First Drafts

Broccoli Queen 

This is a fantasy novel - probably for upper MG and lower YA. I began plotting in spring 2017 and began writing draft one during July '17 Camp NaNoWriMo.  I wish I had an aesthetic or Pinterest collage to show you, but nope, I haven't compiled that yet. Basically this is about small messy green haired forest-dwelling people, a fantasy kingdom with the perfect queen, and a test in which no one knows where the game ends and reality begins.

Four girls competing for place as queen's heir.

My Very Spontaneously Written Synopsis:

In is the 95th year of Queen Ria, and as is custom, a new heir must be chosen. Every girl aspiring for this position must compete in the Tournament. After those games, only four will be left. Of those four, the queen will choose the most worthy one herself after they have completed a mission for her. 

But this year, the quest the queen devised is far more complicated than anyone anticipated


You Were My Nemesis

What if your arch nemesis and best friend were one and the same?

They both lead two lives. Robert Cayden Steele seems to be just a poor kid raised in the gutter whose hard work has finally paid off. And what everyone thinks about Mary Anna Goodwin is that she's the only the mayor's niece, lavished with all the money she'd ever want. But that's only the surface of things.

Because when the darkness falls each night, one becomes the Fox -- bane of every high class citizen and master burglar whose robberies continue to baffle all of Delta.  And the other turns into Snow -- superhero who has sworn to take him down. 

When Fox threatens to steal the mayor's 100 million dollar painting on Christmas eve, Snow jumps into action. For ages she, as well as the police's finest, have tried and failed to catch him . But not this time. There's going to be showdown, once and for all, before a hundred of the city's greatest people at the mayor's Christmas ball.

But until that happens, Fox and Snow have ordinary life to live -- as Rob and Anna who room at the same boarding house, who study in the same college ... and who becoming increasingly curious and interested in each other. 

What they don't see coming though, is that soon, his enemy might be his best friend, and her best friend might be her nemesis.