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by - June 09, 2017

I was tagged for this by Jonathan yesterday, and as it is my first tag, I can't wait to answer the questions! I looked up the person who created this, Caitlin Lambert, and she has an awesome blog, so check it out if you haven't already! Now, let's dive into this -

What draws you to YA?

Why do I feel like whatever I'm about to say here has probably been said already? It's young adult fiction. It's written with young adults in mind. I'm a young adult (wow. I didn't realize that). I relate to the young adult characters. And probably to their thinking and actions and problems too? But I think it's the characters that are the greatest thing. They are like friends. Friends my age. And besides this genre is exciting; it's adventurous.

Describe your writing process. Do you like outlines and structures, or seeing where the story takes you?
I have a different process for every genre I write in. For short stories, I never ever write an outline. (Even though I was taught to do so in school.) The idea is all I need. Sometimes I may have the whole story drafted in my head, and at other times I have only one word of inspiration in mind. But I just write and see what happens.

For poems, it's best if I have music ringing in my mind, and then I just scribble spur-of-the-moment. I can't write planned poetry. It has to be spontaneous, the more emotional I am the better.

For books... I confess I have never finished a book. And that's probably because I didn't have a plan. Which mean I haven't ever outlined a book before, but somehow I think that if I want to actually complete one I have to have some idea where I am going (especially with the climax and resolution).

How long have you been writing? Where are you in your journey?

I've been writing since I was eight. Does that count? I did just for fun. I wrote four or five stories/books (between 4 and 15 pages) when I was nine and ten, and a 100-pager when I was eleven. Since then I've worked on numerous unfinished pieces. But only this year have I started to take it really seriously - I entered a contest, and submitted to some magazines, and now I'm starting a blog... And I will complete a book this year.

What do you need to write? Coffee? Music?
I need paper and a pen or my laptop and free time and preferably an empty room and no distractions. I do drink coffee or tea while writing sometimes, but what usually happens is that I forget about the drink completely and when I'm done it's still sitting there, cold. xD I can have music on, but if I'm seriously writing I am not actually paying attention to the music at all, so it really doesn't make a difference. 

If you could offer on piece of advice to another writer, (other than "don't give up"), what would it be?
"Write from your heart out. Write for your King. Write what you were meant to write."

That's like three pieces of advice? Sorry. I'm actually basing this on one of my favorite Bible verses got to do with writing which is Psalm 45:1.

What book still has you reeling from it's plot twist?

*thinks for five minutes* I can't say I've read a lot of plot twists lately!? So I'm not, you know, reeling from anything anymore. But the latest, most surprising one I can remember right now is from Andora's Folly :)

What books are you most anticipating for this year?

You mean books that are going to be published this year? I don't know - I'm not really up to date on this, guys. If you want to know, I'b backlogged, trying to read all the YA published from before I read YA. But I'm dying for so many self published and written-by-someone-I-know books that HOW AM I EVER GOING TO SATISFY MY THIRST, and I have a problem because I hardly ever buy books, actually. Let me just change the question: What book from my summer tbr am I most anticipating? Girl of Fire and Thorns and Roseblood and Hangman's Curse.

In your opinion, which YA book/series has the most unique premise?
Let me think... I don't know really - some of the most unique ones I've read are Donita K. Paul's books, the Maze Runner, the Lunar Chronicles, and Out of Time series (not stealing from you, Jonathan, I promise).

What is your all-time favorite quote from YA?

I don't collect quotes like I should, so I don't have many to choose from, unfortunately. Currently though I really like this one because it's spring and I'm seeing a lot of dandy lions: "What I need is the dandelion in the spring." See if any of you can tell me where it comes from ;) (should be easy)

What books do you most hope will have a movie adaption?

Ted Dekker's Circle series and the Lost Books, of course. I really want this, because once I even dreamed there was a movie version - and I was so disappointed when I woke up that there wasn't xD

I'm supposed to tag at least two other people, but I'm going to tag six


No obligations, and I tried to make sure none of you have done it before.


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  1. You and I have a very similar writing process! Sounds like we're both big on pantsing it through lol. Although, more and more these days I'm preferring to do more outlining...

    I also started writing around the same time you did. Around 7, I think. Very off and on sort of thing.. But I remember one of the first stories I finished was called "Unicorn Island" lol.

    Perfect advice, by the way. :)

    You have a gorgeous blog! Love your header!!

    Edge of Night

    1. *waves* Hi! Good to meet you Eve! Yes, I never liked outlining much, but I'm thinking it might actually help...? Pantsing is fun xD

      Lol it's fun to go back and see how you began! I think my first story was just called 'The Bunnies' or something :D

      Thank you though! The header took a while.
      I don't believe I've been to your blog before? *hurries to check it out right away*

    2. Good to meet you as well, Lisa! :D Definitely - there's no doubt that it's helpful once you get it down, buuut.. sometimes it's like pulling teeth doing it that way. If you're like me, your mind goes blank a lot of the time when you go to outline. Bullet points and paragraph summaries of characters/plots have been my most successful outlining methods.

      It is, isn't it?! A bit embarrassing, but fun nonetheless. :D Let's you see just how much you've improved. Aww, bunnies!

      I can imagine! You did a wonderful job on it - the colors fit and blend so perfectly, and the edges appear nice and smooth rather than rough and... extremely square lol.

      Nope, I don't believe you have before! I know this was my first time to yours. You've got a new follower, for sure! :D And thank you for checking mine out!

    3. Yes, point form outlining works best for me too :D I'm trying to outline for the book I'm going to write for July NaNo (it's the first book I intend to finish and also my first NaNo).

      I think I still have that story of mine?! I remember being incredibly proud of it even though it had no point or beginning or end lol xD

      Thanks, you don't want to know what kind of a headache I had with the design at first... buuut eventually I got it under control :D

      Yes your blog is great and I'll definitely be checking it out more (I always take time to go through the archives)!

  2. This tag is so fun and your blog is lovely :) How sweet of you to mention Andora's Folly! I'm so glad you could be a beta reader :)

    1. Thank you immensely Abi! :D Yes, it was Andora's Folly's plot twist that still amazed me!

  3. YAY THIS WAS FUN. :D :D Glad you did this!

    1. OF COURSE I did this awesome tag, thanks to you :D

  4. AHHHH thanks for the tag!! Your blog is awesome. *nods* I'll try to get to this eventually...we shall see. ;)

    1. Welks + thanks + looking forward to that!

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