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LOOK WHO'S LATE AGAIN. ME. I was all out of ideas for this week's post so I decided to go steal a tag (like why even, when I have so many I haven't done). This one was super inspiring and is a bit different from the usual writing and book tags, and let's face it - ANIMATED MOVIE ARE THE BEST EVER. I don't know who invented this tag but thank you to the person anyway!!

I kind of feel like there are not enough questions - and they seemed geared toward Disney princesses, so I might just add some questions to it mwahahahaaa

Who's your favorite animated heroine?

... Can this include animals??? Because I confess I have only watched ... five or six Disney princess movies XD Yeah, we aren't too big of the princesses here!!

So let me go with the one and only Mulan from Mulan and Judy Hopps from Zootopia. Because Mulan the movie is hilarious and really cool, and Mulan as a person if brave and head strong and really cares for her family. Zootopia is one of my all time favorite animated movies and Judy Hopps is a cop and she never gives up and she wants to make the world a better place.

Who's your favorite animated hero?

Who's making me choose just one hero, huh?? I have so many favorite animated heroes ...

Tintin because OH MY GOODNESS WHO CAN'T LOVE HIM IF THEY HAVE READ THE COMICS. He's so plain cute and clever and he's a journalist!! Hiccup is a given one, of course. Lovable dork ;) Then I have to include Geronimo Stilton and the Wild Kratts, because even though they are from TV episodes rather than movies, they are way way too cute to leave out :D

3. If there was to be a sequel(or even a third, fourth, or fifth part)(and I don't mean like Frozen Fever and Tangled Ever After, those short movies, but a real one) of an animated movie, what would you like it to be about?

Definitely the Adventures of Tintin because HEY THE MOVIE ENDED IN A WAY THAT WOULD DEFINITELY ALLOW A SEQUEL and do you realise how many movies could be made based on the Tintin books? SO MANY. So seriously, someone has to start adapting those!!

4. Which couple from an animated movie do you think is highly underrated?

... Idk my favorite animated movies don't actually have couples?? Maybe let's go with this adorable pair (Diego and Shira from Ice Age 4 + 5) :

5. Which couple do you like most?

Seriously, another couple question?? Ok ... lemme think ... do these two count? The first and only animated "couple" I shipped for a very very long time XD

6. Which song is your favorite?

Can we all just give a round of applause for Nigel (from Rio and Rio 2)please? He's not only the best villain of all animated stories pretty much but also the best villain singer!!

7. And if you should choose a song that didn't immediately come up in your mind but is still a favourite, which one would it be?

... This is tough. But I really like the songs from Joseph: King of Dreams, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Mulan!!

8. What animation movie did you first think you wouldn't like, but eventually you did?

A lot of them!! When I was a really small child I didn't like Finding Nemo, The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Joseph: King of Dreams (+ others) but seeing them later - I LOVED THEM ALL. Especially Joseph - it has to be one of my all time favorite animated movies!!

9. Which two do you always consider as a couple, even though they are not a definite couple, but almost no one else does?

WHO IS ASKING THESE COUPLE QUESTIONS?? Can I like ... skip this one?? It is sooo tough. I mean - there are many duos that I can name that AREN'T COUPLES but that COULD BE IF THE TWO WERE OF THE SAME ... species? Like Barry + Vanessa in The Bee Movie, or Judy + Nick in Zootopia, or Buzz + Jessie in Toy Story... but I just CANNOT THINK OF THEM THAT WAY bc ... idk it doesn't work. It just doesn't. They are duos, not couples. *shrugs*

10. Which girl from an animated movie has the best hairstyle(s)?

I told you that this tag was geared towards Disney princesses :P Does RUFFNUT COUNT?? Lol! I really do like ... Elsa's hair because IT IS WHITE and Merida's because IT IS SO WILD :DD 

11. Which is the best dress?

OH PLEASE. STAHP WITH THE PRINCESSY QUESTIONS ALREADY. I suppose Merida's?? Because *sigh* it's the most ... simple?? (see above, please)

12. Which sidekick is the best according to you?

YAY THIS WAS A GOOD QUESTION!! I have to say it's a tie between Captain Haddock (from The Adventures of Tintin), Mushu (from Mulan), and Baymax (from Big Hero 6)!! I would love to say Toothless but a lot of you will attack me because he's too awesome to be called A SIDEKICK!! (according to my sis he's the actual hero of the story :P) ALSO why not the Furious Five from Kung Fu Panda?

13. What's your favorite Disney princess movie?

I TOLD YOU THIS WAS DIRECTED AT DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIES. Which is rather unfair because it's called the ANIMATION TAG and my favorite movies are NOT DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIES :P But let's just go with the absolute obvious answer here: MULAN. MULAN IS MY FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIE. (and no, my friends, I haven't seen Tangled yet so don't throw those rotten tomatoes at me).

14. What's your favorite animated movie (no Disney princess movies included)?

OH LOOK FINALLY ^^ Can I give you an extended list?? Yes? Good : How to Train Your Dragon, Joseph: King of Dreams, Zootopia, Epic, The Adventures of Tintin, Big Hero 6, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, and pretty much ... most of the older Pixar films (like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and ESPECIALLY Ratatouille)!!!!

15. What is your Disney personality?

It's disputable. One test says I'm Mulan, and the other says I'm 60% Rapunzel, and 40% Jasmine. (did I ever see Alladin or like Jasmine? No.) So yeah ...

16. Which animated girl do you think looks most like you(in looks, not in character)?

LOL HAHA. THIS ONE ASSUMES THAT THE BLOGGER IS A GIRL. XDD Well, thankfully I am. So ... I guess Mulan?? Because I have the Asian eyes and the straight almost black hair :P

17.  Which fan theories do you think are true? (you know, those things on Pinterest that say...for example: That Elsa and Anna are Rapunzels cousins, and that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother or that the oldest girl from Despicable Me is maybe Riley's mom from Inside Out)?

Oh please ... I don't BELIEVE IN FAN THEORIES. 

18. What animated movie did you expect much of, but turned out to be much worse than you originally thought?

Who wants to end with this depressing question? But let me tell you - I don't think anything has yet been so disappointing as Mulan II. Yeah that one ... really really fell flat. OH AND POCAHONTAS. OMW THAT WAS SO INACCURATE TO THE ACTUAL STORY THAT ... just please.

OH LOOK I'M DONE WITH THE TAG. It should actually be renamed to "The Disney Animation Tag". I'm telling you THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER ANIMATION STUDIOS OUT THERE BESIDES DISNEY. SOMEONE CREATE A MORE INCLUSIVE TAG. Ok I'm not actually complaining against the person who created this tag ... but apparently SHE loved the princess movies :P


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  1. 1) HTTYD
    2) HTTYD 2
    3) The Croods
    4) Big Hero 6
    5) Tangled

    I LOVE THIS! I might have to steal it at some point because ITS ANIMATION AND ANIMATION IS MY JAM!!

    Great answers. That picture of Hiccup is *heart eyes*

    Yeah, I need to do this tag even though it focuses waaaayyy too much on disney and couples. XD

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

      AND HTTYD 2!
      I haven't seen The Croods yet O.o *puts it on to-be-watched list*
      Nooooooo I have to see Tangled still. Everyone - literally everyone - says Tangled is AMAZING. Argh.

      Oh and Ivie I have a Pinterest board dedicated to HTTYD so you should check it out!! Do you want a link??


  2. Haha, all the snark in the post was hilarious! Someone definitely was a Disney fanatic that put that tag together....

    I honestly do like princess movies - but I do like other animated films too. To be honest, most of my animation movie loves are from Disney and Pixar *shrugs*.

    Awesome tag, Lisa!


    1. Oh thanks Catherine XD I was worried I grumbled too much, but glad you enjoyed! Disney is the king of animation so ... understandable :D

      *nods* The princess movies aren't really that bad! They just ... never were my favorites I guess? Because I didn't see them as a kid and then ... I was already out of the "wanna-be princess" stage when I saw some haha XDD PIXAR DESERVES ALL THE FANS THOUGH, JUST SAYING!

      Thanks so much!

  3. King of Dreams <3 <3 <3 <3 I loooooove that movie oh my word

    top five though? ...gonna admit, it's probably mostly Disney... but I'll go with top five that aren't Disney (in no particular order because I can never decide an order) :
    1) The Prince of Egypt
    2) Anastasia
    3) The LEGO Movie
    4) Home
    5) Joseph: King of Dreams

    ahhh I just love animated movies so much!
    ~ Abby {novelsdragonsandwardrobedoors.blogspot.com}

    1. YES *high five* King of Dreams is amazing! I cannot imagine why I didn't like it when I first saw it as a seven year old haha

      OOOH I never saw The Prince of Egypt all the way through *cries*

      Thanks for all these recs Abby!!! XD

  4. Tin Tin was so good! I love Treasure Planet, Tangled, Hoodwinked, Chicken Little and a host of others.

    1. SAME SKYE! *gasp* I need to see all those that you mentioned! *adds them to pile* Thanks for commenting!!

  5. Nice! I actually haven't watched a lot of these movies, but my family is slowly getting through the collection of animated movie/Disney movies. I think we're watching Zootopia and Hercules sometime soon. As for my top five favorite animated movies . . . does Studio Ghibli count? Because there's my top five right there. But if not . . . (in no particular order)

    1. Big Hero 6
    2. Inside Out
    3. Robin Hood
    4. Your Name (I know it's a Studio-Ghibli type movie and it has some content issues, but I really enjoyed it and the soundtrack is gorgeous)
    5. . . . . Is it bad I can't think of one that I really enjoyed? Maybe Beauty and the Beast.

    Yup, I need to watch more animated films! But there are so many in your post that I'm adding to my list! Great post, Lisa!

    ~True // atruewriter.blogspot.com

    1. I gotta admit that we're usually way behind everyone else seeing the movies too XD Studio Ghibli totally counts! I have two friends who are on a campaign to convert me into a Ghibli fan XDD I've only seen the Red Turtle so far! Do tell me how you like Zootopia! (I never saw Hercules o.o)

      Big Hero 6 and Robin Hood and Beauty and the Beast are all AMAZING! I haven't seen Inside Out or Your Name, but I'm sure they are great too!

      Same, apparently I need to go watch more! I'M GLAD YOU FOUND SOME IN HERE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE! <333 Thanks!

  6. AHHHH I grew up having my Dad read the Tintin comics to us!!!! I have two copies of each book on my shelf, since each copy got so used and worn we had to buy another one. XD They are absolutely THE BEST and we were so thrilled when the movie came out - if only they would make a second one!!

    I admittedly don't watch many animates movies, and when I do, it's usually with my younger siblings...though I did enjoy Big Hero 6 quite a bit.

    When I was little, I watched the 2nd Cinderella movie a lot, and sometimes Sleeping Beauty, but that was about it...lol

    But your questions were hilarious! Those fan theories make me laugh.

    1. REALLY? That's so cool! I wish I had all the Tintin book but oh well - gotta be happy with borrowing from the library, I guess xD they should make a second movie! And didn't they do a fabulous job making the characters look just the way they did in the books??

      Younger siblings have so much influence lol and YAY for Big Hero 6!

      Oooh right! There are Cinderella sequels! Were those good? I never saw any Cinderella movies actually xD

      THANK YOU!!

  7. 1. HTTYD 1, 2, and 3. (#notsorry)
    2. Anastasia
    3. Spirit: Stallion of The Cimarron
    4. Treasure Planet
    5. Quest For Camelot (seriously, this movie is so under-rated...it disgusts me.)

    1. Omw, that song from Joseph The Dreamer though! That movie was my childhood, bruh!! So many memories when I watched that. Thanks for sharing it so I could remember lol.

      2. *hides cos I haven't seen it and my library doesn't have it*
      4. ??? I hadn't heard of this before??
      5. I'VE SEEN THIS AROUND BUT NEVER WATCHED IT *hides in case you throw something at me*

      *all the high fives* I'M SO HAPPY YOU ARE A FELLOW FAN AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH TOO AND THAT SONG IS THE BEST THING EVER <333 you're so welcome!!!

    3. You've never seen Anastasia???? *hands you the movie because you need it in your life*

  8. 1. Beauty and the Beast
    2. LEGO movie
    3. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    4. Prince of Egypt
    5. Tie between Robin Hood and Sword in the Stone

    This is so fun! (Personally, I love the Disney fan theories, but I know plenty of people don't, so I won't take that as a rejection.) XD

    1. 1. UMM YES
      2. I PUT A HOLD ON THAT *jumps up and down excitedly*
      4. Ohhh I never saw that all the way to the end D:
      5. ROBIN HOOD IS MY 12-YR-OLD SELF'S FAVORITE (I should watch the Sword in the Stone, especially since I adore the tale of Arthur)

      AWWW THANKS!! (Yeah, I have nothing against those who love them, but I never saw the point XD)

  9. AAALLLLLLL THE DISNEY MOVIES ARE THE BEST ANIMATED MOVIES!!!!!!!! Moana, Frozen, Tangled, Big Hero 6, Beauty and the Beast....

    You love Tintin? I do too! My family lived in Belgium for awhile, so we visited the Tintin gift shop (I got a Snowy pencil tin that I have since lost =() and saw lots of Tintin and Snowy. The Smurfs were big there too. I'm not the biggest fan of the movies though... *hides face* Maybe I need to watch the Tintin movie again.

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. WELL YES I MEAN DISNEY RULES!!! *woohoooo* I adore Disney most of the time :DD
      Moana and Frozen were pretty great!! And I have yet to see Tangled :D Big Hero 6 is one of my all time favorites <333 as for Beauty and the Beast - well it's just beautiful and Gaston is the best, amiright??

      OMW YES! TINTIN FOREVER!! Wait .... you did??? That's so epic!! Have you heard of this other European comic series called Asterix? IT IS HILARIOUS AND AWESOME.

      Thanks for your comment Micaiah!!

  10. Aw, this was such a cute tag! I love Disney. <33

  11. 1. Rise Of The Guardians (if you haven't watched it, YOU MUST!!!)
    2. Inside Out :')
    3. Tangled (WATCH IT, LISA O_O)
    4. Big Hero 6
    5. ??? (I can't choose one. Maybe Tintin because HELLO THAT MOVIE IS AMAZING. Or maybe Epic, because HELLO THAT MOVE IS EPIC.)

    Three cheers for the wonderful movie that is the Adventures of Tintin!!! It makes me so happy to find another fan - I think it's seriously underrated. :/

    And great tag, Lisa! I love it! :D

    1. INSIDE OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT! I always forget about that one!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    2. ISN'T IT SUCH A BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL MOVIE???!!! *laughs* *cries* *feels all the feels* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    3. I HAVE SEEN THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS AND IT WAS SO SO GOOD!!! have you read the book series it's based on? cos I want to but #tbrproblems lol

      BIG HERO 6 FAN FOREVER!! and OMW I'M GOING INTO FANGIRL STATE HERE *squeals* EPIC AND TINTIN MAKE IT TO YOUR LIST?? COS THOSE ARE ... SO SO SO HIGH UP ON MY LIST aaaahhhhhhh :DD And I need to see Tangled and Inside Out yet *hides*


  12. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE TINTIN TOO. My little brother fell in love with the books and since I was his go-to read-aloud person, I had "Tintin in America" practically memorized for awhile. Tintin's just so precious and heroic and adorable. <3 But you know what's sad? I haven't seen the movie since...before we got into the books...WHICH IS A TRAVESTY, I tell you.

    Picking five favorites is too hard!! But Tangled and Frozen would be up there on my list. ....and Sleeping Beauty...*guilty laugh* I guess I love Disney princesses. :)

    A lovely blog you have here, Lisa!

    1. OH HELLO MEGAN, my fellow "inkwell-er"! So nice of you to drop by!! I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR YOU READ TINTIN TOO!! The comics are adorable - the stories are so exciting, the characters are so humorous, and the art is so lovely <3 YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE THAT MOVIE AGAIN THOUGH XD

      AWWW I don't blame you! Disney is amazing :D and those princess movies are like CLASSICS, so I get ya!!

      Thanks so much <333 You totally made my day!!

  13. I love the Adventures of Tintin, it is the best (and only) adaptation I have seen of it!:)
    I especially love the line:
    "Just made a wee fire"
    "In a boat!" - The Adventures of TinTin.

    Okay...for my favorite animated movies of all time (in no particular order.):
    1. The Adventures of TinTin
    2. Tangled
    3. Cinderella
    4. Beauty and The Beast
    5. The Hobbit (The animated one.)
    7. Zootopia
    (okay I went a little over 5, I'll just stop at 7.)
    Anyway I love reading your answers.

    1. OMW YES!! (There are older adaptions actually - a tv series, but I haven't seen it either XD)


      1. YES YES AND YES
      2. *is gonna see it soon*
      3. *hasn't seen it yet*
      4. *highly approves*
      6. ehhh, where's your number 6?? XDD
      7. UMM 100% YES

      (that's ok!! you went only 1 over 5 XD)

      AWW THANKS SO MUCH <333 Thanks for commenting!!

  14. Mulan and Judy Hopps are awesome!! Tin Tin was a great movie and deserves more credit, and the captain is a great sidekick. Ratatouille is great.

    Also I think we need to start a movement called 'SAY NO TO FAN THEORIES' gosh am I annoyed (disgusted, almost) by them!

    1. YAY I'M GLAD YOU AGREE!! It really was a good one wasn't it?? The Captain is hilarious ... and YEP RATATOUILLE IS ALWAYS A WINNER xD

      LOL yes some are pretty terrible - I never cared for them much :D The only fan theory I ever had was that the Disney princesses all probably live in the same fantasy world haha :D

  15. This tag is awesome and I admire you so much for listing so many movies. Whenever I try a tag like this one I end up using the same three movies for every answer XD Those movies would be The Incredibles, Lilo & Stitch and The Lion King. And then I'd totally forget that I loved Tangled, Mulan and so many more!

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. OH THANK YOU. I must agree that it was an entertaining tag XD Well, I tried to give my readers an idea of my favorites here ^^ it was rather tough XD I had to write a list of all the animated movies I'd seen first, and then refer to that lol The Incredibles was so good! Are you looking forward to the sequel? The Lion King was one of my favorites as well!! :DD

      Thanks for the comment Envy!! <3

  16. I've seen so few movies it's kinda pathetic really. Zootopia is a good one! And Trolls! and Frozen! I'd really like to see some more Disney movies--the "classic" ones, because everyone screams about them all the time and I can't relate XD.

    1. Awww, well, those that you mentioned are really good! Especially Zootopia :D I have yet to see trolls. Mmhmm I didn'w watch Disney movies till I was twelve or so, so I relate to not being able to understand how others screamed over them XD There are some really good classic ones, of course, and others do really feel "old". Hope you get to see some great ones!!


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