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by - July 18, 2017

I have a little hobby. Not even a hobby really, just a little collection I add to every now and then. And what's this collection? It's a collection of phrases. The phrases are like mottoes, gleaned from various places - poems, books, quotes, songs, movies. So I thought today I'd give you a few to see what you think and to tell you about what they mean to me.

// chase the sun //

This came from the poem "As I Grew Older" by Langston Hughes. This is kind of a personal motto *points to header* and it carries double meaning. In the poem the sun is symbolic of ones dreams, so in one way, this says "follow your dreams". For me, there's also a play on the word "sun". It could be "the Son". And there is a verse in the Psalms that says, "the Lord God is a sun ... for those who walk uprightly". So this also reminds me, "Chase Jesus. Run after God. Follow Him"

// dandelion in spring //

I once mentioned this in a previous post. And who originally was the dandelion in spring? You might recognise the reference, but if not, let me enlighten you. It's Peeta. It's Peeta Mellark. The symbolism is so beautiful. Peeta means so much to me. Who was he? He was the good one. He cared. He wanted to be different, and he was. He was the one who loved Katniss when she thought he was her enemy; he was there when she needed someone; he was so patient; she didn't deserve him. I'm not saying Katniss wasn't a hero. On the contrary she broke for that world and she broke for those people. But Peeta was one of those quiet ones who empower others, whose goodness you don't quite realise you depend on until they are gone. Peeta, to me, is so much more than a love interest or one point of a love triangle - he's a hero in his own right. Katniss is too much of who I am - Peeta is so much who I want to be. I think.

The hunger games. Peeta.

// call the storm //

Not a direct quote, I don't think, but this came from Six of Crows where Inej decides that with the money she gets out of the heist she will buy a ship and hunt down slave traders. She wanted to call a storm, a deluge, to rage against the injustice and slavery. She wanted to rise against the oppressors and yes, I this what should happen?

// he commands my destiny //

Out of what song? Do you recognise this? It's from In Christ Alone. Think about it. Destinies aren't just for heroes or chosen ones. We all have a destiny. Jesus has a destiny for you. Find it. Seize it. And even if terrible things happen on the way - even if you live through the end of the world (or the almost end) - remember, whatever happens, he commands your destiny!

March 10, 1992 - December 1, 2016

// it begins with you and i //

From Britt Nicole comes this line. "Be the Change" is the song and it is so terrific. Hey, friends, it begins with you and I. Here. Now. Together we can be the change. I am going to use this for some book I write in the future and I think it's a marvelous theme. And this is something I think applies to all of you - I am especially thinking of my writer friends here. Think about it. Think about the writing world. There you can be a change. We are here together.

// live life for another //

From For King and Country. This song "Fix My Eyes" has the most wonderful stanza. This ties in with all the other mottoes I had here. Doesn't all of what I used before include living for others? And isn't that a beautiful part about the books we read? Because even while a lot of the time the characters are trying to find out who they are and what they were meant to be and do, so often they are living for others. They are saving the world! They care for their families and friends. And sometimes their enemies. For their people. Sometimes, many times, despite being self-centred often enough, our heroes and heroines do give a great example!

// stay hungry stay foolish //

And where did this come from? These were the closing comments of Steve Job's speech "How to Live Before You Die". You could understand this is many different ways, but I chose to understand it like this. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness ...” “God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise...” So, remain hungry for God. Remain foolish for God. Probably not what he meant, but you know. Sometimes you can adapt.

// first robin //

I had a lesson in my literature once on an essay called "The First Robin" (I think). And it showed us how one robin has to choose to be the first to return home in the spring. How the others tell him he shouldn't and how they discourage him and think he's crazy, and yet he does it. And probably it is too cold up north and probably he dies - freezes to death - some morning, but yet he was the first robin, who dared to do what others didn't. And there are many such people in history. Columbus, Galileo, and many of the heroes. Let's be first robins too.

So that is my post for this week. Hope you enjoyed it! If any of you have any such phrases that play in your minds, or that you collect on paper, let me know! I love to add to my list! And besides, I want to see what inspires you!

ink well, peeps

xxxx Lisa

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  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    I love this type of post, the one that inspires and makes you think. This was really nice. I have a collection of quotes on my blog, if you'd like to take a look. I'll be adding more soon. (Namely some HTTYD quotes.)

    I love that you collect this stuff. I collect quotes, too, but I put them on a corkboard in my room. They're usually Bible verses that really stuck out to me. One thing I heard on the radio that really sticks to me is Rejection may just be God's redirection.

    God bless you! <3

    1. Aww so happy you enjoyed it <3 I shall be running to your blog to take a look!

      A corkboard?!?! THAT IS EPIC. I must do similar. Or pin on Pinterest haha xD

      Yes fab quote! It reminds me of one that goes, Sensitivity to reproof is the surest sign we needed it xD

      Blessings to you too *high fives*

    2. Yeah, my bedroom mirror has a cork board next to it. I got it when I was really little because at the time, a neighbor was giving it away and it matched my furniture. (White furniture for everything.)

      Now my furniture is a gray oak color. (I like rustic things.) But, the corkboard comes in handy. Especially when I see a quote or verse I want to see daily. :)

      That's a beautiful quote! I love it. *returns high five and gives you virtual cupcake*

  2. Neat-o! I really love the Live life for another. It's so true. If we're living only for ourselves, we'll never truly do God's will. Thanks for this post. It's beautiful.

    1. Yes you are right :D Happy you enjoyed it <3

  3. This is really so beautiful <3 I am an avid lover and collector of quotes, especially those that help us live better.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog look! Where did you get the design? or are you coding yourself? Lovely post Lisa, it really was beautiful and a good little break to think about life <3

    Anna -

    1. THANK YOU Anna. I don't collect quotes like I should *sigh*

      THANK YOU AGAIN. I am certainly not doing any coding myself (I have no clues as to how that works). Found the theme here:
      But I take no credit for finding it, I asked Katie Grace for good sites and she found this place for me :D It was so easy compared to others I've tried to use!

      <3 <3 <3

  4. I love this! I always try to collect quotes and phrases but I always forget XD

    1. I know it' so easy for it to slip your mind! Thank you Hanne!

  5. These are all really good, Lisa. I love how you've adapted some phrases and given their meanings that little twist to make them more personal/relevant!

    (Me being me, I got to "first robin" and thought, "I wonder what she has to say about Dick Grayson... and how he's relevant to this post?" ;P )

    1. :) kiitos! (I realize I am saying thank you again and again so I am doing it in a different language this time xD)

      Hehe well that's when quotes get relavent - when they speak to you!

      Lol *doubles up with laughter* Dick Grayson - that's funny xD

      <3 <3 <3

  6. I know I'm way late commenting, but I seriously love all of these. AND YOUR NEW HEADER IS GORGEOUS. <3333

    1. Aww my day is made <3 THANK YOU ZANE! I just put up the header today I think (or was it yesterday?). Happy you love them :D

  7. Here are some of my favorite song lyrics/book quotes.

    "The sun will rise and we will try again."
    ~Truce by Twenty Øne Piløts

    "There is a light that glimmers along the darkened edge of an infinite horizon. In that light the heart finds what the heart seeks... In that light are promises kept, dreams realized, time redeemed."
    ~Ringer, The Last Star (The 5th Wave Trilogy)

    "There's hope in front of me."
    ~Hope in Front of Me by Danny Gokey

    "I'll trust You, God, with where I am and believe that you will have Your way."
    ~Have Your Way by Britt Nicole


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