the get to know me tag - writers' edition

by - July 28, 2018

Also a big thanks to SAVANNAH GRACE who created this tag in the first place - brilliantly done, girl!! AND A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TAGGED ME FOR THIS (I think there were three or four??).

^^ Since so many people tagged me I'm convinced that you all really do want to know more about me??

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V I T A L   S T A T S    +    A P P E A R A N C E

(pen)Name: Lisa. And no, you're not getting anymore than that. Lisa is both a pen name and real name for me, so don't be concerned. Quite a few people in real life call me Lisa too.

Nicknames: I do have a number but no, not gonna be telling you that either. However, you're free to come up and use any nicknames you might have for me *grins*

Birthday: WHO KNOWS THIS ONE? If you do, raise your hand and inform us all. 

Hair color and length: Brown. Very dark brown. So dark a lot of people think it's black. And it looks black unless you look at it in the light. It's currently shoulder length.

Eye color: Brown. Very dark brown.

Braces/piercings/tattoos: NONE at all :D

Righty or lefty: Rightly, like the majority of boring people (jk jk).

Ethnicity: Ha! Look who figured out the way to get me to divulge secrets (kudos, Sav). Half Chinese, half Finnish *nodnod*

F I R S T S : 
First novel written: *coughs* The first "book" I ever wrote was a story called Bird Story that revolved around homeschooled birds who took field trips and had a lot of penpals XDD It was very very short too (some ten or fifteen pages?). 

The first book that actually exceeded twenty pages was Sabre (a story about a sabre-toothed tiger, that was copiously a rip-off of Bambi).

More realistically speaking, Broccoli Queen is my first - which I finished in April (wow that was a long time ago!). It's about 60,000 words, between 30 and 40 chapters. And it actually has a plot now that I've done extra brainstorming :DD

First novel completed: Let's just say Broccoli Queen, shall we? Read more about it HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Are the facts in those posts up to date? NO. But that's beside the point.

Award for writing: I was awarded about a year and a half ago at the TBLN 7th Annual Writing Contest with ... ummm... a lot of things. Certificate, and book, and ereader, and bookmarks, and a bag, and etc and etc. Read the winning entries HERE and HERE.

First publication: The Sand and the Sea, which was put up on the Teen Ink website, was my first ever published story. I wrote it in March 2017, and was ridiculously proud of it.

Conference: Ummmm ... you mean writing conference, right? Cos I haven't been to one yet. I did go to a Christian conference for girls when I was eight or so, but that doesn't really count *shrugs*

Query/Pitch: None as of yet!!

F A V O R I T E S :

Novel (that you wrote): Since I've only written one book ... I guess it has to be Broccoli Queen? Yeah. It's hard to choose between books you haven't yet finished XDD

Genre: This is hard. To write? 

/The short story and 
/the flash fiction genre 
/speculative; usually magical realism

To read?  


(plus all the other genres that I enjoy - it's very hard to pick)

Author: TED DEKKER. Who else?? Second, Marissa Meyer. :DD

Writing Music: I don't listen while I write, but if I did, classical, I guess?? Least distracting.

Time To Write: The time when I feel inspired. Actually, morning, I suppose. Evenings and afternoons are so busy and distracting.

Writing Snack/Drink:  Tea. Coffee is great but I don't really drink it other than at breakfast and afternoon coffee break times XD

Movie: OOOOHHHHH I would say LotR, but I haven't even seen them all yet XD The Chronicles of Narnia, and How to Train Your Dragon, and the Adventures of Tintin, and Zootopia, and Big Hero 6, and Epic, and Joseph: King of Dreams and Kung Fu Panda and Robin Hood (Disney'). YES I AM A BIG FAN OF ANIMATION.

^^ random note, has anyone seen the new Jurassic World movie? My minion drew this picture about it:

Writing Memory: *ponders* Probably every time that my work is read and people say they like it!

Childhood Book: SO MANY HOW TO CHOOSE FROMBambi. I adored this book, lived off it, loved it more every time I read it, and even wrote a book stealing ideas from it. The Martyr of the Catacombs is runner up, then the entire Christian Heroes: Then and Now series :D

C U R R E N T L Y :

Reading: I am not entirely sure. I read a ton of things at once. The latest thing I was reading was The King's Scrolls by  Jaye L. Knight and IT'S SO GOOD. XD

Writing: Broccoli Queen rewrites, and a school short story project that has to come under 500 words. Youch.

Listening to: Nothing? I haven't listened to much lately, other than getting familiar with Built by Titan, Addison Road, and Moriah Peters.. Sukiyaki is my current favorite song though! 

Watching: Murder, She Wrote. Also this month we were obsessed over THE WORLD CUP. I hate to go off subject right now BUT THIS TOURNAMENT. THIS SPORT. THE LAST MATCH. I am very much IN LOVE, just ask anyone who knows me. I have hardly thought of anything else for the past month lol

Learning: To cut myself some slack, and think about what really matters, and put my real goals into perspective. I'm learning a lot of things all the time. 

F U T U R E :

Want To Be Published: OH YES. 

Indie or Traditional: Ummmm ... idk. I don't think I want to indie publish unless I have full confidence in my ability to do it WELL and SUCCESSFULLY. I have always leaned a bit more towards traditional, but you never know. I'm still on the fence. Let's see where God takes this.

Wildest Goal: Write YA contemporary that takes place in OTHER countries (not just North America) and research these places by GOING there and SPENDING TIME there and being inspired by THAT PLACE. Yep. 

T A G G I N G :

speak up my dudes ...

S O   N O W  -   T E L L   M E   A   F E W  V I T A L   S T A T S -

Y O U R   B I R T H D A Y ?
Y O U R    H A I R  C O L O R?
A   N I C K N A M E    I    C A N    C A L L   Y O U ?


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    OK I was fangirling literally throughout this entire post because MURDER, SHE WROTE!! And THE KING'S SCROLLS!! And pretty much ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES!! with a couple exceptions.....

    I’m with you on the Indie vs. Traditional publishing. Traditional would be awesome, but I’m still debating Indie.

    Anyways, I’m SO GLAD to see you do this tag! And since I already did this, I pass my tag to the 12th commenter! 😏

    1. YAY YES I DID! *high fives* THIS IS SO COOL - WE SEEM TO HAVE A LOT IN COMMON!! Which movies did you ... not agree with? XDD

      Good plan - passing the tag on!! Haha!

  2. Hey Teen Ink! I know that web site! *grins* Good gracious it's been a long time since I've submitted anything though...

    I so dearly love to hear about early writing projects. It seems all writers start life as innocent little plagiarists. :D

    Narnia, Tintin, LOTR--yup, yup, yup.

    And ha, tagging commenters is such a genius way to get the job done! I suppose I am morally obliged to steal this now, huh? (Morally obliged to steal. Wow.)

    1. You wrote for Teen Ink too? SUPER COOL. Any articles you can link me to?

      "Innocent little plagiarists". LOL. NOW THAT IS WELL SAID. I must keep the term in mind. And so glad you love all those movies too!!


  3. It was so much learning more about you!! It's so cool that you love writing short stories so much! :D

    Also I LOVE the new Jurassic World movie. SO EPIC AND INTENSE.

    Great post!

    1. THANKS LILA! that's so good to know that you liked Jurassic World! We are looking forward to seeing it too (though we expect to be rolling our eyes throughout the whole thing ha!).


  4. I'm not tagged because I've already been tagged. I'm immune. XD

    It was fun to read and learn more about you! :D

    1. WELL YOU BETTER DO IT THEN. *nods* being double tagged means you have double obligation. I was ... triple or quadruple tagged actually XD

      YAY thanks <3

  5. I've been tagged. XD

    Anyway, I loved learning more about you!! And I have to say that I love the title Broccoli Queen and everything and all and I want it now so...
    Gimme. XD

    Danielle |

    1. THANKS DANIELLE! your post was great to read too! I'm glad you like the sound of Broccoli Queen and maybe someday you can read some of it?? Maaaaybeeeee XD

  6. Yay! I’m number 6! Now I have to actually do the tag. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Great answers, and I didn’t know you’ve been published in Teen Ink! *scrambles to link* Also, that’s pretty cool you won a contest. I’m still shy about entering my stuff in anything like that. :P

    OH AND THE WORLD CUP!!! I got surpisingly into it even though I know just enough about the sport to call a handball. Which is pretty simplistic. My soccer education has improved from watching the whole thing. I was rooting for Croatia, and I had such high hopes, but alas. *shakes head sadly* Who were you going for?

    I had fun reading the tag! :D

    1. yes! DO THE TAG! I'd love to read more about you!

      I've only been published in the Teen Ink website, not the actual magazine but ... that's on the to-do list XD Someday when I write something good enough. Aww, contests can be tough, but YOU REALLY OUGHT TO TRY SOME DAY! It does wonders for your experience ;D

      WAIT WHAT YOU WATCHED IT TOO? I'M SO HEAD OVER HEELS EXCITED AND HAPPY NOW! I THOUGHT WRITERS DIDN'T DO SPORTS and that I was like the odd one out?? BUT HURRAY!! My soccer educations improves by leaps and bounds every time I watch it too ;D I WAS ROOTING FOR CROATIA TOO! Actually, for Belgium at first, but after they lost to France, I was cheering for Croatia :D *fist bumps over soccer*


  7. I really enjoyed The Sand and Sea, such a cool concept!
    Broccoli Queen is a great title.

  8. I love all of your answers, Lisa! You've got some great favorite movies (TOOTHLESS IS THE BEST). I REALLY hope that you can reach your wildest goal! I would love to read that story. =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. THANK YOU MICAIAH!! I'm glad you like those movies too <3 and HTTYD is awesome, yes!! Thanks for your good wishes - we'll see what happens. I believe in wild dreams XDD

  9. I did see the Jurassic movie and that was like mu exact reaction it's not even funny haha. Anyway awesome post!!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  10. I hope you can visit other countries!! That honestly would be such a cool thing to do - and it's great to experience the places/things you're writing about!

    1. YES TO ALL THAT and thanks Danielle! It's like ... my imaginary dream life! I feel like we need some "diversity" in setting as well XDD

  11. Love getting to know more about you, Lisa!! I think you need to revisit Bird Story ;)

    1. THANKS MADDY <3 I guess I should, shouldn't I? Maybe I should write a kids' animal novel someday ... *muses*

  12. Twelfth commenter. Uh oh...
    fun reading your answers !! I have not done this tag and I cannot bc I never write?? Lol.

    1. HAHA YES! Ooops ... I see ... you don't write. Well. Ummm ... let's pass the tag on to the next commenter who hasn't done it yet. THANKS FOR READING AND COMMENTING THOUGH VICTORIA <3

  13. I like the way your design is going, girl! And I like your wildest goal. I personally think that a lack of travelling might be hindering my writing in a way? And I don't only mean abroad but inside Ireland as well.

    birthday? I don't like sharing that everywhere but I did mention it in this tag.

    Hair colour? Black.

    Nickname. You can call me Adesuwa. It's a new pen name, anyway.

    1. thank you so much Adesuwa!! GLAD YOU LIKE MY DESIGN ;D mmmm, yes that is a thought. You can't write so much of "what you know" if you don't travel *nods*

      REALLU? I should go read your post on this tag! and BLACK IS GREAT HAIR COLOR, honestly!! Is yous curly too? Cos I love curly hair but mine is super duper straight! AND ADESUWA IS A LOVELY PEN NAME <3

  14. Your picture of the cherry blossom tree is gorgeous. Whoa, that's so cool that your story got published on Teen Ink! And all your stories sound amazing, from the homeschooled birds that travel and write letters to the title Broccoli Queen. What are some of your favorite non-fiction and contemporary books? Mine for non-fiction are The Boys in the Boat, Shoe Dog, and right now I'm reading The Catcher Was a Spy, and contemporary is Once and For All and so many middlegrade books. I LOVE Big Hero 6! I also love animated movies- Tangled, Frozen. I haven't heard of Ted Dekker, but I have read the Lunar Chronicles. My favorites are Cinder and Cress. I don't have any nicknames so you can just call me Annie :)), my birthday is February 8, and my hair color is black.


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