april recap [2018]

by - May 12, 2018

we like to say that time goes by so fast
but in truth it's us who fly 
and forget to watch it pass

The number one highlight of April - spring arrived. Cherry blossoms everywhere. Grass springing up. Trees going green. Sky getting blue.

Other things that happened -

I went through a computer hunting headache - because that laptop ended having way too little memory space. Had to return two brand new computers before getting a used one - which now works really well, and I'm happy. 

Camp Nanowrimo went okay. I started with a 5k goal which I upped to 10k, then 15k, but had to stop at 13k eventually. Short stories, four novels, other words ... but I did it.

I finished Broccoli Queen (umm, yay!?) at the beginning of April. My first ever novel. I am. so. happy. (Of course I left 7/40 chapters unwritten but whatever.) I've started trying to sort out this mess since, because to tell the truth, I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it XD

I started working on The 101st Human, which is going beautifully. I'm trying a new method of plotting, which I dubbed the note card method. I got reacquainted with You Were My Nemesis so that I can finish it too, and it absolutely cracks me up. I think I have some writing talent after all :D

I got some amazing feedback for a short story of mine, and now I'm thinking of expanding it for the Oath and Iron contest, but I'm not yet sure how that will go. I have some great friend backing me up here though, so I should be able to do it.

I borrowed quite a few books, but failed at reading. I read four free review ebooks though - The Dressmaker's Secret, Ivy Introspective, and At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth, and Worlds Beneath by K. A. Emmons. There were all beautiful. Review of World Beneath going up onto Goodreads soon, when I get a chance to type it up. It's over four pages long currently so ugh ... Also guys, there's a special preorder price for the Kindle edition - so if you preorder this before July 1st, you get that special price! 

I bought Julia Ryan's book We're All Just a Garden Full of Souls!! It's so good, you all! You need to read it :D

I took a blogging hiatus, and honestly, I'm almost sorry it's over. And no, I love blogging, but being blog-stress free was great while it lasted XD 

I think we finished Hawaii Five-0, the old series, but I'm not 100% sure. If we didn't, we almost finished it. Finally after one and a half years of 12 seasons - DONE. It's such a great show, you know. Two of my great friends got me into Studio Ghibli movies, so we watched Red Turtle, The Secret World of Arrietty, Howl's Moving Castle, and From Up On Poppy Hill. These movies are so gorgeous in art, so hilarious and lovely in characters, so unique in setting, and so intriguing in plot. Artistic, whimsical, emotional. They inspire me to write.

Tangled was a good movie - I finally saw it! But I think the hype kinda ruined it for me, because I've had everyone and their pet cat tell me it's amazing and I worked up my expectations impossibly high. The music was repetitive. I knew the storyline. I expected ... more. Still, thoroughly entertaining.

I'm sorry this post is two weeks late, but you know, all those reviews :D

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on the blogosphere --

In 27 Days reviews by Nicole and Maicaiah 

how was your april?

xx lisa

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  1. Finishing a novel is always an amazing feeling! Congrats!

    I love Studio Ghibli and Tangled.

    1. IT IS, ISN'T IT??

      Those movies are sooo good ^-^

  2. April was busy. So, so busy. And May is busy, too. WHY IS LIFE SO BUSY, LIKE I JUST WANT TO SIT HERE ALL DAY AND WRITE!

    Anyway... XD Awesome post. That book dragon pic is soooooo cute!!! I still love it! <3

    Hope you have a spectacular May.

    1. ACK YES IT WAS FOR ME TOO. Hopefully summer time slows up for you slightly, though I doubt that will be my case XDD


      I hope so for you too :DD

  3. Awesome post, Lisa! Congratulations on finishing Broccoli Queen!!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH :DD It is quite the accomplishment ^-^

  4. Welcome back! And congrats on all of the writing you managed to get done during your break from blogging! I'm glad that you had a good month, taking your blogging break.

    My family - my sisters - are planning to finally watch Tangled for the first time sometime soon. I've been looking forward to it, but I'll eep your warning in mind. (But we did watch Zootopia kind of recently, after your animation tag and I pretty much fell in love.)

    ~True // atruewriter.blogspot.com

    1. I'M HAPPY TO BE BACK TOO ^-^ Thank you so much True!!

      Oooh, I hope you enjoy Tangled as much as everyone else (and more than I haha). And I am so happy you loved Zootopia!! It's one of my favorites, but you already know that XD

      thanks for your lovely comment <3

  5. April was a super busy month for me too, and I'm kinda kicking myself for not taking a hiatus when everyone else did too, lol. I have a copy of Worlds Beneath sitting in my inbox, but I haven't read it yet: I'm planning on rereading The Blood Race (my physical copy this time!!!!!!!) before I do it, but I'm definitely gonna do that soon.

    Also I got Julia's book too and it is SO GOOD. I love her poetry!!

    1. Why's April so tough on us all lol Hiatuses are so refreshing, honestly, you should consider it!! OH OH I HOPE YOU READ WORLDS BENEATH SOON AND LOVE IT LIKE I DID SO WE CAN FANGIRL TOGETHER <3 And so lucky you are having a PHYSICAL COPY OF THE BLOOD RACE #jealous

      OOH WOW LOOK AT US TWINING HERE - let's fangirl over that book too!!

  6. April was good for me I think but also tests so ahhhh haha. Cool post!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU but ugh tests I get you -_- THANKS SO MUCH NABILA!!

  7. Tangled is one of my Top Fave Disney Movies. ;D And Studio Ghibli is sweet.
    Looks like ya had a busy month! CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE BROCCOLI QUEEN! That's amazing. =D You rock, girl.
    God bless,
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. GOOD FOR YOU, being part of the Tangled fan club haha Ghibli is great isn't it?? I DID HAVE A BUSY MONTH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm so glad I finished my first ever book aaahhhh XD

      No seriously you rock too girl <33

  8. Hey, Lisa. I lovvee your blog and the way you write. I'll be back soon, I'm sure.

    Oh, and well done for the writing goals you reached and the productive person you are! I take my hat off to you ;)

    -T. (Your newest follower)

    1. HEY TANE SO GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE ^-^ Awww thank you so much for the compliment - you're too kind <3 Thanks so much for following and commenting, it means a lot!

      Oh and thank you for that as well, I /try/; don't we all? ;)


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