is so HORRIBLE and yet IT HAPPENED and that’s the depth of the human condition -_-

SO I READ THIS AFTER SEEING THE MOVIE! And I loved it! But I think I liked the movie better? (NO ONE THROW TOMATOES AT ME, PLEASE AND THANKS.) I ADORE THE OLD GRANNY ASPECT. Someone write more YA about old grannies.

// We watched the entire series of Miss Marple (the Joan Hickson version) and OMW AGATHA CHRISTIE MOVIES ARE SO GOOD. The characters, the humor, the settings, just … mmmmm A+. (But obviously don’t watch too many murder stories in one go, cos #depressing.)


// I won Sarah Addison-Fox’s Allegiance series paperbacks giveaway and I am so excited to read those!!! The first chapter’s really got me hooked already!!




Today is my BLOGAVERSARY!! Aka blog birthday. And it totally crept up on me silently and stealthily and I didn’t even realize it till yesterday.

I mean, I THOUGHT IT WAS IN JULY. And I was talking to my sis about what I could do for A BLOG PARTY and said, “oh just let me quickly check when the actual date is” and BOOM IT WAS TOMORROW.


I still want to do my very cool idea of a celebration (that involves a CONTEST) but since there was SUCH A SHORT NOTICE I’ll just have to postpone my celebratory post till next Saturday. Hope nobody minds!

OKAY AND THAT WAS MY INCREDIBLY BORING WRAP UP OF THE MONTH. Did you notice I’m working on my aesthetic? So far it’s working. And can some of you experienced bloggers tell me where to find the HTML for a scroll box for my blog button because I wrecked my HTML and now it does not work!!

OH! AND ONE LAST THING! Did you know Owl City's latest album Cinematic released yesterday?? #epic #favoriteartist LET'S GO LISTEN TO IT TOGETHER, K??

Until next week!

Did your blog birthday ever CREEP UP ON 

YOU without warning and then jump from

behind the corner to scare you?? Pls tell me 

I’m not alone!

© Lisa Elis 2017-2019. All text mine unless otherwise credited. Please do not steal. Thank you.