About Me

A H O Y   T H E R E !

I'm Lisa - one sunny teen aged wanna be writer just trying to live life to the full.

I'm a highschool sophomore, online student, obsessive note taker (bc I was taught to do so at 10), and perfectionist when it comes to scores. The best subject of ever is literature (and especially Shakespeare). I work best with headphones on, and speaking of that, my favorite artist of ever is Owl City! But, I can listen to and enjoy a really really wide variety of genres and styles.

I overflow with story ideas and hope to maybe call myself an author someday, but books are by no means my favorite thing to write. I'm in love with short stories and flash fic and scripts and travel writing and poetry and journaling. I always have way too many projects under my arm and I fail day after day to reach my writing goals, just because I'm a professional multitasker lol. I grew up on nonfiction. I love reading books that have resonating themes, gorgeous characters, tangible settings, roller-coaster plots, deep symbolism, and preferably a healthy dose of humor. My favorite author is Ted Dekker, and I can enjoy pretty much any genre. I'm a child of wide tastes.

Besides being the expected writer/reader, I'm also a *mostly* self-taught artist. I've always enjoyed pencil drawing, and portraits are my specialty. I can copy pretty much anything - still life or landscape or animal or human. I've dabbled in paint and chalk and pastel and ink and mixed media. I enjoy calligraphy and card making and photo editing and beta reading and watching animated films. I'm a multitalented human and a sports enthusiast and a little bit of a health nut. I have a really bad case of the wanderlust, my MBTI personality type is ENTP. I never stop smiling. Jesus is my lord.

W E L C O M E   T O   M Y   B L O G. 

E N J O Y   Y O U R   S T A Y.