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sunshine blogger tag

September 29, 2018

The ever amazing Abbie tagged me a while back for the sunshine blogger tag - which, if you will remember, is my one of my favorite tags of all time.

^^ as a matter of fact I've done five of them. read here and here.

And Abbie's questions happen to be really good, so here you have a get-to-know-Lisa-some-more type of post.

What would your dream career look like?

What a brilliant question! I actually have many versions of my dream career but let's say my favorite scenario would be traveling the world as reporter of good news, so to speak. Writing the stories of little people who make a big difference + ordinary humans following Jesus to the ends of the earth. I'd like to write these stories in all forms - essays and travel articles and short stories and novels. I'd like to document people who do good stuff but who probably won't ever write a book or get their biography written. That would sorta combine my love for traveling and writing and nonfiction stories of inspiring humans.

What fictional character do you relate to the most?

Oh wow. Only one? That's really hard.

The best I can do is say I'd be a mash-up of Peter + Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia (and I'm using both the books and movies, because I love them all to death).

PETER. oldest of four. carries responsibility on his shoulders. worried bro. the one in whose shadow the younger ones live. sometimes letting his responsibility and worry get the better of him. 

SUSAN. practical. too "grown up". seemingly too old for playing. too concerned and worried over her younger siblings to have fun.

Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

I think different people inspire you in different areas of life, so ... picking only one person is difficult. Other than the wonderful + ordinary people I know in real life and the blogging world, whom I definitely look up to in various ways, I'd say my greatest role models have been the persons in the biographies/autobiographies I have lived on my entire bookworm life.

(and hereby I recommend you my favorite nonfiction books of all time)

Jim Elliot + Elisabeth. (Shadow of the Almighty is my all around favorite nonfiction book ever.) David Wilkerson. (His autobiographical books have forever blown me away by his experiences of miracles + faith.) Shane Claiborne. (I'm sort of modeling my dream life after his experiences. XD) Mother Teresa. (I read Come Be My Light and afterward went and copied pages and pages of quotes by hand.) Floyd McClung. (I suggest reading Living on the Devil's Doorstep.) Corrie ten Boom. (I first read The Hiding Place as a nine year old. Wow. Go me.)

And in the end I guess I can say that I hope Jesus is my absolute GREATEST role model, because none of these humans whom I admire would have been half that they were without him.

What goals are you working on right now?

Trying to cope with my high school workload + developing some discipline in regards to time management. Wish me luck. 

If you could magically receive one quality, what would it be?

I believe that a lot of desirable qualities can be developed, so I'm not hugely desperate to gain one magically. But, it would be awesome if I could gain some bravery to face people + the future or self control to help me in time management without having to do any practicing or failing XD

What skills do you wish you had?

Are we talking about real life skills that I don't have but could develop or about fantasy magic skills? 

Real life - Playing an instrument well without having to practice every day. Being amazing at all art forms without having to learn them. Driving. Web designing. Making travel vlogs. Talking to strangers without feeling like I want to hide behind my phone.

Fantasy life - shapeshifting into animals and telekinesis and teleportation.

What’s your favorite way to practice self-care?

Hmmmm, to be honest I've never thought of anything I do as "self care", but now that I consider it, I think a lot of things do count as such.

I'd say journaling is my favorite form because it helps me unwind + unstress + record lots of good moments + sort thoughts. And while drawing isn't usually in this category, it really helps me to relax, so yes??

What is your favorite quote and why?

I love lots of quotes but I never keep a record, and whenever I'm asked I can't remember any. Right now I love this one from The Irresistible Revolution:

being a Christian is about 
choosing Jesus and deciding 
to do something incredibly
daring with your life.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned so far?

I don't know really. I've learned so much - how do you chose only one thing?

Maybe, if I really had to pick, I'd say that SMALL THINGS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT. One dreams about doing big things and about one's amazing future dream life but actually those huge achievements are a collection of small things. And as Mother Teresa says, it's not the big things, but the little things you do with great love.

Also one that I find really constant is that God hears + answers prayers and that's the one best thing one can do about any problem (pray).

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I look forward to starting a grade 11 course in screenwriting + reading Ted Dekker's soon-to-be-published books (five all together, by the end of this year). Also I might get a new job? So yay!

How do you want to impact the world?

I hope to be this little ray of sunshine in real life, doing good, little tings everyday to ordinary people and to love them + make friends so that when I die there'll be many, many people who remember me fondly (including people who'll never know when I died). I'd also like to inspire people through whatever I choose to do as a career. But like I said, it's the little things in every day life. 

Like, in essence - impact the world. one friend at a time.

Time to tag people! *rubs hands together*


one movie you think everyone should see and why?

what does your dream life look like?

what one quality would you want to be remembered for after you're gone?

if your life was a book, how would you describe it in comp titles? (hint: your life in comp titles is when you say my life would be like The Hunger Games meets James Bond meets Pride and Prejudice. And yes, I totally threw those titles together at random.)

your favorite trope, and your least favorite trope, from books?

one thing that people in real life don't know about you, but all your internet friends do?

if you could rename your blog, what would you call it?

your favorite social media, and why it is your favorite?

if your life was a movie, what would be its theme song?

what makes a book a five star read (for you)?

what is a dream hairstyle that you would love to sport, but haven't yet?

Tagging -

all right, speak up, my dudes!
what would your career look like, i'm curious to know?? and ... if you want the tag feel free to steal it!

wishing you sunshine.


the micro-fiction contest [ft. michele wilder]

September 22, 2018

NO NEED FOR MUCH OF AN INTRODUCTION - I think you all know the drill. You see the title "micro-fiction contest" and you know I'll give you a poem by Julia Ryan and a story inspired by that poem. 

Today we have the SAME POEM that inspired Ivie Brooks in this post, so let's compare the takes, shall we??


i wonder if perhaps some dreams are given but are meant to be given up.

as if the dream was only meant to carry us so far, instead of us holding onto it forever

// story by michele wilder //

“I’m sorry, Kami. I can’t marry you today. I’m in love with Amanda.”
There’s still time. Amanda shifted in her seat and watched Mark and his groomsmen line up across the podium. Surely he would come to his senses at the last minute and admit he really loved her. The music began, and the bridesmaids paraded down the aisle. As Kami followed the flower girl and lifted her hand to Mark’s, his eyes teemed with love for his bride and seared Amanda’s last hope of ever becoming Mrs. Mark Andrews. She scrunched her nose when they kissed at the end. At the reception, Amanda noted her name on the seating chart and sat at her assigned table situated in the far corner of the room. She nibbled on mints and snapped a picture with the disposable camera of the seven empty chairs surrounding her table. “Is there any room?” A man about Amanda’s age with blonde hair and milk chocolate eyes grinned as he withdrew the chair beside her. “You might be able to squeeze in here somewhere.” “I’m Jason Collier. Mark and I were college roommates.” “I’m Amanda Sims and went to high school with Mark and Kami.” Over dinner and cake they talked as if they were the only people in the room—thanks in part to the other six chairs remaining empty—pausing only when Mark and Kami stopped by during their rounds. As they proceeded to the next table, Jason whispered to Amanda, “Kami is a nice enough girl, but Mark always had the worst taste in women.” Amanda stifled a smile “Do you think anyone would notice if we skipped out and went for coffee?" She shook her head. Perhaps it was a good thing Mark didn’t declare his love for her after all.

*applause for michele*




September 16, 2018

HI! Today I'm gonna talk about 13 books I read this summer. 

<< (I read a few more but I didn't have enough to say about them or I had too much to say about them.)

I have wanted to write mini-reviews for a while and came up with the perfect idea when I started to do quarterly recaps. Why not do quarterly mini-reviews too??


[links lead to Goodreads. for questions on content, or whether i would recommend a certain book for you personally, feel free to ask in the comments]

by C. G. Drews

five stars.

this book is about a child prodigy. an abusive mother who drives him mercilessly towards what she thinks will be success. a violent but cute sister who picked up the worst of her upbringing. a sunny and happy schoolmate who cares and tries to befriend the mc, beck, even when he doesn't want to be befriended. this book is a gorgeous blend of pain and sunshine and strength and weakness and music and hope and tears. it's about a boy who was brought up believing lies and it's about worth and fear and failure and about what friends are for. i loved it because the message resonated with me, because the plot gripped me, because the characters made me want to cry. 

by Sierra Abrams

three stars.

this book is about a florist's assistant + a boy who runs a charity. it's about colorful sweaters + close knit family + sudden crisis + young love. It's full of musical references and deep multifaceted characters. it's about your worth and about pulling through hard times and about new found friends. 

i really like most of it, but for one reason it fell short. the romance. it felt so overdone - the characters seemed to have no patience to get to know each other slowly and the physical aspects got so nerve-grating that i can only recommend this book to those who really love a generous dose of romance.

by Sarah Addison-Fox

Disowned  (Allegiance #1)  Dissemble (Allegiance #2)  Dissociate (Allegiance #3)  Discerned (Allegiance #4)

3.75 stars average.

this is the debut series of one wonderful indie author and definitely worth a read if you enjoy fantasy. we've got an escaped slave + a recovering soldier, a kind hearted family + secret agents. the plot involves undercover missions + betrayal + the road to love + unlikely friends + enemies in disguise + battles + a wedding + the search for self worth + a lost father. it deals with learning what is right + what freedom is.

i think ms. addison-fox did a great job with plot and characters. my only criticism would be for world building + writing. i think the story world could have been better explored and that a proofreader would certainly have been required.

The Girl Who Could SeeThe Girl Who Could See 
by Kara Swanson

five stars.

the premise of this book is an imaginary friend.

it's about a girl thought to be insane + her one lovely young niece. there's also the FBI + a monster + evil scientists. dark pasts and lab experiments and alternate worlds all collide in what becomes a harrowing thriller/mystery/fantasy/sci-fi/contemporary all meshed perfectly together. it's beautifully written and paced and an amazing accomplishment as a novella. highly recommended for a quick and exciting read.

My Lady Jane (The Lady Janies, #1)My Lady Jane 
by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

five stars.

since nadine brandes is constantly gushing about this, i decided to give it a go. result : definitely the best historical fantasy i have read to date. this book is about lady jane grey + her short time as queen + and conflicts for the throne that took place in england ages ago. we've got cousin relationships + palace intrigue + humans that shift into animals + a feisty book-loving heroine + an arranged marriage that i highly approved of. the humor and puns were spot on and the plot never ceased to excite and amuse me. please go read this if you want a funny twist on the story of lady jane. i cannot wait to see where the rest of the series will bring us!

Inkheart (Inkworld, #1)Inkspell (Inkworld, #2)

by Cornelia Funke

five stars.

these two books are a work of art. the characters are stunning + lovable + there's chemistry between every one of them no matter how they are related. the fantasy world is so unique and colorful and well thought of - i haven't seen anything quite like it in ages. it's slower in it's pacing, due to writing style, but the plot is gripping and attention-holding and very well done. i only read the first two books because i went to look at the end of book three and found that my ship dies. therefore, i haven't touched the final book yet ... maybe i will later, because it's on my shelf. i just have to try to come to terms with the change XD but if you enjoy fantasy with a wide cast and mind blowing story world, read this trilogy. i hope to read more of cornelia funke's stories in the future - they are just. so. good.

by Jesseca Wheaton 

four stars.

i started this book thinking, "well, just one more little novella that'll be a breeze to read" but i was blown away by the truths and good examples in here. the characters were lovely and sweet + all the young people had great relationships with their parents. being of the romance genre, the plot was slow moving and there was mostly emotion + relationship growth. it's got a vibe of western and feels traditional and conservative in a lot of its morals + methods so it's very clean. i loved the themes of trusting God with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse + taking things slowly + putting God first. i highly recommend if you're looking a short, sweet, and clean romance read.

Resistance (Ilyon Chronicles Book 1)     The King's Scrolls (Ilyon Chronicles Book 2)

by Jaye L. Knight

five stars.

i'd been looking forward to reading this series for so long. and despite the incredibly amount of hype, it lived up to my expectations. the world building is marvelous - and i love the fantasy races, the portrayal of prejudice and hate, the cities, the rebellion, the court life and the confusing emperor. plot wise ...the books were slightly slower than i expected, but there were fights and dangerous secrets, escapes and rescues, fugitives, prisoners, rebellions, close calls ... all realistic and intense and heart stopping. characters are a+. i can fully understand why everyone adores jace and as for kyrin, i connect to her quite a bit, especially in how she relates to jace. the sibling relationships in here were pure gold, and i love kyrin's family too. the struggles the characters go through are so realistic and make you really HURT for them. i love the fantasy representation of people persecuted for believing in God and that's why these books strike a cord with me. recommended for all fantasy loving readers, especially christians, but a fair warning first: the violence is kind of high.

I didn't really do very well reading this summer - most of these I finished in June, and collectively I only read six and a half books in July and September. BUT I certainly enjoyed most of them!!

speak up, my dudes -

what was the best book you read this summer?



the micro-fiction contest [edition no. 4 - ft. zane]

September 09, 2018

HAPPY SUNDAY, my dudes <3 Today I'm once more featuring our contest winner, who, as it happens, submitted not only two but THREE stories XD 

Hope you all will enjoy this little work of Zane's as much as you did before.

i look up
and my heart skips a beat
i thought
just maybe
that it was you
i try to tell myself
to give up
because i know
that you are far far away
but i still do it
my heart still skips that beat
because what if
what if
one time
it really was you

// julia ryan

do you ever find yourself feeling like that in spite of yourself, about people you once knew? imagine you could continue this story - what happens to lizzie and joe??

xx lisa


summer 2018 in recap

September 02, 2018

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it seems that SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER.

or technically, will be on September 22nd.

Remember how I said I was tired of recap posts because it involved a lot of linking and trying to remember what happened when nothing did? Yeah. I decided to try seasonal/quarterly recaps instead of monthly ones to give us all a change.

So. HERE'S ONE RARE LIFE POST FROM LISA. What did she do over the summer??


If any of you know me in any way at all you should know that I am mildly obsessed with watching major  football tournaments.

^^ Yes, I mean soccer but I prefer to call it football because that is the official term. Also my English is very British influenced.

Truth be told, I had been waiting for this Fifa World Cup for FOUR YEARS. Since the 2014 tournament (yep, I was already obsessed as a 12 year old XD). AND IT FINALLY CAME. AND I GOT TO WATCH IT MOST MORNINGS FOR HALF A MONTH. AND IT WAS AS AMAZING AS EVER.

Major highlight ^^ here guys. If you come away from this post and all you remember is Lisa watched football, well my post accomplished its purpose.

^^ In case any of you want to know, my favorite team was Belgium. And I also loved Croatia. But I am really happy for France. 


mwahahahaa bet you did not see that coming.

Being inspired by the World Cup, we got a small table foosball game and proceeded to name all the men after our favorite players and play an alternative version of  the World Cup.

We have a blast every time we play XD

white and red soccer ball on green grass


Which you know about if you've been following. For my blog anniversary which was in June I hosted an impromptu micro fiction contest.

I am still in the midst of publishing all entries every other week and our winner was announced here. She was also awarded (albeit a bit late).

iv. I GOT TWO (or three) ORCHIDS

Our friends were the loveliest ever and gifted us with two flower pots with orchids in them! One of the pots has two stalks in it so technically, I have three orchids. They are named Orchidix and Mod and Bud. I didn't know I had a green thumb until now but the first one is still alive and full of flowers (though it has lost a few) after 11 weeks!!

I water them and gave them hours of outdoor sunshine and talk to them and photograph them and even painted them digitally.

^^ these are my digitally painted versions of Mod and Bud


for the first time! It was a lot of fun - except I had some stomach problems?? The activities involved sports and canoeing and crafts and games and candy and team challenges and Bible study and listening to good speakers XD WE met some really nice people too. I think I learned a lot?? Definitely.


Art takes a lot of time, actually. I didn't get as much done as I wanted but I certainly accomplished some things. I tried and succeeded at digital art and pastels for the first time! YAY! I also did some color pencil work and my favorite of all time - pencil portraits. I tried to fix my images so that they would look good on this post but unfortunately they are kinda small in dimension. If I try to expand them they get too pixelated. *sigh* so here you go - a first glimpse at my art ... since you asked for it!

first ever digital drawing featuring yowling cats

first ever pastel drawing

color pencil drawing. excuse the fact that these aren't larger or brighter. ft. toothless

our darling kenzie


  • still studying like mad. now I know what teens spend their time doing. when I was little I couldn't figure it out XD
  • watched some cool shows and movies. for example, murder she wrote, blue zoo, queen of katwe, the lion guard (if anyone has seen this can we just laugh about it together?) and so forth and so on. 
  • read some great books! but I have an entire post about the books I read over summer coming up soon.
  • we had some really really hot days ...
  • designed a website with hours of headache over html. I allow you to see it yet because of #reasons but in the near future, YES. you shall be allowed to behold my handiwork. (or rather, my attempt to customize ready templates XDD)
  • went through Sleeping at Last and For King and Country obsession. My current favorite song is Dreamers ^.^

In case you want to read all my posts for the summer you can find all of June's posts here and all of July's posts here and all of August's posts here.

SO. Three more micro-fiction stories to come, and the next one will be going out next week!! Keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as for mini-reviews of all my summer reads.

speak up my dudes --


go forth and sparkle.

p.s. can we also laugh bc my graphic said i would talk about school but i did not :P 

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