How to Find a Quality Reading Accountability Partner [guest post by Abi]

by - August 11, 2018

AS I HINTED LAST WEEK today we have a guest post from one very good friend of mine - Abigayle Claire. I think you all know her as the blogger behind The Left-Handed Typist and the author of Martin Hospitality and Andora's Folly. We are also reading accountability partners, and decided to collaborate on that subject.


^^ But in case you need to be convinced first as to WHY YOU NEED ONE, why don't you hop over to Abi's blog and read my post there

Hey, followers of Lisa! I'm Abi from The Left-Handed Typist and the wonderful Lisa is my reading accountability partner (RAP). She had the great idea that we swap posts on RAPs so here I am.

I first met Lisa when she found my blog around the time I was getting ready to release my second book. She signed up to help out, and we've been friends ever since! (Not just because she was super helpful and enthusiastic, but, you know . . . it helps.)

Not everyone needs a reading accountability partner. Lisa touches on this in her post on my blog as well. She certainly doesn't need one as badly as I do. But we all have that one thing we don't get to as often as we'd like and accountability is simply the best thing to solve that problem.

That's why I decided that having one would benefit me personally. But of course, accountability partners are only as helpful as the person you choose.

So here's what I looked for last year:

  • have similar taste on Goodreads
  • generally a responsible and friendly person
  • willing to chat frequently about books (something like Google Hangouts works great!)
  • constantly threaten one another to read more (Lisa does this to me; I'm bad at reciprocating xD)
  • encourage each other to branch out in our tastes 
  • discuss deeper elements of books
  • recommend books (hint: this is why similar initial taste is nice)
  • meet reading deadlines/goals alongside me

Your list could look different than mine, especially if you want an accountability partner for something else. But I think the pattern of starting in a similar place and challenging each other to progress remains the same. You don't have to be exact, though, because having something to offer is part of the point.

For example, I need Lisa more than she needs me from the accountability side. But we both have the same general objective: don't stop reading. So I give her recommendations and my thoughts on what I've read way more than I make sure she's reading. She sends me all-caps messages asking if I've read a single word in the last three weeks and pictures of her latest purchases. So to each her own. ^.^

Now for how to actually find such a mythical being. Again, this is pretty much up to you. You may have a good friend you see all the time that meets the above criteria. My only problem with that is most of my close friends who read don't have time either, so I'm not sure we'd do much besides mutually decide we don't have enough time. xP

That's why I found my RAP through my blog. Though that poses a greater need for "background checks," I was really happy with how it worked out. You can read my post asking for a RAP here. But I basically provided a checklist like above and asked if anyone was interested. Several ladies volunteered themselves but weren't dying to be one (it was a new thing, after all).

Then there was Lisa. Waving her arms and jumping up and down in the comments section. That alone made me predisposed to pick her, but she was also simply more up my alley after looking her up on Goodreads and her blog bio. Never mind that she's in Canada and I'm in Texas.

So that's how I chose Lisa. I announced her as the chosen one in my next blog post, thanking everyone who volunteered. It's not a failproof method by any means, but it's worked out really well for us.

And she's not my one and only person I talk to about by books by any stretch of the imagination. But, the main reason I decided I needed a RAP was because I wanted a friend specifically for checking in and slapping me. As a result, she hasn't failed me yet. ;)

For more 5 more reasons on why you should have a reading accountability partner, go check out Lisa's post over on my blog!

Have you ever considered having an accountability partner for something?
Are you the kind of person who could use a RAP like me?

^^ p.s. from Lisa: It's likely that I'm gonna be away from wifi for the next five days so I won't be replying to comments for a while. And I'll be absent from the the blogosphere/internet world too ;D See you after!!

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  1. Great idea! I’ve honestly never considered doing something like this, but now . . . *makes furtive plan to get a R.A.P.*

    I loved the collab posts! Great job, Abi and Lisa!

    1. It's so fun!!!! You should totally get a RAP ;) And thanks! The collab post was really fun, too.

    2. GLAD WE COULD INSPIRE YOU WITH A NEW IDEA!! thanks so much Nicole!!

  2. Oooo What a good idea! I like the idea of a reading buddy, kind of like my traveling buddy! I bet it comes in handy when your looking for something new to read! Great post!

    By the way I tagged your for the Get To Know Me Tag on my blog ^_^

    1. Reading buddies are GREAT!!! Yep, Lisa has really helped me in that regard. Nice to have a go-to person!

    2. Thank you Marrok!! We definitely recommend a lot of great books to each other :D

  3. Opps never mind I just noticed you already did it :P Thank what happens when I forget who did what already and don't check first

    1. And thanks for the tag anyway!! Glad you saw the post ;D

  4. I totally love this idea!! I could seriously really use a RAP... :P

    1. EEEP THANK YOU MADELINE <3 we're really glad you like the concept and yes! There's so much one could do with a reading accountability partner ;)

  5. Replies
    1. I credit Abi with the idea lol THANKS SO MUCH GIRL <3

  6. RAPs sound great! :) Maybe I'll have to follow up on that - having said that... my RAP might spend most of their time telling me not to read so much! XD

    1. THANK YOU DANIELLE! if you get a rap, let us know what happens, and if she/he really stops you from reading as much as you do XDD reading a lot is GREAT though!! (most of the time ...)


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