Looking Back // September [2017] + Hiatus Announcement

by - September 29, 2017

September is over -- and none too soon! It's been a very eventful month and I'm excited to go over it and all that I have accomplished. I realized that I was using fall images for my August recap -- like, what??? August recap doesn't call for fall colors. Yet. But. Since what was done was done, I don't want to go back and change anything -- and you'll just have to put up with more yellow, orange, and red. Okay???



Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor // mwahahahaa... I finally finished this monster at the beginning of this month! BUT IT TOOK LIKE TWO FULL MONTHS TO READ??? It's like reading LotR!!! I don't have a review for this up yet but it's coming sooner or later (probably later). In the meantime, it's all worth your time just because LAZLO STRANGE. But considering everyone's tastes... don't get this if you are looking for something fast pace. This has. so. much. prose.

The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith // Nonfic, anyone? We were going to give this away, so I thought I'd just quickly zip through it to see what it was about. And I did. In two days. But. Even though it can be pretty intellectual for some people, it's SO FULL OF WISDOM I DECIDED TO KEEP IT. It's one of those ones you can't fully digest in only two days. You need to do what it says. Take all those tips. So ... it's packed along!!!

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo // Sooo ... haha. I JUST PLAIN LOVE DIANA. But. This was a kind of "girl with special powers goes on a quest with a quirky band to save the world" not "famous superhero fights crime and tries to save city from arch nemesis evil villain". So it wan't exactly what I had hoped for. Also had some "meh" issues. I'll have GR review up someday, so don't worry. But it had a spectacular twist thingy with the villain MWHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World by Bryan Davis // Erm so you all have already read my review of this one right? If you haven't GO DO SO NOW. Okay, so you have? Great. You'll know in that case that this one is a fabulous MG novel that has just been released by Bryan Davis!!! And you ought to go read it. Becasue it's fabulous, right?

True Grit by Deborah Meroff // I bought it a while back from a thrift store because I FREAKING LOVE THE AUTHOR'S OTHER BOOK. But this was a hard read. Harsh. Gritty (haha get it?). Uncomfortable. Disturbing. Arousing. Painful. But still SO FULL OF HOPE. It'll really urge you to pray hard and give you greater awareness of the evil world and what amazing things God is doing there. But not recommended for young or sensitive readers, okay? Probably not for anyone under 14 (if you know what's sensible for you). So use your head here :)

So I told you I'd get back on track and I HAVE!!! I'm still working on Broccoli Queen plus some side projects and so forth. I feel it's safe to say that collectively I've written 20 K this month. Yay. I've gotten like ten times further with this book than any other ever. And I really credit you all for inspiring me and just being there. And I have written all of this months posts -- and next months too -- so that counts, right?

Umm ... why did I ever start this section? *stares off into nothing for full ten minutes* *scrambles to scroll through update feed*

So I'm here with some awesome posts of the month which you really don't want to miss! Let's recap:

- Katie Manning (aka K. A. Emmons) wrote this fabulous post about little things which WE ALL NEED.

- Christine had similar thoughts here and it's so good to be reminded of what's important!!!

- Tracey had this beautiful poem called "Hey Dreamer" and it could almost be a song, don't you think?

- Julia arranged #7DAYBIBLEDARE and it was amazing!!! Seriously go check it out. Even if you "missed" it it's never too late to try for yourself!!!

- Where Dandelions Grow was released this week! Yay! Read this post plus go say hi and congrats to Lydia Howe. And she had a giveaway!!! Which you shouldn't enter so I have a bigger chance of winning (jk, jk ... maybe?)

- Jonathan shared the first scene of his book LOL (so it DOESN'T stand for Laugh Out Loud or anything like that - it's Library of Lies hahahah.) I'd just give you the link to the doc but umm no you need to read his post on re-writting first, okay?

- Marrock has the first chapter of Quantum Gears up so GO READ THAT ASAP. The premise is like mind-blowing amazing. But shh I haven't actually read the full thing in detail -- more like skimmed over -- have been super busy -- sorry, Marrock D:

- And last but not least Hannah White did this epic guest post for Savannah's blog and like IT'S A SISTER TO MY OBSERVATION POST!!! It's so epic and terrific you should check it out ^-^

No movies this month for you guys, sorry. But we still did snag a few Poirot movies. Poirot is the best <333 And Death on the Nile, though it's super tragic and is riddled with the usual Agatha Christie insta-love, has such golden characters I CAN'T EVEN.

Now the the hiatus announcement. WE ARE MOVING. No surprise, I know. But this means that I will go on semi-hiatus because moving = lots of work + stress. Right now I am experiencing the minimalist life with nothing but two books and three notebooks and three pens one of which has run out of ink and plus my awesome laptop which decided to go on hiatus too unfortunately!!! Yeah :P The house. is. so. bare. There's nothing but echoes all over #fun.

But this means I'm going to be slightly absent from the internet in the next month (sorry). So I'll be reading all your posts (but I may not be able to comment). And I may or may not have a prewritten post going up every week.
I said my computer decided it was time to die and now I have nothing convenient availabe to type on so we'll see how it goes. But feel free to comment here even though I may not reply until November!!!

So have fun while I'm gone and let me know if I missed anything epic!!!

Have an amazing October <333
(Because obviously it is the best month ever with my birthday and all ... ahem)

-- lisa

Tell me all about your month!
How much did you write? Read? 

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  1. Great job on your writing accomplishments! I hope your move goes smoothly. I know firsthand how stressful they can be (even if one is only moving fifty feet).

    1. Thanks Sarah!!! SPOT ON >> MOVING IS HARD. But we're doing ok thanks <333

  2. Since you might not be back for a month, let me just say...
    I love October,too, because I love Halloween and the weather actually becomes bearable. I hope the move goes well and that your hiatus is fun! We will all miss you, but just enjoy the free time and relax as much as you can. (I'm sure moving is stressful.)

    <3 <3



      Ehe October is awesome *high fives* the move has been successful and the hiatus has sure been a smart move on my part xD

      Thanks I WILL TAKE YOUR GOOD ADVICE :D and I'll miss the blogging too ^-^

  3. Ohhh good luck with the moving though! My family and I have moved a few times so I know how hectic that can be. *nods* Also THANKS FOR MENTIONING MY POST. :D

    1. THANKS FRIEND :D Hectic is correct -- with all the last minute scrambling around xD NO PROBLEM. I readt the document BUT I WAS LIKE SO BUSY I'M SORRY FOR NOT COMMENTING AT YOUR PLACE.

  4. awww thanks for linking me!! have a great October girl!

    1. Nawww THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING POST <333 and I will, and I am :)

  5. Yay for writing progress! :) Moving is stressful, so I hope you steal away a few moments to relax, if you can. Have a wonderful October!

    1. *chers with you* THAT'S SUCH PRECIOUS ADVICE EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE IT <333 thank you ^-^

  6. Happy birthday for when it comes, and I hope moving house goes well!

    And WOW for scheduling a whole month of posts :)
    Jem Jones

    1. THANKS A LOT JEM :D Haha it was only four posts xD

  7. Hav efun moving everything in! :D

    I've had my eye on Strange the Dreamer for a while now... I'll have to save it for a time when I know I won't get fidgety with a slow-moving plot. XD

    1. Yes thanks moving is SO MUCH FUN actually all the stress aside!!!

      Yeah :P it's a great story in all other respects (I do have a GR review up now :D)

  8. Aw, thanks for mentioning my guest post! <3 I'm sad you're going on hiatus -- I only just found your blog! But I'll have to read over some of your old stuff, yes? :) See you in NaNo season!

    1. HEY HANNAH! it was an awesome post xD I'LL BE BACK SOON I PROMISE :P And reading old stuff is always cool! OH YES SEE YOU AMID THE INSANITY mwahahaahaa

  9. Take care while moving - that can be stressful. We'll miss you!


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