December 29, 2018

IT'S THE END OF THE YEAR!! Again. Who's excited about recapping 2018 and planning 2019? I SURE AM. But it's still a lot to take in.

^^ parent: isn't it scary it's so close to 2020?
sibling: no
sibling: not really
sibling: the only scary thing is whether Dreamworks makes a fool of HTTYD 3 next year

The only scary thing is I'm only a year away from BEING AN ADULT. *cue panicking*

2018 was my second year of calling myself "an aspiring writer". Stuff I accomplished :

. I FINISHED MY FIRST BOOK aka Broccoli Queen in the spring. It's a middle grade fantasy novel about four girls competing for the crown. It's an absolute mess and I'm still trying to untangle it for rewrites. I'm looking forward to editing it + beating it into shape next year.

. I DID CAMP NANO IN APRIL and succeeded with 13 k of short stories and miscellaneous novels. I ALSO DID NANOWRIMO IN NOVEMBER ... and failed lol

. I STARTED A FUTURISTIC/DYSTOPIAN/SURVIVALIS BOOK IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR. It's called The 101st Human and it's one third way through so hurray for that!


^^ One was for Rosalie's flash fic challenge and the other for Christmas, if you want to check them out.

.  I GOT AN HONORABLE MENTION IN PROJECT CANVAS'S HANDWRITTEN POETRY CONTEST. I really had fun writing it and then rewriting it multiple times to get the lettering just right.  Then I must have taken 50 pictures because the first time round I didn't realized I had a spelling error until I'd taken about 25 photos XD

. I GOT A COUPLE OF MY STORIES BETA READ/CRITIQUED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE which was so insanely helpful and amazing that I shall be doing that a lot more in the future!

In beta reading I've done a nice amount of work too. I finished three novels, one novella, and multiple short stories and chapters. And three or four of the works I read will/have gone on to be published including Seek and Live Without You

Goodreads says I've read 62 books which is less than half what I hoped to read, but never mind. 

Cool stats: 

. I read 17,249 pages
. shortest book: 48 pages in Mansion of the Gods (comic book from Asterix series)
. longest book: 635 pages Inkspell by Cornelia Funke 
. average rating: 4.3 stars (pretty good, eh?)

Numbers by the genre (approx.):

Fantasy: 20.
Contemporary: 17.
Comics: 9.
Nonfiction: 6.
 Historical fiction: 5.
Classics: 3.
Sci-fi/futuristic: 3.
Thriller: 2.
 Retellings: 1.
. Mystery: 1.
Steampunk: 1.

Best books (first  time reads only):

the whole Wings of Fire series in general.

Blogging in recap:

Not a lot to talk about, I think. I do remember that I changed my template and spent hours customizing it to fit my wants. I took three hiatuses. I hosted a short story contest which was incredibly fun. I abandoned doing recap posts. I redid my aesthetic and I'm really happy with how the second half of the year reflects that in terms of images. I learned a lot about html and css. I discovered I like writing how-to posts about blog design. I gave up trying to do all the tags thrown at me. I have about 150 followers (including double followers and spam followers). I have enjoyed blogging A LOT but have also been ridiculously stressed over 

- how much time it takes,
- and what a perfectionist I am in terms of looks.

Most popular posts:

Best screen experiences:

. Hawaii Five-0 (the old series, which we finished in the spring after over one and half years of binge watching)
. Blue Zoo (one of the best surprises - it's about kids given six weeks to experience marine animal training and conservation)
. Studio Ghibli (after being convinced by my best friends I saw about seven of their films, the best being Howl's Moving Castle and Whisper of the Heart)
. Ballerina 
. Ferdinand
. Little Women (mini-series from BBC)
. Blue Planet II (awe-striking and eye opening and heartbreaking)
. The Boxcar Children (and The Surprise Island)
. The Lego Batman Movie
. The Star (best Christmas movie I've seen)
. 15:17 from Paris (thought it was going to be thriller but turned out more biographical)
. Father Brown (many thanks to Angela Watts for recommending the series)
. The Man Who Invented Christmas (multi-layered and brilliant)

MUSIC. According to Spotify I listened to 1,666% more than last year and below are the top artists and song. Unfortunately - it's incorrect. Thanks to the fact that I let my sister use my account for about half a year, the stats reflect HER FAVORITE SONGS THAT SHE PLAYED ON REPEAT and not mine. 

So here are my musical obsessions listed for you.


Sleeping At Last :: Ben Rector :: Raelynn :: Alec Benjamin :: Svrcina :: For King & Country :: Colton Dixon :: Sarah Reeves :: Tori Kelly :: Lany :: Pentatonix


you are enough (sleeping at last).
cross my mind (arizona).
island (svrcina).
don't wait (addison road).
reckless love (cory asbury).
living hope (phil wickham).
resurrection power (chris tomlin).
well done (the afters).
fear no more (the afters).
more of you (colton dixon).
you are (colton dixon).
i stand here (hannah kerr).
i love you (sarah reeves).
cheerleader (pentatonix).
boulevard of broken dreams (lindsey stirling).
it ain't me (lindsey stirling).
if i killed someone for you (alec benjamin).
kids (ben rector).
lonely call (raelynn).

Cool stuff that happened in the months (I'm taking the major highlights from my recap posts *sigh of relief*):

JANUARY : read approx. 15 books + quite a bit of travel writing  // was sick // hardly wrote // went to a wedding // got guitar strings but never played it
FEBRUARY : THE OLYMPICS // snow for the first time that winter // chinese new year // read a health book (the only one of the year)
MARCH : was sick again // went skating once // finished alpha reading projects // FINISHED BROCCOLI QUEEN and two short stories 
APRIL : cherry blossoms everywhere // Nanowrimo and finished with 13 k // plotting The 101st Human // got a story of mine beta read for the first time EVER // read four ARCs/review copies // got We're All Just A Garden Full of  Souls by Julia Ryan // took a blogging hiatus
MARCH : watched too much of Miss Marple // won the Allegiance series' first three books in a giveaway 
JUNE : bought a Kindle // HAD MY BLOG ANNIVERSARY and hosted a short story contest // finished a course // acquired an orchid or two // THE FIFA WORLD CUP BEGAN
JULY : THE WORLD CUP CONTINUES AND FRANCE WINS // played too much foosball having been inspired by the games // had some really hot days
AUGUST : SUMMER CAMP which was the most exciting thing that happened in our lives" according to a sibling of mine XDD // also got a new phone (<< major highlight)
SEPTEMBER : went of a road trip // tried out video editing (and I love it) // watched Little Women 
OCTOBER: inktober // started painting again // for king and country released a new album (!!) // got a succulent // turned 17 // became a writer for Oh Beloved One magazine
NOVEMBER : failed Nano // wrote The 101st Human to it's third way point // beta reading again
DECEMBER : went on unexpected hiatus due to major school deadlines // wrote a Christmas story and had it edited // lots of present wrapping // potluck on the Eve // studying like mad

SO THAT'S MY YEAR IN RECAP! Lots of good stuff happened and I'm super grateful for everything accomplished, learned, and discovered.

Now it's your turn - how was your year and what were your biggest highlights? 

hope your new year is wonderful + and 2019 is your best year yet.
xx lisa

ps. don't forget to check out that christmas story of mine right here.


MERRY CHRISTMAS + my short story present to you

December 24, 2018

hey GUYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! chances are you're probably not in the blogosphere at the moment because you're celebrating with your fam, but for when you come back -


^^ Also, I want to say sorry for disappearing for the past month. I had so much school work to catch up on that I had to put breaks on all my other hobbies. That means that I didn't even finish with the Shared Wip Tag - but no worries. I'll talk a bit more about The 101st Human in the future.

Fun fact: The Boy Next Door and Sipping on Moonlight actually tied places but I ended up writing The Boy Next Door because a) it came to me easier, and b) it actually looked like it would win at first but then I had some comments come in a week or two later so!! The Boy Next Door it is!! It's about 4.4 k and 12 pages long.

(also I wanted to change the title but came up with nothing better???)

An enormous thanks to my critic who made this story 1000% better than it originally was.

And so I present you with ... my story!!!


brief synopsis:

No one owns corner stores anymore - no one except the quiet social outcast Benjamin Reeves. And Robin Greer is more than happy to revel in the mysterious and miserable rumors about him that circulate her high school. That is, until Christmas comes, bringing with it the first snow in decades ...

click image to view and download pdf.

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xx lisa

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