a complaint about writing recaps

by - July 04, 2018

I missed my recap last Saturday so I'm just bringing you this post to say that JUNE WENT FINE AND I AM ALSO FINE and I find writing recaps posts so annoying *pouts* and I don't want to do it anymore. In any case, newsworthy things really don't happen in my life so ...

W h y   r e c a p   w r i t i n g   i s   g o o d  -

  • There's a written record of your MONTHLY HIGHLIGHTS
  • It helps you notice your accomplishments (instead of just "oh look at how I wasted the month")
  • It gives you a sense of time and how fast it goes
  • It helps you keep track DURING THE MONTH because you know that you will have to write a recap post in the end
  • It gives your followers a once in a while LIFE POST 
    • That is, if you mostly blog about books and writing
    • While I am not an advocate of writing YOUR LIFE DETAILS AND STORIES online (because it means it'S out there for every Tom, Dick, and Harry ....), I think that occasional life updates really help your readers connect to you more.
  • At the end of the year these posts are beautiful to look back on

W h y   w r i t i n g   t h e m   i s   a n n o y i n g -

  • Some people (aka me) need to LINK TO SO MANY THINGS (other people's blogs, your blog, Goodreads, blah blah and blah)
  • Some people (aka me) cannot find a set style to do it in. It always changes and makes said person feel super inconsistent 
  • Some people (aka me) don't have a lot of life highlights to share anyway
  • Some people (aka me) post only once a week and therefore post only four times a month AND ONE OF THOSE POSTS IF ALWAYS A RECAP and that feels like SO OFTEN
  • Some people (aka me) don't feel like writing recap posts once a month.

^^ someone help me.

so here's the question for you. DO YOU LIKE MY RECAPS? Do you want me to do them or do you want me to change to a thing called "quarterly recaps"? What kind of recap style is your favorite? (I've done many kinds so dig them up in my Post Library page and let me know).

d o  y o u  e v e r  g e t  t i r e d  o f   w r i t i n g  
r e c a p s ?  
(give me some good advice please ;D)   

p.s HERE'S SOME COOL NEWS. Worlds Beneath is OUT. And 
p.p.s A COOL POST WILL BE UP ON SATURDAY. It is about an epic book (^^ hint)

^^ also anyone notice my new design? I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH IT FINALLY.

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  1. Relatable, I struggle with recaps too!
    I like reading them though.

  2. Waaaay too relatable, which is why I haven’t done a recap in months. 😂😂 UGH linking takes forever, and then idk what even happened during the month? Maybe I died again but that’s not exactly rare. XD
    Btw the new design looks great!! I’m loving all the white! =D

  3. Some of the exact reasons I haven't been writing a recap until this month . . . and the same reasons I finally did. But I do like reading other peoples' monthly recaps - like you said, it kind of gives the writer a personality and something to relate to, beyond the theme posts for writing or reading or the like. But if you don't like writing them so often, quarterly or seasonal recaps might work better.


  4. Yes, I get tired of writing my recaps, especially when I'm so boring and do nothing but work, work, and more work. But, I do love your recaps. However, don't keep them if they're bringing you down. Go to quarterly recaps if you need to. Do what makes things better for you because at the end of the day, this is your blog. <3 <3 *realizes that sounded harsh* I'm not trying to be harsh, lol.

    I think I might switch to quarterly recaps or bi-monthly recaps next year. I kind of have a goal for this year to have monthly recaps, but I understand how annoying they can get. <3

    I love your design! I've been thinking about changing mine up, too. I'm growing bored of my design, lol.

    Anyway, Have an epic July! <3

  5. I always loved reading others' wrap ups and recaps, and I always liked the idea of having an opportunity to look back on the things I did and loved, since it's easy to forget. But yeah, doing them every month sounded way too much for me. I can see how they can quickly get repetitive and annoying when it's every month. I recently started doing them every season and it's been great!

  6. I only do monthly recaps when I'm at the end of the month and don't have anything else to post, lol I find them fun, but also highly annoying to write...gotta get those links and upload pictures and they take a while...

    I liked how you did your January and February recaps - my only complaint is some of the pictures are sooooo big...

    I do enjoy reading them, though!

  7. This is too relatable. XD
    I like reading wrap-ups, so I try to write them, lol. Also, WOLRDS BENEATH!!! I NEED ITTT!!!!

  8. I've been getting tired of doing my recaps, and so I've just skipped them! I think what I'll be doing instead are seasonal recaps.

    I love your new blog design so much! <3

  9. Haha YES I relate!!! I still haven't done my June one (or my May one . . . or literally 5/6 of the ones so far this year): I keep intending to do them, but they're so time consuming that I keep procrastinating them!

  10. I love love love reading recaps, and I like the benefits of having my own recaps, but yes, sometimes I wish the month didn't go by so fast, because, WE JUST WROTE ALL OUR RECAPS. Hahaha. But, you know... it's okay. I just embrace the inconsistency and try to make sure it's fun as well as done ;).
    Rejoicing in Hope,


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