About Me


child at heart. aspiring saint. hopeful rebelutionary. multitalented. creative human. firm believer in carpe diem

also ...

// supposedly an Edmund, a Frodo, and a Gryffindor according to the personality quizzes (haven't actually read Harry Potter, though)

// ENTP, and though I'm one of those naturally talkative extroverts I often appear quite introverted to strangers because I spend 95% of my life at home

// obsessive note taker and high school junior with high score aims

// owner of two orchids and one succulent that count as my beloved pets

// an artist currently feeling stagnant + wanting to expand her horizons

// perfectionist when it comes to blogging, especially in design and graphics

// a writer who wants to try all the genres

// caught by the wanderlust

// enthusiastic book dragon and fan of Ted Dekker and all his works

// lover of nonfiction, especially Christian biographies

// animated kids movies are the best

// wanting to be in love with Jesus

// contributor to oh beloved one magazine

more about me in these posts :

W E L C O M E   T O   M Y   B L O G. 

E N J O Y   Y O U R   S T A Y.

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