the micro-fiction contest [story by Bri]

by - August 04, 2018

Here we are at another edition of my micro-fiction contest entries! As I said two posts ago, I will be publishing all the stories on my blog over the next month or two. 

^^planning on every other week, if possible

Today's story was written by Bri from Forget Not His Benefits (you should all go check her out). She was my first entrant so I owe her a big hug for giving me the confidence that my contest might just be a success!!

Here are the two poems that inspired Bri's story: 

i didn't even say goodbye. i just now realized that. why did it take me so long, to finally see this - that you were always there, bright in my life.
but then, you had to leave. and, i didn't even stop long enough to say goodbye
is there something wrong with me / is there something wrong with us / or you /
i don't know. but maybe, i'll remember to say goodbye more - and hello.
because what if its the last time i ever get to say it?

he just isn't the type

you can forget
you see
his beard
was much too white
he's eyes
much too kind
he tried to seem gruff
but to me
he wasn't
he always looked the same
except he changed
when his wife
became sick
he seemed to be sad
more tired
a little
and before i knew it
he was gone
his wife joined him
months later
the countless days
the many many decades
that they had spent together
and one had to wait
he's the blueberry man
you see
his pipe smelled of sweet smoke
the blueberries tasted of his care
blueberries aren't the same anymore
because the blueberry man
is gone
and the tale:

"Excuse me," Megan asked as she was handed her coffee at the family-owned coffee shop, "Can you tell me where Mrs. Ruthford is?" 

"Oh," the girl replied, "Mr. Ruthford passed away two years ago and Martha Ruthford went to live with her son. I'm sorry." 

Megan blinked and thanked her. She sat at the corner table and slid her purse to the floor. She didn't drink her coffee, just wrapped her hands around the cup and stared into it as her mind went back to that last time she'd been at the Bold Bean with her bible study group before the move. 

Mrs. Ruthford hadn't taken their order; she'd been talking to a customer who looked as if she'd been crying. And the girls had talked to Mr. Ruthford, but not for long. She'd never even thought to tell the Ruthfords they were leaving, Mrs. Ruthford, with her soft wrinkled face gentle and caring, who served souls while she poured coffee, and Mr. Ruthford, gruff on the outside, but witty and kind within, who always gave a life lesson wrapped in a story when he would bring the tray of coffee to the table. 

She'd never said goodbye, and her heart ached as she realized now that she'd never get to. 

She wished she could let Mrs. Ruthford know she was thinking of her. Megan bowed her head and asked God to bless her, wherever she was, and realized the charm of the little shop was broken. She'd taken for granted the kind people who made this spot feel like home, when without them it wasn't home at all. 

It was just a coffee shop. 

Megan got up wistfully to leave. She couldn't turn back time, but she could grow wiser. She purposefully said goodbye to the barista.

^^ also, fyi, Bri says that she cut this from a longer version. And that the longer version was better ;D

Ah, this story really resonates, doesn't it? I think we can all relate to the sudden realization that you missed an important opportunity. I hope you all enjoyed, and once more a huge thanks to Bri for submitting this lovely little piece. And let's not forget Julia Ryan, the inspiration behind it all <3

Hope you all enjoyed. Keep your eyes open for next week - there's a cool collab-style post coming from a great friend of ours ;D


s p e a k   u p ,  m y   d u d e s  -
can you relate to this story the way I do??

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  1. Oh, my goodness. I literally almost started crying, THAT WAS SO RELATABLE. Bri, that was amazing. Lisa, I agree! Very relatable!

    1. yes yes yes I AGREE! THANKS SO MUCH NICOLE!

    2. Thank you so much, Nicole!!! That means so much to me!!!! <3, Bri

  2. I am living for the fact that this story takes place in a coffee shop, because yessss.

    Great job, Bri!

    This is so much fun, Lisa!! :D

    1. I KNOW THOUGH RIGHT? Coffee shops for the win!! (and I know some great books with coffee shops in them if you need).



    3. Well I am happy to tell you that one of my all time favorite books IN 27 DAYS IS PRACTICALLY ALL SET IN A COFFEE SHOP except for the few parts at school/home but one of the characters actually LIVES ABOVE THE COFFEE SHOP and both work there.

      Then I know that Purple Moon has some coffee sho scenes but I cannot actually remember how much? And Here's Hope has a lot of restaraunt scenes so while it isn't coffee shop it's still awesome.

      And here's one adorable Wattpad novella all about characters in a CAFE


      (but also read In 27 Days asap)

    4. Coffee shops, obviously 😂! Coffee is da best! (Even if I can't have much of it, haha). I am so checking some of the recs out!

  3. Replies

    2. Julia RyansR writing is the best! And thank you, because this is the first time I have ever shared some of my own writing!
      Blessings, Bri

  4. Love love love!! :)

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      <3, Bri

  5. That was beautiful...why are the beautiful things sometimes so sad??? I hate when you know that you saw someone for the last time and never got to say goodbye. But there is comfort in knowing that you might see people again someday. :)

    1. YES YOU SAID IT, thanks so much Julian :')

    2. Literally, I think all the most beautiful things in life hold sadness - maybe because we don't realize how beautiful something is without something to compare it to? I know the sadness is a part of the fall... but isn't it amazing that the Lord allowed those sad things to also have beauty attached? I mean, how kind! Thank you... I am so glad you enjoyed my story!
      Blessings, Bri

  6. Replies
    1. But it only happened because we have so much love for your writing! Thanks for ahashar that gift with us, girl!

      Rejoicing in Hope, Bri


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