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Two days to Christmas and wow -- I don't know what to say. Right now as I'm typing this there's Anne Murray singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and haha yes! Outside there's some white! Not a lot -- at least not on the streets anymore -- but some of the lawns and roofs and hedges. I thought maybe the best thing to do at this time is to give you a bit of a glimpse of what I'm doing during this holiday season :D

>> buying presents is so much fun :D

 >> for a really long time it hasn't been a huge huge thing (like it's not the end of the world if the      presents don't get here on time XD) but it's still really enjoyable. I started my shopping in November. I went to Chapters and bought myself In 27 Days as a present (umm yes I thought of me, myself, and I first lol). I also got books for some other family members but I cannot be specific about what books because said family members may read this (HELP). In fact I don't even remember what one of the books actually was (like what kind of a book worm am I?). 

>> But then this super awkward thing happened. I got this one book for my sis (the next in the series she was reading) but then right after she went and borrowed it from the library (!!!). It was bad. This forced me *ahem* go with plan b and buy her the third one as well afterwards. *shakes head* This, friends, is the risk of buying your presents too early. *ends awkward story with good moral*
>> Moving on.

>> I started my card making project in October (supposedly)
>> Did it work?

>> No.

>> I worked at in on Sundays (yeah so not very impressive). I used old cards, cutting off the fronts with the picture/text and glued them on new card stock. I also did some of my own painting and calligraphy.  But with some help and pressure from the family, I finally finished early this week. I think I ended up with 25 cards? Then I wrote them and mailed them the same day. How many cards did I actually use? About 14? Hahahaha I ended up with too many extra cards ... -_- 

>> we don't actually have a tree because we don't have space (also it really hasn't been a habit in the past few years. I know, shocking.)

>> But out friends/neighbors/landlord + lady do! 

>> And thus we went to their place and decorated theirs! Turns out, all my blogging has helped with my aesthetic sense, and tree has a red, gold, and silver color scheme XD Decorating it was so much fun but also stressful because  #fragile #nobreaking things #yellingatsisters

>> Then we got some lights to hang out side our door and in the house, and it's so #pretty. Gives a Christmas atmosphere you know.

>> Speaking of lights the streets around here look gorgeous at night because a lot of houses are all decorated and light up. They have so many decorations in the yard -- snowmen, and Santa, and Mickey Mouse, and candy canes, and etc and etc and all the trees and bushes (even these palm trees!) are all strung up with various colors of lights!!

>> I am not actually taking a break from school

>> Yeah this is disappointing news, but come Wednesday next week I'm back to studying. My teachers are having a holiday, so I technically could take a break, but no. I started my courses late, and I have four months to finish and five month's work load. My first semester is extending until February and I'm kind of buried right now.

>> Christmas music is everywhere!

>> We go out to the stores and everywhere they are playing three versions of Jingle Bells, or Let IT Snow! in English and French, and so forth and so on. 

>> Then we get home and we put on the Christmas music (if we aren't watching some movie) and so in the end, we'll here the same songs a hundred times before season's end. Not that I mind. I also borrowed a songbook from the library with hopes of learning to play some but so far I haven't hard much time XD

>> Other stuff --

>> We got a turkey! For the first time in forever!

>> My family also made cookies ^-^

>> We are all buying gorgeous ceramic latte mugs with lids and that's so nice!

>> We're all trying to wrap our presents without anyone finding out what the presents are ...

>> At least most of us because one member of the family has zero understanding of the term "surprise" or the meaning of "secret" (lol)

>> We're watching movies late into the evening with the excuse it's the holidays

>> We wanted to borrow Christmas movies and more music from the library but there's like 30 over hold on like 5 copies and just no; we'd get the things in March or something XD

>> So we're just watching our regular crime shows haha

>> The Christmas mood is all over the blogosphere and other social media too so *nodnod* 

    Ok that's a little glimpse as to what's going on here! Hope you all are having a wonderful, blessed holiday season :D

Are you doing any last minute Christmas shopping? (yeah some of my family was XD)
Do your decorations have a color scheme?
Do you make your own cards?


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  1. ACK this is so christmas-y and the aesthetic pics. THIS POST JUST MAKES ME HAPPY :") Seems like you all are having a blast over Christmas. You all have the best Christmas <333

    1. AHH thanks so much Anna <333 Hehe those pics are in no way mine, which is why they are so pretty :) Aww you liking this post makes me so happy too. We definitely are having a blast -- you have a lovely season too <3

  2. *comes in from making cookies*

    Wow, sounds like you did a lot! It's fun to see all the light displays that neighbors put up, isn't it?

    Have a Merry Christmas!


    1. *peers very intently over your shoulder to see what cookies you are making* Did ya bring me any to try!!??

      YES it's a really busy season!! The lights are really the best part about outdoors -- but also snowball fights lol


  3. Glad you've done all your shopping and it was smart to come up with a plan b for your sister!

    Also, I'm not really going to be taking a break, either. Assignments need to be attended to. And I don't really celebrate Christmas anymore so I'll be working on them tomorrow as well.

    Take care and God bless! <3


      We're twinning #cool Yeah we haven't celebrated in a big way for the longest time so I relate :D I'm going to start working as soon as I have time! Good luck with all the assignments <333

      Thank you! Same to you!

  4. Merry Christmas, Lisa! =D
    Well, hey, crime shows are good year round!! =D We had our traditional 'Christmas Vacation' movie night with cookies - wootwoot!
    And no our decorations are not color schemed - our tree is a brilliant display of colroful lights and many old and new ornaments. =D
    God bless you!
    -Ang |

    1. YES MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO ANG (for like the fourth time) <3
      So true! That sounds really really cool! We watched Spot's Magical Christmas because it used to be childhood favorite lol XD Ah who cares really about the color scheme of the decorations!? It's just lovely how colorful it looks in the end :D

      God bless you too <3 and your family :)

  5. *jumps into the comment section at the last possible second*




  6. Ahh I love the pictures! I'm still working on Christmas presents, and it's literally 4 days after Christmas!!

    Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. *not my pictures I assure you* XD But thank you :)
      WAIT WHAT? Still working on your present? Oh well, it's the thought that counts, not the timing so much :P

      Yes hope you had a wonderful Christmas too and a terrific beginning to 2018 <3


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