february recap [2018]

by - March 03, 2018

and i'm back from hiatus! yay! february was a great month and can you believe we're 1/6 into the year? no? neither can i XD but i'm still feeling good about it, so that's a plus.

on the page ....

i started the month by reading all the crooked saints after the library had withheld it from me for a full four months or so (see how popular maggie stiefvater is??). ugh. but in the end they had to give it to me. it was actually good - slower moving, and less action, but still stiefvater to the core. the writing style though *happy sigh* anyone who loved the scorpio races but had trouble with the raven boys really needs this :D and those who like the raven boys need this even more XD

i finally got the paperback of andora's folly after the first copy that was mailed to me took a long detour to the province where i no longer live. it's the first time i reread it since the beta-reading and it was just as awesome and adorable as ever and hey! my name is in the acknowledgements!

All the Crooked Saints     Andora's Folly     Porch Swing Girl (Tradewinds, #1)  

i had planned to read bronte and austen this month but no i was not in the mood. instead i got two arcs - porch swing girl by taylor bennett and the rebellion by livy jarmusch. both will get review from me later - all i can say now is 100% recommended :D i borrowed thunderhead and curio from the library of the next "town-ship". thunderhead, though not as good as scythe, was still a great sequel. and curio was the first ever steampunk fantasy i've read, and since it was by donita k. paul's daughter, what could go wrong? it was a bit ... romance-y for my taste though.

i recieved five splickety magazines from rosalie valentine (bc i won her giveaway) and i really feel that i need to get back to flash fiction writing. in fact, i might dedicate all of camp nano in april for it, if i finish my first drafts by then :D 

Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2)     Curio (Curio #1)     Seven Pillars Of Health: The Natural Way To Better Health For Life 

one more book needs a mention here. the seven pillars of health by dr. don colbert. in case you didn't know, i'm a teensy bit of a health nut with my family. XD i totally recommend this book no matter who you are and no matter what your health condition. even if you don't need to make any changes to your habits, STILL GO READ THIS. you'll feel that much smarter afterwards.

in the notebooks ...

broccoli queen is at 250 pages! only 50 more to go! *cheers myself onward* *gives me more chocolate* i've reached a point with this where i just ... love it. i used to have this enthusiasm and infatuation with the idea, and then it died off, and i hated the book. i hated writing it and i hated how mediocre it was. but i forced myself through and now i love it. i don't care if no human ever reads it. i don't care how HORRIBLE it is. i love it and i could spend years polishing it. i think. never know when i will change my mind XD

on the screen ...

still watching the regular mystery series hawaii five-0 (the old one). i think we're in season 9? i'm not sure. we finished macgyver season 2 and it was a blast! we went to the library recently and came back with a ton of never-before-seen movies like ...

home alone and home alone 2. they are highly unrealistic, and exist just for the sake of comedy. i mean, sure we had a lot of laughs, and there were the nice things about it, but seriously ... it wasn't very deep or impressive. just ... funny. and number 2 was just ... a carbon copy of number 1. proabably so that the filmmakers could make more money. but at least we had the laughs.

ballerina. if this had existed when i was 6, my life would basically have been complete. i mean i loved ballet as a kid! so this was like a throw-back to my childhood. french setting, inspiring storyline, entertaining characters, the funniest love triangle of ever (for once, i approved) and just ... yeah, i really, really enjoyed it.

oh and there was frozen but we've already seen it like ... four times? three? mostly at OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES when it was just released.

in life ...

THE OLYMIPCS. THE OLYMPICS. THE OLYMPICS. someone come and fangirl with me about the epic events! we had so much fun watching live and replays on the internet. pls tell my you are a sports enthusiast? bc i am :DD canada did record-breaking well, so i'm "a proud parent" like one of my friend's put it (you know who you are XD).

i finished off career planning, trigonometry (with the highest scores yaaayyy), biology and now ... onwards and upwards! hurray! i'll be honest and say that sometimes i really really don't want to do school (surprise, surprise) but i force myself to smile at it and say, "nice to see you. again."

we had snow for the first time in forever (hey look what i did there) and we HAD TO DIG OURSELVES OUT but then it went and melted before we had the chance to ski *cries* at least i got to make gorgeous snow globes. do you know what my earliest winter memory is? discovering that making perfectly round snowballs is way way harder than movies make it look like XD

also, chinese new year and valentine's day came this month so that was always fun! 

on the blogosphere ...

ugh this section again. how does one remember all that happened?

nadine brandes wrote a wonderful post about journaling (i mean, all of nadine's posts are awesome haha)

grace anne posted a lovely flash fic story and pls go read it right now bc it's so lovely ^.^ 

maritn hospitality had a brithday and guess what? there were 371 kindle downloads of the book on that day! o.o bc it was free, of course!

kenzie posted about blogger quirks which was spot on and so much fun to read XD

i can't remember anything else my brain is fried. all i know there were so. many. blog aniversaries. congrats y'all!!! (oh hey look southern lingo is rubbing off me. who would have thought that i could ever type "y'all". huh.)

on inkwell ...

well i redid a few things around here. obviously quite unnoticable, but still (lol #sarcasm) my header is incredibly annoying because the white on it is less white than the white on the background (!!) So do excuse the imperfection. I have to figure out how to fix the bothersome thing.

i posted ...

what do i hope to accomplish in march? well, i want to finish that broccoli queen book, read 15 contemporaries, write three flash fic stories, finish beta reading one book so i can take a break before i have to dive into even more beta reading. 

so, what's been going on in your month? do tell! 

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  1. Man, wasn't Porch Swing Girl good? <3333

  2. Lisa, I love the changes that you're making to your blog! It looks so neat - and you have a new picture! (You are so pretty!) Glad that you had such a great February - I hope that your March will be just as grand, or even better.

    ~True // atruewriter.blogspot.com

    1. AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH TRUE!! I'm glad the new changes (and I, lol) look good to you. SAME HERE - hope March is being beautiful for you <333

  3. I *love* the new blog look!! Great post <33

  4. Your blog looks great! I need to read All the Crooked Saints, I loved Raven Boys!

    1. THANKS GIRL! Yes you should read it, ESPECIALLY if you liked Maggie's other books :DD

  5. YOU'RE BACK!!! Great wrap up! It sounds like your month was AWESOME!

    Haha, us Southerners do tend to write y'all a lot. XD

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes


    2. YAY I'M GLAD YOU MISSED ME lol February was really good for me :) I think your "y'all" really rubbed off on me heh


  6. Welcome back! And welcome to having southern slang!!! XD

    Ahhhh, dude, your new blog look is AMAZING. <3 <3

    I hope to read All the Crooked Saints sometime this month.

    Glad to see you back! *hugs*

    1. HAHAHAAA I feel Southern slang doesn't really suit me but should I ever come down to visit, I shall come prepared XD


      Tell us how you liked the book when you have finished!! *hugs back* it's great to return after a break!!

  7. I love the new looks and your recap was AWESOME, Lisa!!


  8. Welcome back, Lisa! I also watched the Olympics. xD I do have to agree with you on the Home Alone movies-- they are just basically comedic and highly unrealistic, although I couldn't imagine the Christmas season without watching both of them once.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs



      YOU DID?? Eeeeep *cue fangirling* the Olympics are awesome!!! And Home Alone was absolutely hilarious and Christmassy, no arguements there!


  9. I neeeeeeed to read All the Crooked Saints NOW...but my TBR. *cries for an eternity* It's somewhere in there! XD I watched Ballerina with my younger sister, and we were just dying over how hilarious it was, yet so so adorable. And the triangle was just perfectly ridiculous, it was great! XD OH OH AND THE OLYMPICS! That's like the only time when I'm a sports enthusiast otherwise I couldn't care less, but my favorite events were the snowboarding and the skating (both figure and speed were amazing!!). *cries because USA failed epicly in skating* it was cool anyway. XD
    Also, I love the new color scheme!! The turquoise is lovely!!

    1. 18 March 2018 at 18:11
      *cries with you* it'll be waiting for you there xD just keep moving it up so that it isn't buried in the pile lol OH YES *high five for Ballerina* I approve of that triangle for once xD it was so funny. EEEP ANOTHER OLYMPICS ENTHUSIAST *cheers* those are my favorite sports too ^.^ plus skiing!

      THANKS! It's awesome that you like the new color :DD

  10. I haven't read any of those books. Aha. BUT the new H5-0 is one of my FAVE TV shows EVVERRR so if ya finish the old one and wanna try the new... do it. xP
    AHHHH congrats on Broccoli Queen! It sounds awesome.
    God bless!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. THE NEW H5-0 IS GOOD?? YAY. We don't have tv or Netflix though *cries* we are now in our last season of the old one so we'll see. My folks are like super hesitant and suspicious of modern series bc of #content but let's see XD also new actors are hard to get used to :P


  11. Love the new header! Also.. yay! More books to put on my TBR list! xD

    1. AWW I'M HAPPY YOU LIKE IT ^.^ Well, I'm glad to see one person excited about growing their tbr!! XD thanks for the comment :DD

  12. I have to read All the Crooked Saints! I really like Stiefvater's writing style, but am not a big fan of the content in The Raven Cycle, so I'll definitely have to check it out! I've also heard good things about Porch Swing Girl, so I'll have to take a look at that too!


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