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by - June 16, 2017

So I'm doing this unofficial link-up of Jonathan Trout's in countdown for Camp NaNoWriMo. For your info, I didn't know what Camp NaNo was until last March when everyone was talking about it. And this is my very first time joining so I thought I should do this to get myself ready. And of course you'll have fun reading about it.

Now, down to business:

W h a t   w i l l   I   b e   w r i t i n g ?

My story is fantasy. I think it will end up being in the lower YA upper MG age group.

My very spontaneously written synopsis goes like this:

In is the 95th year of Queen Ria, and as is custom, a new heir must be chosen. Every girl aspiring for this position must compete in the Tournament. After those games, only four will be left. Of those four, the queen will choose the most worthy one herself after they have completed a mission for her. 

But this year, the quest the queen devised is far more complicated than anyone anticipated.

This tale began growing in my head early this year and now it's so big it demands to be written down. Who knows, it may end up needing to be split into two or more books? Depending on how much details I pack in, and what craziness the villains decide to come up with. It's basically a game for the throne that turns out to be much more than a game. And there are teens of different ages involved and there's traveling and questing and forests and competitions and some wizardry and maybe saving the world.

Snippet? Okay. I wrote this scene in my head first, then by hand and now I have to type it; hope it isn't too confusing. I don't actually know if it'll be in the finished work!

     Rhine narrowed her eyes. The person in the tree below was so green that it had to be a Broccoli in camouflage. And the Broccoli was very intently watching and following her friends.

     Rhine didn't stop to think; she grabbed a vine and swung at the person.

     He was facing the other way, and by the time he heard her and turned, Rhine's feet connected solidly with his back and shoulders and she knocked him clean off the branch.

     He yelped and flopped down the tree - from branch, to branch, to branch, to branch - grunting every time he hit something. Finally, he landed square on his back on a large and wide bough. Before he could recover, Rhine had dropped in front of him.

     As he began to rise, she flew at him, fist swinging, and punched him hard in his jaw. He fell back, more from surprise, it seemed. He winced, and she also felt like wincing from the pain in her knuckles.

     "Who are you?" she demanded, fist still raised. "Why are you -"
     But before she could finish, someone snatched her back from behind.

     Rhine found herself being held in a tight grip, arms pinned to her sides. She twisted and struggles, but to no avail. Then she raised her foot and drove her heel into her assailants leg with all the power she had.

     There was an, "Ouch!" and for one instant the grip loosened enough for Rhine to break free, and she spun around fist ready to strike once more. In that moment she saw that the person who had grabbed her was an older girl with surprisingly short hair, but before she could think or do anything else, the guy she had punched grabbed her other arm and yanked her around. She hit him instead.
     He let go. Before she could decide how to act, a body slammed into her from behind, and two seconds later she found herself successfully pinned between two people.

     She heard the guy's muffled voice say to the girl, "Got a feisty one, didn't you?"

This is just a tiny part, there's more but you may have noticed two things. First, these people are called Broccolis, and second, this whole scene happened in the branches of a tree. So yes, they are called Broccolis because they live in the land of Broccoli, and they are rather small in size. Or the trees are just bigger there, maybe?

That was that, frens. 

W h a t   a b o u t   y o u ? 

Link me to your projects if you have the synopses anywhere - on your NaNo accounts or your blogs!

Also since it's my first time doing NaNo, I have no experience with cabins and I have been told the best thing is to start one, which I will, if nothing else pops up (like, if no one invites me before I get to it). But I have in mind only two people to invite so if any of you don't have a cabin yet or know someone who doesn't, you are more than welcome to give me a shout!


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  1. YAAAY SO GLAD YOU DID THIS. :D :D Your story sounds epic, and I LOOOVE the snippet. Great work, can't wait to hear more about this one!

    1. Yes thanks it was FUN! (Funny that you said it sounds epic. There's a movie called Epic that has tiny forest people in it and I find I'm thinking of it too much when working on this xD xD)

  2. Hey Lisa! I'm doing Camp NaNo and we just created a cabin if you (and any of your friends) want to join :) Jonathan put in a word for you in one of our chats :D I'll have our cabin head invite you if you'll drop your profile link! Your story sounds neat :)

    I'll be working on drafting Martin Crossroads, the sequel to my novel Martin Hospitality. I don't have any interesting details up for it yet, though XP Here's my profile:

    1. Well, he acts fast. Thank you very much Abi. I'll consult my two friends (coincidentally they happened to be two of your betas :D) and we'll see what happens. :D And YES THE SEQUEL TO MARTIN HOSPITALITY THAT IS SOOO EXCITING! xD

  3. I loved that snippet so much! Though I'm not doing Camp NaNo, I'm writing a book that combines four fairy tales: Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Hansel and Gretel, and Goldilocks. I post about it frequently on my blog. That's my WIP, and it's been in the works since over a year ago. It's so amazing how close a writer gets to her story and characters and world and just everything!! Oh, the joy of being a writer! :D
    Your story just sounds so cool. I can't wait to hear more, Lisa!
    -- Lila Red (

    1. Thanks for commenting Lila! Glad you like the snippet because it was basically spur of the moment unedited drafting! Your story sounds so cool! Once I was also entertaining thoughts of writing a Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Goldilocks retelling... but nothing came of it =D Much agreement with your other thoughts. *runs of to check your blog and read about your stories*


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