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the get to know me tag - writers' edition

July 28, 2018

Also a big thanks to SAVANNAH GRACE who created this tag in the first place - brilliantly done, girl!! AND A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TAGGED ME FOR THIS (I think there were three or four??).

^^ Since so many people tagged me I'm convinced that you all really do want to know more about me??

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V I T A L   S T A T S    +    A P P E A R A N C E

(pen)Name: Lisa. And no, you're not getting anymore than that. Lisa is both a pen name and real name for me, so don't be concerned. Quite a few people in real life call me Lisa too.

Nicknames: I do have a number but no, not gonna be telling you that either. However, you're free to come up and use any nicknames you might have for me *grins*

Birthday: WHO KNOWS THIS ONE? If you do, raise your hand and inform us all. 

Hair color and length: Brown. Very dark brown. So dark a lot of people think it's black. And it looks black unless you look at it in the light. It's currently shoulder length.

Eye color: Brown. Very dark brown.

Braces/piercings/tattoos: NONE at all :D

Righty or lefty: Rightly, like the majority of boring people (jk jk).

Ethnicity: Ha! Look who figured out the way to get me to divulge secrets (kudos, Sav). Half Chinese, half Finnish *nodnod*

F I R S T S : 
First novel written: *coughs* The first "book" I ever wrote was a story called Bird Story that revolved around homeschooled birds who took field trips and had a lot of penpals XDD It was very very short too (some ten or fifteen pages?). 

The first book that actually exceeded twenty pages was Sabre (a story about a sabre-toothed tiger, that was copiously a rip-off of Bambi).

More realistically speaking, Broccoli Queen is my first - which I finished in April (wow that was a long time ago!). It's about 60,000 words, between 30 and 40 chapters. And it actually has a plot now that I've done extra brainstorming :DD

First novel completed: Let's just say Broccoli Queen, shall we? Read more about it HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Are the facts in those posts up to date? NO. But that's beside the point.

Award for writing: I was awarded about a year and a half ago at the TBLN 7th Annual Writing Contest with ... ummm... a lot of things. Certificate, and book, and ereader, and bookmarks, and a bag, and etc and etc. Read the winning entries HERE and HERE.

First publication: The Sand and the Sea, which was put up on the Teen Ink website, was my first ever published story. I wrote it in March 2017, and was ridiculously proud of it.

Conference: Ummmm ... you mean writing conference, right? Cos I haven't been to one yet. I did go to a Christian conference for girls when I was eight or so, but that doesn't really count *shrugs*

Query/Pitch: None as of yet!!

F A V O R I T E S :

Novel (that you wrote): Since I've only written one book ... I guess it has to be Broccoli Queen? Yeah. It's hard to choose between books you haven't yet finished XDD

Genre: This is hard. To write? 

/The short story and 
/the flash fiction genre 
/speculative; usually magical realism

To read?  


(plus all the other genres that I enjoy - it's very hard to pick)

Author: TED DEKKER. Who else?? Second, Marissa Meyer. :DD

Writing Music: I don't listen while I write, but if I did, classical, I guess?? Least distracting.

Time To Write: The time when I feel inspired. Actually, morning, I suppose. Evenings and afternoons are so busy and distracting.

Writing Snack/Drink:  Tea. Coffee is great but I don't really drink it other than at breakfast and afternoon coffee break times XD

Movie: OOOOHHHHH I would say LotR, but I haven't even seen them all yet XD The Chronicles of Narnia, and How to Train Your Dragon, and the Adventures of Tintin, and Zootopia, and Big Hero 6, and Epic, and Joseph: King of Dreams and Kung Fu Panda and Robin Hood (Disney'). YES I AM A BIG FAN OF ANIMATION.

^^ random note, has anyone seen the new Jurassic World movie? My minion drew this picture about it:

Writing Memory: *ponders* Probably every time that my work is read and people say they like it!

Childhood Book: SO MANY HOW TO CHOOSE FROMBambi. I adored this book, lived off it, loved it more every time I read it, and even wrote a book stealing ideas from it. The Martyr of the Catacombs is runner up, then the entire Christian Heroes: Then and Now series :D

C U R R E N T L Y :

Reading: I am not entirely sure. I read a ton of things at once. The latest thing I was reading was The King's Scrolls by  Jaye L. Knight and IT'S SO GOOD. XD

Writing: Broccoli Queen rewrites, and a school short story project that has to come under 500 words. Youch.

Listening to: Nothing? I haven't listened to much lately, other than getting familiar with Built by Titan, Addison Road, and Moriah Peters.. Sukiyaki is my current favorite song though! 

Watching: Murder, She Wrote. Also this month we were obsessed over THE WORLD CUP. I hate to go off subject right now BUT THIS TOURNAMENT. THIS SPORT. THE LAST MATCH. I am very much IN LOVE, just ask anyone who knows me. I have hardly thought of anything else for the past month lol

Learning: To cut myself some slack, and think about what really matters, and put my real goals into perspective. I'm learning a lot of things all the time. 

F U T U R E :

Want To Be Published: OH YES. 

Indie or Traditional: Ummmm ... idk. I don't think I want to indie publish unless I have full confidence in my ability to do it WELL and SUCCESSFULLY. I have always leaned a bit more towards traditional, but you never know. I'm still on the fence. Let's see where God takes this.

Wildest Goal: Write YA contemporary that takes place in OTHER countries (not just North America) and research these places by GOING there and SPENDING TIME there and being inspired by THAT PLACE. Yep. 

T A G G I N G :

speak up my dudes ...

S O   N O W  -   T E L L   M E   A   F E W  V I T A L   S T A T S -

Y O U R   B I R T H D A Y ?
Y O U R    H A I R  C O L O R?
A   N I C K N A M E    I    C A N    C A L L   Y O U ?



the micro-fiction contest [the winner + the story]

July 21, 2018


So have I. 

But in case you aren't up to date - my blogoversary was in June and in honor of that I hosted a contest. The rules were - a) the story must be inspried by a poem from Twilight to Dawn, and b) the story must be under 300 words. 

The winner would receive a lot of home-made gifs.

I am happy to announce that I got several entries, and while I am unfortunately unable to give out silver and bronze prizes to the runners-up, I shall be posting all the stories on my blog in the near future - and each story gets it's own individual post. That's my way of saying thank you to the contestants ;D They all deserve to be shared!

First of all, I'd like to THANK JULIA RYAN for being such a brilliant and inspring poet, and for allowing me to post her compositions on my blog as I share teh stories. You all should check out her blogs - she's such a beautiful inspiring human <3 


ZANE JONES. (pls go check out her amazing blog right here)

The inspiring poem:

P A I N  I N  L I F E

he was just a boy
but his father shoved him
into being
a man
the pace of the maturity
mixed between the yearning for love
stifled any and every
relationship he had
he tried to shrink back
hide in the shadows
look tough
to be tough
blocking out feelings wasn't enough
they had to disappear
he had to forget them
he didn't want to smile
just in case his armor
would crack
but the boy
who was forced to be a man
did smile
the armor did break
and that's when the true
sparkled through
but quickly
it would vanish
because i think
he was afraid
of being
yet again

The story:

I had a son once.
I had a dad once.
He was the best kid growing up.
He was never kind to me.
I drove him away.
I finally ran away.
He was only seventeen.
I was seventeen.
It was all my fault.
It was the right decision.
I loved him.
He hated me.
I never told him that.
When I was a kid, I wanted him to love me.
I wish I would have done things differently.
But it doesn't matter now.
He grew up too fast.
I learned to be tough.
I forced him to be a man.
At least I'm not a fool anymore.
He never got to be a boy.
I learned to hide my feelings -
After my wife died everything changed.
and I grieved on my own when my mom died.
I was so caught up in my own feelings I forgot his.
I don't want to be hurt again.
I miss her almost as much as I miss him.
I miss my mom still, but I try to forget about my dad.
All my riches mean nothing now.
I've hidden myself where he'll never find me.
Maybe, someday, things will be different.
Sometimes I wish things could have been different between us.
But right now they're not.
But they weren't.
And it was my
And it was his


It was a cold night. Two men walked the street alone, heads down. One of them was old and haggard, dressed in a business suit and warm overcoat. The other, a young man, wore ratty jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and looked like he hadn't shaved for a few days.

They looked up at each other at the same moment.

"Dad," said the young one.

"Henry," said the old one.


And I just want to say thank you to all of you who participated in my contest and linked to it on your blogs and all of you who will be reading - you mean so much to me and to the life of Inkwell XD

S T A Y   T U N E D   F O R   M O R E   S T O R I E S ;D

S P E A K   U P ,  M Y  D U D E S -

B R I N G   A L L   Y O U R   C O M M E N T S
  O N   T H I S  A R T  B Y   Z A N E   A N D  JU.

till next week.


WORLDS BENEATH [by K. A. Emmons]

July 07, 2018

YOU MIGHT NOT REMEMBER THIS but a long time ago when I was very young I posted a review of one amazing book also known as The Blood Race.

^^ actually just kidding, I wasn't "very young" ,it just seemed to go with "you might not remember" and "a long time ago". HA!

As for today, I'm so honored to take part in the blog tour of that book's sequel, Worlds Beneath. Before we get to it, I do recommend you check out my old review (link up there) because you'll understand this a bit better if you do ;D

W O R L D S   B E N E A T H
by K. A. Emmons

I used to think that seeing was believing, but now, as I struggle to stay alive below the ravine, I begin to realize that - good or bad - I will see whatever I believe.
“Who are you, Icarus, that the earth opens its mouth to receive your blood?” Sensei’s words were my last thoughts before I fell into the bottomless ravine, plunging toward my own death, and bringing about Hawk’s at the same time. Or so I thought.
I woke up underwater. I awoke in a strange and unfamiliar world, filled with maze-like forest, shadows, and nightmares seemingly as vivid and dangerous as reality. I had no idea who I was, or how I got there - I couldn’t remember anything, until I remembered her: Hawk. The other half of my soul.
I knew that in order for her to stay alive, I had to survive and find a way out. But that’s easier said than done when you’re trapped in a realm as deadly as your every thought - and dominated by a hierarchy of ravenous wolf packs.
Alerted by a dream, I realize that Hawk has left the Dimension to come find me. For an instant, I rediscover hope. But that hope quickly burns to ash when I realize that we may not be the only ones down here. Someone else with a thirst for her blood may have survived the fall too. And I may have just lured her right into the jaws of a predator even fiercer than the wolves.

N O   W O R D S   T O   D E S C R I B E   T H I S   T H I N G.

(First of all, please go and read my review of the Blood Race and you’ll probably understand this review much better :D)

Second, *disclaimer* I am on the launch team and received a free ARC of this book, but of course, the review is ALL MY OWN WORDS (as if it could be otherwise ha).

Let’s discuss the characters first, shall we? 

Well. WE HAVE A NEW POV IN THIS BOOK. It’s Fin’s!!! I adore Fin so much <333 I actually relate to him so much more than Hawk or Icarus … with his deep deep concern and how he puts all this responsibility on himself and how he want to fix things and how he worries … he’s just so precious #finneedshugs Obviously he isn’t 100% perfect, but we could all learn from his selflessness, couldn’t we?

Usually I HATE it when the author adds in new perspective in the sequel, BUT!! This is one exception. I actually read all the povs without skipping ANY chapters to YAY #gome. And I loved them all :D There’s even this mystery perspective and mystery narrator who gets revealed later on (obviously I know who it was all along but whatever XD).

I also loved Hawk a lot better in this book! She was less annoying and much more vulnerable and human and understanding and understandable ^-^

Icarus has matured quite a bit and I missed not having his pov as much as in book one but I still love him so much <3 He’s still the main character for me and I can wait to see where this series takes him. He’s my darling child, yes.

Sensei was less seen in here, but not any less present, if you know what I mean. I love how these characters are not always at peace with him and how they don’t understand him and how they go through these different seasons individually and collectively. The relationship between mentor and students was gold <3

We see more of Mala – who’s even more vulnerable and slightly tragic than before and she needs hugs too. Delta (another anomaly) was a new character with surprising facets to her and I would love to see her take on an even bigger role in the next book (I also I ship her + you-will-find-out-who-when-you-read-this). Mitsue (I cannot hate him, sorry, I tried, but I can’t, and he’s Japanese XD) is ever annoying and a pain in the neck but … ha, I can’t wish him any harm, no.

So…what about the villain, you ask?! I have GOOD NEWS … #cannottellbcspoilers It’ll suffice to say that I was 100% THOROUGHLY SATISFIED with who he was and his role and what he did and KATE EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS HERE <3

And finally WEST + RUGGER … oh sorry, I mean Areos and Runner. MY PRECIOUS BOYS. THANK YOU INFINITELY KATE. (<< I think she heard me begging for more of them.) They’re awesome :DD

(minor note – there’s even a love triangle like WHAT but no worries, I approved, and if I do, well then, anyone can ;D)

Now that that is all over *whew*

The plot alternates between the Dimension with Fin and the world beneath (<< pun) with Icarus and Hawk. It all tugged on my heartstrings, you know ^-^ There was this mystery element … of whether #certainperson was alive and what his identity really was and what he wanted. And I LOVE IT *shrieks* and when Things Were Revealed I was like YAY AND HURRARY I SAW IT ALL COMING.

This book felt more serious, in a sense, than book one. Or maybe that’s just me and my memory (it was a year ago that I read book one, I think.) But there was this foreboding fear of #foreshadoweddisaster and #badstuff happening that certain characters couldn’t warn certain other characters about (yes, I’m being vague on purpose.) 

There were wolves with a very important role and ICARUS EVEN FIGURED OUT HOW TO #cannottellbcspoilers!! 

The climax was epic, completely so. 

The symbolism is so beautiful. Guys, this is the beyond amazing part of the series – THE SYMBOLISM. The allegory, if you will. In my humble opinion, it was worthy of C. S. Lewis and Ted Dekker, and omw I cannot praise anything higher than that. *nods*

The themes ran so deep like rivers cutting and roaring through a landscape, yet so perfectly a part of that scenery – and hey IT WAS SO SO QUOTABLE. 

The writing was aesthetic if you can picture that. And not only the writing. The images, the symbolism, the very pictures the book brings to mind once its’ done. The whole feel and vibe and mood were aesthetic!! Intriguing. Mystical. Pinterest-worthy lol. The SETTING WAS AESTHETIC. I love love love the setting; in my mind it was crystal clear … like a movie. 

S U M M E D   U P:

- a setting like it was out of a dream
- a plot that never lets you go
- story bursting in symbolism and theme
- girls you want to hug, boys you should call ‘bro’
- conflict that’s hard and deep, portals, disguises, mystery
- super powers, wolves, and snow
- emotion, action, reality
- it was raw, it was moving, just plain #WOAH

(^^ oh look it rhymed)

And I loved it.

ALSO THE ENDING LIKE WHAT IS IT WITH KATE AND THE CLIFF HANGER ENDINGS PLS DO COME ON (spoiler – you will spend your life crying until book 3 comes out.

AND HERE'S THE EXCITING PART. A GIVEAWAY. As a matter of fact, I won my copy of The Blood Race in a giveaway last year. I highly recommend you enter!!

And in case you didn't get to read book one - here it is. 

A B O U T  T H E  A U T H O R

When she’s not hermiting away in her colorfully-painted home office writing her next science fiction, passionate story-teller and adventurer Kate Emmons is probably on the road for a surf or hiking trip, listening to vinyls, or going for a power run. Emmons’ debut novel The Blood Race is the first book in her YA science fiction/fantasy thriller series. Get connected with Kate on your favorite social platform, and be sure to check out http://kaemmons.com/.


 a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t 

T H A N K  Y O U  S O  M U C H  F O R  J O I N I N G  U S  
F O R  K A T E ' S  B L O G  T O U R!

H A V E   YOU   R E A D   T H E   B L O O D   R A C E ?
 O R   W O R L D S   B E N E A T H ?
 D O   Y O U  W A N T   T O ?


a complaint about writing recaps

July 04, 2018

I missed my recap last Saturday so I'm just bringing you this post to say that JUNE WENT FINE AND I AM ALSO FINE and I find writing recaps posts so annoying *pouts* and I don't want to do it anymore. In any case, newsworthy things really don't happen in my life so ...

W h y   r e c a p   w r i t i n g   i s   g o o d  -

  • There's a written record of your MONTHLY HIGHLIGHTS
  • It helps you notice your accomplishments (instead of just "oh look at how I wasted the month")
  • It gives you a sense of time and how fast it goes
  • It helps you keep track DURING THE MONTH because you know that you will have to write a recap post in the end
  • It gives your followers a once in a while LIFE POST 
    • That is, if you mostly blog about books and writing
    • While I am not an advocate of writing YOUR LIFE DETAILS AND STORIES online (because it means it'S out there for every Tom, Dick, and Harry ....), I think that occasional life updates really help your readers connect to you more.
  • At the end of the year these posts are beautiful to look back on

W h y   w r i t i n g   t h e m   i s   a n n o y i n g -

  • Some people (aka me) need to LINK TO SO MANY THINGS (other people's blogs, your blog, Goodreads, blah blah and blah)
  • Some people (aka me) cannot find a set style to do it in. It always changes and makes said person feel super inconsistent 
  • Some people (aka me) don't have a lot of life highlights to share anyway
  • Some people (aka me) post only once a week and therefore post only four times a month AND ONE OF THOSE POSTS IF ALWAYS A RECAP and that feels like SO OFTEN
  • Some people (aka me) don't feel like writing recap posts once a month.

^^ someone help me.

so here's the question for you. DO YOU LIKE MY RECAPS? Do you want me to do them or do you want me to change to a thing called "quarterly recaps"? What kind of recap style is your favorite? (I've done many kinds so dig them up in my Post Library page and let me know).

d o  y o u  e v e r  g e t  t i r e d  o f   w r i t i n g  
r e c a p s ?  
(give me some good advice please ;D)   

p.s HERE'S SOME COOL NEWS. Worlds Beneath is OUT. And 
p.p.s A COOL POST WILL BE UP ON SATURDAY. It is about an epic book (^^ hint)

^^ also anyone notice my new design? I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH IT FINALLY.

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