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by - March 17, 2018

Thanks for tagging me Ivie! Again. Honestly, Ivie, has tagged me for so many things I've never even done. *face palms* Someday I'll start returning the favor. Anyway - I'm finally doing one which should be quite interesting - 17 FACTS ABOUT ME.

while a lot of country bloggers pride themselves about loving to be barefoot, I CAN'T go around without wearing socks

Now that is a weird fact, I know. But it's true. I wear socks all year round, even in the heat of summer, only taking them off when I really really need to. And when I go to bed. If I'm not wearing socks I feel like my feet might freak out and run off on their own without my permission and bury themselves in a blanket :P

I will eat pretty much anything and everything - exotic sea food, hot food, incredibly plain food - and the only foods I acutely dislike are cantaloupe, grapefruit, and honeydew

HAHA yes, the melons. I'm an incredibly reasonable eater, ever since I was a small kid and my mom fed me broccoli and I said, "I don't like it," and my mom said, "well, you can eat it anyway" and ever since I have. And now I'm even writing a book about Broccolis. But anyway. Should i ever come visit you, you know you can serve me pretty much anything (but even though I can eat some things doesn't mean I will) except the three melons :P

lisa is my middle name

I don't love the name Lisa, but it's mine, so why not make good use of it? My first name is long and rare and hard to pronounce and remember so pretty much everyone right now calls me Lisa here. So while it started as my Internet pseudonym, it's real enough lol

I love watching sports

Bet you didn't see that coming #sarcasm YES I LOVE WATCHING SPORTS. Mostly the worldwide championships like Olympics winter and summer and the tennis tournaments and the Fifa World Cup soccer (which is in a few months time again! I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT FOR FOUR FULL YEARS). I guess it started when I was too young to remember or appreciate it, but I watched it anyway, and got my favorite athlete in my dreams one night lol

I was born in Europe

Surprise, surprise!! Some of you might actually have a clue as to where (don't tell) but I'm not going to reveal where quite yet. You are free to guess, though. And as a matter of fact, I lived in this country for the first seven years of my life and I speak the language. Sort of. *cough cough* (Not really. But I understand it quite nicely.)

I grew up on nonfiction

You probably didn't know this either because I read so much fiction these days, but it's true. From when I was ... maybe six to when I was like twelve - I. DEVOURED. NONFICTION. Biographies, to be specific. And autobiographies. And testimony books. In fact, I should probably do a post sometime in which I recommend my favorite nonfic books and fangirl like crazy. Trust me, people, true story true life nonfiction beats fiction any day.

I've only read two or three one star books in my life

I can see you are impressed. I have been very lucky for two reasons - a) I have very wide tastes; b) I only read books I have HEARD GREAT THINGS ABOUT and that sound VERY GOOD to me. I don't randomly pick books to read. I PICK AND CHOOSE VERY CAREFULLY. Reading books you don't really want to is a waste of time to me :D

I have had over a dozen penpals in my lifetime and I'm pretty much an expert on snail mail

I started when I was six. Collecting penpals was like a hobby for me ... almost lol I have gone through a lot of learning and coping with those-who-ne'er-replied but it's been an amazing experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. And I could even do a post on this if anybody wants.

I wear glasses

YES I DO and it shouldn't be a surprise bc I AM A READER AND A WRITER. But you have never seen me with glasses bc I LIKE MY LOOK WITHOUT THEM BETTER haha Also there's a weird glare in photos :P I don't really /like/ wearing glasses but it's not as if I have a choice.

My art specialty is portraits in pencil

 IN FACT I should probably show you some of my art at some point! But yep, my favorite thing of ever is to take a photo of a person's face and sketch it, going over and over it to attain as perfect a perfection as possible. Then I give the picture to my family to see if they can spot anything I should improve. I am such a perfectionist in this that I  myself can't even see if my picture is good or not.

My most annoying and repetitive phrase-ology is "you know what?" and "like"

I tend to say, "And she was like, 'What do you think about -- ' " instead of saying, "And she said". :P and I begin my sentences with YOU KNOW WHAT way too often. And you know what?? IT IS VERY ANNOYING TO MY FAMILY.

I would rather edit than write draft one

Actually writing draft one isn't that bad, but I think editing is loads easier, because I actually have the basic plot in place. I have always been absolutely TERRIBLE at firat drafts. Consider it a compliment to YOU ALL that I am ALMOST DOME WITH MY WIP (Broccoli Queen).

I absolutely adore THE BROODING CHARACTER type

I mean that character type IS COMPLETE POLAR OPPOSITE OF ME and we probably would not get along but I ADORE THEM ANYWAY. Characters like Chaol Westfall and Sean Kendrick and Darcy and etc and etc just win my undying love forever by being brooding and silent and serious lol

My favorite color is blue

Actually, my favorite colors are the SUNSET COLORS but if I had to pick JUST ONE it would be blue. I MEAN YOU COULDN'T TELL BY LOOKING AT MY NEW AESTHETIC COULD YOU??? I love all colors and I have a thing for differemt color combos but BLUE BEATS ALL. I'm not insulting your favorite color though, so put down the rotten tomatoes please.

My favorite hi-fi setting would be ANCIENT EGYPT

Not that I have actually read fiction set in there? :P maybe it's my childhood love for The Ten Commandments influencing me but if you write a book set in ancient Egypt (or Greece or Rome for that matter) I WILL COME RUNNING.

I love both coffee and tea

And yes I drink them both JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. No cream or sugar or honey or milk or anything. I have a theory that if I don't drink coffee in the morning I will suffer a headache in the afternoon. And I LOVE A HUGE MUG OF HOT TEA. My favorite brand is Celestial, in case you need the recommendation.

And the last fact is specially for Ivie.

My favorite HTTYD character is ....

And you wouldn't know him, probably, unless you watch the Netflix episodes. He has a terrific character arc throughout the series and he is completely insane and full of humor so yep. 100% favorite HTTYD character ever. He is a mix of bad and good and tragic and crazy and rage so - YEAH. GO WATCH HIM.

AND THAT CONCLUDES THIS LONG AND EXHAUSTING POST. All my secrets are out. So ... yeah ...

who is your favorite httyd character?
favorite color?
and one random one: anything you'd like to see me post about? (I mean, I will never run out of ideas, but it's probably nice and polite to ask you every so often.)

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  1. Hiccup Haddock the Third is my favorite, but Dagur is a close third, after Astrid, of course. But Toothless is also my favorite and I just realized I can't answer this question because they are all awesome. I even have grown to appreciate Snotlout. XD I have a public playlist of funny HTTYD vids on my YouTube if you want to see one where Snotlout tries writing a book. It's hilarious. XD

    You don't have to return the tagging favor. I'm good. XD (Jk, tag me if you want. XD)

    Your blog looks amazing and there were so many facts I didn't know, so that's really cool. Thanks for doing this tag.

    Oh and my favorite color is probably well known, but peach. XD

    I usually have to wear socks, too. I mean, I'm totally fine barefoot, but my mom has a rule about wearing socks downstairs because of the laminate flooring getting dirty too quick. XD

    As for posts...that penpal one sounds pretty cool. All the ones you suggested in this post were cool, actually.

    Keep shining a light!

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. Woo-hoo #first comment!!! It's been awhile. It feels good. XD

    2. ALSO same here - Snotlout really grew on me in the series. Bravo!

    3. *chants* Snotlout Snotlout, OY OY OY!

    4. Oh my goodness, so true Ivie!! One just cannot choose between HTTYD characters! I absolutely adore all the riders and all the dragons and Stoic and Gobber and ACK I EVEN LIKE THE VILLAINS. Awesome job that they did with all the characters <3

      Aww thanks so much! Glad you like the blog look as well as the tag! I'm glad you tagged me for this one - it was a good one XD

      LOL YES - peach is awesome :D I feel you on the socks! And maybe I will do some of the posts I suggested!!

      <333 THANKS SO MUCH IVIE!!


  2. Hey hey, Faith is my middle name! #MiddleNameSquad *high five* That’s awesome that you go by your middle name—I always feel so alone in the world and finding someone else who does is a joy. XD

    1. IT IS? Didn't know that either XD *high fives back* WELL YEAH IT'S EASIER THAN MY FIRST NAME. Not that I like Lisa more, but ... you know! And it's great to know that you do it too! #MiddleNameSquad :DD

  3. AHH WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I SHOWED MY FACE HERE?? (Or, rather, my eye . . . because that's all my profile pic shows. :P) It's been soooo long. -_- I'm bad at keeping up with blogs.

    OKAY THIS WAS SO MUCH FUUUUUUN. I love posts like these! I relate to you on the socks, but mostly just because my feet get cold. (Even in summer. xD) I *do* go barefoot, but I'm almost always wearing socks. Plus socks are just plain ADORABLE, am I right??

    YUS I feel so special to have known you were born in Europe. *grins* But I had no idea that Lisa was your middle name or that you wear glasses?? #mindblown I actually don't really like the way I look WITHOUT glasses. I used to, but my face just feels empty without them. xD

    This was so much fun to read, and I might have to steal this for a post idea because I have no motivation to finish all the drafts waiting on my dashboard. *cough*

    1. WELCOME BACK TO MY REALM GLITTER QUEEN!! (oh and the "eye" part cracked me up lol) Don't feel bad - same here!

      I'm glad you liked it!! SOCKS ARE ADORABLE. I have this pair with a rabbit head that wears pink heart shaped sunglasses... it so weirdly funny XDD HEY WELL I THOUGHT YOU DESERVED THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SECRET SINCE YOU ARE GOING TO EUROPE YOURSELF!! Make sure you tell me all about it when you get back! I guess I have neglected to announce some things hehe? And congratulations for having gotten so used to your glasses! It's better to like them than to not ...


  4. Toothless all the way!!! Cliche answer, maybe, but I just love him.

    Re: ancient Egypt... Have you read the Bright Empires series by Stephen Lawhead? I can't remember. But a significant portion of it does take place in ancient Egypt! And it's basically one of my favorite series, so there's that. XD

    Fun post! I don't think I knew you were born in Europe!


      ACK NO I HAVEN'T EVEN HEARD OF THIS SERIES?? But I put it on my tbr and added it to my GR shelves! If you liked them I really need to check them out. We have similar tastes after all :P

      OOOH THANKS <3 Yeah, I don't think I've told many people :DD

  5. I LOVE socks and being barefoot at the same time! I'm so conflicted, halp. xD

    I use "like" WAYYY too many times as well, I feel like a valley girl sometimes and I hate it. XD

    That's so cool that you were born in Europe!!

    1. WELL GOOD FOR YOU GRAY!! :P *cringes* sometimes I talk to other people and get mildly concerned that they will come to the conclusion that homeschooling breeds such terrible awkward speakers such as myself who keep repeating the same phrase XD


  6. I also use my middle name (but since everyone on the blogosphere has the middle name Grace... I'm going to change it slightly)

    Was also born in Europe. people usually assume that I was born in Africa but I was neither born in Nigeria nor Ireland. And I can't speak the language, either but I think I might learn someday. But just not be fluent.

    I think I know the country you were born in. If it begins with an S or G, I might know.

    I wear glasses but hate taking pictures because mine done compliment my face shape. Then again, I haven't changed them in a long time...

    1. WOOT! Making use of our middle names is a great thing! BUt it's so true that EVERYONE AROUND HERE SEEMS TO BE SECOND-NAMED GRACE!! O.o

      *high fives for fellow European* Aha! So you weren't born in Ireland *looks for a trench coat* time to play detective and see if I can unearth were you WERE born XD

      Err ... nope, I wasn't born in a country beginning with S or G *tries to think which countries begin in S or G* HERE'S A HINT - think UP NORTH!!

      LOL sometimes we think we don't look good in something but others might disagree XDD That reminds me I should get mine changed too sometime. I think they are getting too small!

      Thanks for the comment Grace!!

  7. OK BUT DAGUR THOUGH!! *flails* YEAH MAN. He's insane and had me cracking up more than once. Definitely a fave. :D *high five*
    Gosh girl, I only wear socks in the winter! I even had a little girl yesterday ask me "why aren't you wearing shoes?" and I was like... oops. :P
    I'm sure you look good in glasses, too! :D And I've read a few Egypt books too! I don't like them much but those books were good regardless.
    God bless!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. SAME about Dagur! I love him. He's awesome.

    2. *flails with you* DAGUR *heart eyes* I love how he calls Hiccup "brother" XDD

      SEE TOLD YOU, YOU ARE A REAL COUNTRY GIRL xD I guess my parents have always been insistent on us wearing socks bc of cold floors :P

      I think I do look ok in glasses too, but I just prefer the "no glasses" look myself lol

      THANKS ANG!!

  8. Well, I'm going to be boring and say that Hiccup is my favorite HTTYD character, BUT HE IS! So...yeah.
    I also love the color blue (but a very specific, super light shade.)
    Oooooh, if you're looking for Ancient Egypt Hi Fi, you should look into Mara, Daughter of the Nile, and The Golden Goblet, both of which are by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. Mara is definitely one of my favorite books ever!

    1. I think Hiccup has become underrated lately. HE'S EPIC!!!

    2. Right??? Why does no one recognize how awesome Hiccup truly is anymore? This makes me so mad, lol. Let's go on strike, Mira and Ivie!


      *gasp* same! The light shade is my favorite kind of blue too :DD
      THANKS FOR THE RECOMMENDATIONS!! I added them to my tbr on Goodreads :D I think this year I should have one month dedicated to reading ancient Egypt hi-fi XD

    4. @Ivie and @Musicgirl HICCUP IS AMAZING AND DESERVES RECOGNITION. But the HTTYD movies are ... getting "older" now, so I suppose people are moving on to other things XDD Still though *shakes head*

  9. My name is strange and long and hard to pronounce but I still use it. I would like to know your name.... I think it is cool to have different names.
    I have a lot of pen pales too. So fun and complicated also.
    I like th color green and orange.
    Great post.

    1. Hi Rakayle!! You have really nice name! I like it :D I actually like my own too. And ... idk if I want to announce it to everyone but if you really want to know it I'll send you off on a quest to find it XD I know my friend Denae called me by it in the comment section of this post: https://thisinkwell.blogspot.ca/2017/10/yo-im-back-10-things-you-can-learn-from.html *coughcough* sorry for sending you off to search for it XD

      HURRAY FOR HAVING PEN PALS! Ikr, it's really cool and also hard sometimes :DD Green and orange are lovely colors! THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!

  10. I don't think I knew there was a HTTYD TV series??? I dunno. Guess since I don't have a TV and while I enjoy HTTYD, I've only seen the first one. Oh well. But I do love Toothless and Hiccup and the Twins. (But now I'm interested to check the series out but I have no time and why have you done this to me....)

    1. YOU DIDN'T?? Well there is!! There's a few series actually -Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, and Race to the Edge! and THEY ARE EPIC!! JUST ASK IVIE LOL The first two series (Riders and Defenders) are available on DVD so you should check from your library :D As for RTTE it's only on Netflix *grumbles* YES YES YES THEY ARE ALL SO AMAZING. CHECK THEM OUT PLS. TRY YOUTUBE!! Thanks for commenting <333

  11. FELLOW SOCK WEARER!! I wear socks 24/7/365 too....I'll sometimes go barefoot when the house is clean, but otherwise, forget it!

    I'm not a melon person either - I can't stand the texture or the bland slimy taste of a lot of melons. Yick.

    I don't blame you for being picky in books, it saves a lot of grief!!

    I just took up pen-paling again with a couple of fellow bloggers and I forgot just how much I missed it :).

    Oh my gosh, my favorite color is blue too! I like bright sky blue the best.

    GASP CELESTIAL IS MY FAVORITE TOO!!! Which is your favorite flavor?

    Awesome post, Lisa!!


    1. *high fives* yep, socks are incredibly comfy :D I only like water melons :D And that's cause they are sweet and juicy :)

      AWW REALLY?? PENPALING IS SO MUCH FUN :) If I were younger I'd probably try to get you all to become my penpals lol

      HURRAY FOR BLUE!! AND O.o Celestial is your favorite too?? I pretty much love all of theirs, but I'm really fond of their peach, cinnamon apple, Sleepy Time, and Bengal spice :DD


  12. Hiccup is my favorite!
    You should post some of your art.
    I love finding other artists. I prefer portrait sketching too!


      Oooh yes, I just might do that someday! *fist bump for portrait sketching* thanks for commenting Skye <333

  13. You were born in Europe! That's so cool. Have you been back since? And yes to non-fiction and snail mail too! Blue seems to be my favourite colour at the moment as well - like, if you asked, I would say I can't choose a favourite colour, but I seem to be wearing a lot of navy blue so maybe I'm just in denial. XD Oh, ancient Egypt is so cool! Have you read Joseph by Terri Fivash? It's the only book I can think of set in ancient Egypt, but I really enjoyed it. Anyway, it was great to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing. :D

    1. I moved when I was 7 and no, I haven't been back since. Maybe someday though?? :D *high five for snail mail and nonfic* I wear a lot of blue too ... probably too much tbh xD No, I haven't read that book O.o is it about Joseph?? Bc I've always wondered if there was a Biblical fiction about Joseph!! I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for the comment!!

  14. *screams forever because HTTYD* My favorite character is obviously Hiccup Haddock because he's kind of my boyfriend, so...*wanders off to Berk*

    BUT DAGUR IS AWESOME. He's so sarcastic and I love it. I have yet to finish the last season of RTTE, but I'm working on it^-^

    Also, though, like Astrid and Toothless and Fishlegs and Stormfly and Snotlout and Tuffnut and Ruffnut and I JUST LOVE EVERYONE OKAY?

    1. YAY FOR HICCUP!! He is literally one of the best heroes of the screen of ever!! *high five*

      DAGUR THOUGH. I'M GLAD YOU AGREE. Hahaa we have yet to actually watch the seasons in order but we do have a pretty good idea of what's hoing on ;) or rather my sis does lol


  15. Ooooh you asked any ideas for a post, and i really really vote you tell us where it was that you were born!!!

    1. Hahahaa thank you, Lissa, that's a ... pretty good idea ;) we'll see what happens lol

  16. If you want to do a post about your art you can do my tag on theartmoth.blogspot.com! I'm not really tagging you (as in, you shouldn't feel obligated to do it), I'm just trying to find more art blogs to follow!

    1. Oh how very nice! Good to meet you Victoria! I shall try to do your tag someday and maybe tag some other art lovers :D I know some of my followers draw well too (I could link you to some of them if you'd like? Since you said you wanted to meet other artists ^.^)

    2. That would be awesome! Thanks!

    3. Btw, I can't find your follow button!

    4. I should have GFC, Bloglovin', and email follow buttons in the sidebar?? Unless you are viewing the page on a mobile device, then they wouldn't appear :P

    5. I know that Emily Mundell (http://writeremilymundell.blogspot.ca/), Faith (http://thefloridsword.blogspot.ca/2018/03/my-blogoversary-week-aka-giveaway.html), Marrok (http://marrokmacintyre.blogspot.ca/), Skye (http://skyehoffert.blogspot.ca/2017/11/end-of-inktober.html) and Evangeline (http://ijusthappened.blogspot.ca/) draw so you can check them out! Though I think maybe Marrok and Emily might post their art more on Instagram??

  17. Oh man, I wish I weren't so picky!! I have a whole list of things I won't even touch, and most of them I haven't even tried yet. Do a blog post about how to be more adventurous in eating!! ;) I googled it and they said "try to find your entry vegetable" and I was like WHAT THE HECK ENTRY VEGETABLE?!?! ENTRY VEGETABLE? *insert laughing face* My entry vegetable is pizza.

    1. Aww I feel you! I have picky eaters in the family, no offense to them :D I could do a post like that, but ... eating is such a personal thing idk if my tips would work for anyone else XD It's just me that I like everything and anything and I will try whatever lol OMW SAME WHAT IN THE WORLD IS AN ENTRY VEGETABLE. Pizza is awesome! Do you like vegetable pizza? Cos its amazing and if you do, that's one way for you to eat your veggies. WITH SOMETHING ELSE THAT YOU DO LIKE :D lol Thanks for your comment!!

  18. I say "like" way too often too... I'm going to have to go with you on the favorite color - definitely blue!

    1. *high five* you make me feel better Maddy! I'm not alone anymore haha! AND YES HURRAY FOR BLUE!!

  19. Hanne is a variation of my middle name!! Apparently my parents were (/are still) afraid of Internet Stalkers™️, so I'm not allowed to use my first name. So Hanne it is!

    (ALSO I'm with you on the color thing. Alllllll the colors are amazing, and I don't discriminate. The only thing is, I hate orange normally, except for sunsets/sunrises. Also blue I'm kinda partial toward. So.)

    1. Hanne is a really cool variation XD Ah yes we're all scared of Stalkers aren't we? I like to keep my real name to myself cos it's so rare that anyone who uses it to google for me would find me right away lol

      (Oh yeah ... how does one even pick favorite colors? I mean ... different colors are PERFECT for different things :D yay for blue *high five*)


    Wow, I did not know anything of these things about you and now I feel like I know you on a spiritual level?? This is great. You're great.

    A couple of things I'd like to comment on:

    - I don't like wearing my glasses either. They hurt behind my ears?? I only need them to, well, see. o-o OBVIOUSLY. But I don't need them for reading or anything. I just need them for driving, watching movies, and basically not looking like I'm staring at strangers. It's so awkward when you're not wearing your glasses and you are out in public and you're trying to see if you know someone but it turns out you don't but you still had to stare at them for ten minutes longer than you needed to because... yeah. GLASSES SAVES LIVES.
    I'm actually getting new glasses today and I am very excited. ^-^

    - DID SOMEONE SAY CHAOL???????????????????????????????????????????????????!!! YESSSSS MY BEAUTIFUL CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD.

    - I envy you for being able to draw portraits. I am absolutely terrible at drawing people. -.- Teach me your ways. And please, I'd LOVE to see your work!

    - I LIKE EDITING TOOOOOOO. I think I prefer it over the first draft as well? I've never actually edited much of my own work but I have been a beta reader for some people and I JUST LOVE EDITING. I love the structure of sentences and choosing words to replace other ones so that they sound better. IDK MAN IT'S JUST SOMETHING I REALLY ENJOY AND IT'S KIND OF CALMING?

    - I use "like" instead of "said" ALL THE TIME. Help me.

    - Blue is such a lovely color and it suits you very well. I went through a blue phase before moving on to yellow. ;)

    Anywho. LOVELY POST DEAR. <3333

    xx Kenzie


    HAHAHAA YES I love springing surpising about me facts on people and I also love discovering surprising facts about others, so I feel you!!

    YES ON THE GLASSES. Mine feel like they are an extra weight on my face :P we must have the same eye problem because ALL OF THE THINGS YOU SAID THAT'S ME EXACTLY. THAT'S ME TO A TEE. However, you look really cute in glasses so don't worry about that ;)


    I'll try to post some of my work in the future!! Drawing portraits is hard, not gonna lie ;)

    AAAAHHHHH yaaaassss I haven't edited A LOT of my own work either but enough to know I like it better than drafting :P and beta reading is the best past time, right??

    *fist bump for using 'like'*

    AND YELLOW SUITS YOU SO GOOD. Whenever I see yellow my brain says 'KENZIE'.



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