Looking Back // October [2017]

by - November 02, 2017

My blogging schedule has gone haywire. Here I am posting on Thursday? WHAT IS THIS. It's called Nanowrimo and school, obviously. I've been thinking of switching my posts to Saturday and Wednesday, but we'll see. With all the new stuff going on in my life things might be a little out of order here for a while. Sorry >.<

The month of October was super busy and actually rather productive yay!!! Not only did I move house across the country, settle in, get acquainted with my new neighborhood, go through a short flu, and organise my shelves by color, I managed to read, write, and stay up to date with the blog world (for the most part). So hurray!!! *claps for myself*

Wuthering Heights      The Book Thief      Twinepathy (IDIA #1)     Jonas and Olivia


>> The morning of our 6 am flight I had to wake up at 3:45 am. But since I'd started my friend's copy of The Complete Works of Charlotte and Emily Bronte I thought why not just get up earlier and finish Wuthering Heights? (Which I started that night.) So I did. At 2 am. Unfortunately I was only able to go through 22 chapters. Which means I must borrow this book soon and finish it -- but um wow. It was ... different ... tragic ... romance-centred... a classic. HELLO I LOVE IT.


 [4.5/5 stars]

>> WOW. This masterpiece. It was so good HOW CAN IT EVEN BE FICTION??? It was so raw and real and painfully honest. I NEED TO WRITE LIKE THIS. Also I love the narrator -- Death. It was such a riveting book that deserves to be the classic it is and gave me the feel of the ordinary life in WWII as no other has since The Hiding Place. (generous dose of language but reality, I guess...)



>> So I finally finished C. B. Cook's lovely superhero novel. One) I NEED BOOK TWO. NOW. Two) I loved it so much more than expected?? Three) I didn't even know what I was expecting. Honestly it was really good! I'll be reviewing it in full later. I only felt like ... being a series, I get why this didn't have a full conclusion, but I rather like if each book in a series concluded it's conflict in some way ...  this left it still fully open and ready to be continued in the next book. So just my taste :D



>> This book was a wonder! No action (which is why it's four stars) but still it held my attention right through. How even? It was very much reminiscent of Heidi with Dicken's Scrooge thrown in and set in the American war for independence. I very much felt this needs a sequel?? But it was super sweet and a happy read? So.

Chasing the Beta (Small Town, #2)     The Abolition of Man      In 27 Days      Remember to Forget


>> *sigh* I regret disliking these cause I got them free from a friend of a friend of Goodreads. Two problems: 1) an overdose of language (*shudders*) + 2) I couldn't care for the characters. At all. I couldn't sympathise. Relate. Understand. I think they were just self-centred jerks -- I'm sorry.

>> I haven't actually read this carefully? Just a skim-read but I tried to read this when I was 12. Didn't understand it xD But now it makes sense and I'll be taking more time to go through it carefully later!

// IN 27 DAYS //


>> This was stunning. Amazing. I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS. So let me just shower you with the synopsis: 

Hadley Jamison is shocked when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, has committed suicide. She didn't know the quiet, reserved guy very well, but that doesn't stop her from feeling there was something she could have done to help him.

Hoping to find some sense of closure, Hadley attends Archer's funeral. There, Hadley is approached by a man who calls himself Death and offers her a deal. If Hadley accepts, she will be sent back 27 days in time to prevent Archer from killing himself. But when Hadley agrees to Death's terms and goes back to right the past, she quickly learns her mission is harder than she ever could have known.

Hadley soon discovers Archer's reasons for being alone, and Archer realizes that having someone to confide in isn't as bad as he'd always thought. But when a series of dangerous accidents starts pushing them apart, Hadley must decide whether she is ready to risk everything - including her life - to keep Archer safe.

YOU NEED THIS. That is all. It has beautiful characters, marvellous plot, outstanding themes, and just. IT'S SUCH A STUPENDOUS IDEA.



>> ok. I am so incredibly lucky I got to read In 27 Days and Remember to Forget back to back. When I first heard about these I found them at the same time same place and they are both by Wattpad authors about similar issues with similar themes ... and just I LOVE THIS ONE TOO. It was slightly more ... fluffy?? I know they both have romance but this had a really sweet cuddly kind rather xD

Again I was able to reach about 20k for Broccoli Queen (which you've all heard about all month xD). It was 10 chapters from Rhine's pov and it was ... hard. Also fun. Because Rhine is awesome. But honestly, half the time I didn't know what I was doing xD I was part of Ivie's October challenge, and I and Karyssa did some warring in the latter part of the month, so I'd say I was successful.

Nano began yesterday and I'm writing Broccoli Queen ... plus another novel which you'll hear about later this week or next week depending on the insanity of my schedule! So stay tuned for that ... ;) 

// katie grace //

Katie Grace revealed her superhero story in this post and O.O THE PLOT. THE AESTHETICS. THE CHARACTER'S NAMES. THE SYNOPSIS. WOW. I am so excited for her story!! I mean, I'm always excited about her stories! But I'm like double excited this time!!

// abbiee //

Abbiee finally did a room tour! Which was gorgeous and stunning and epic! And I watched it like six times in one day! It was very very inspirational for organising and decorating your work/living space ;)

// nadine brandes //

She wrote this beautiful post about ways of writing, telling us about famous authors and how they wrote!! Which was absolutely amazing, and made me feel super good about hand-writing all my stories and books :)

// cait //

Cait is going to publish her book!! YAY!! Next year D: HOW CAN WE STAND THE WAITING??!! I think a lot of us have waited and waited and waited to see her books come out ... just to see if they're as epic as her blogging ... WHO ARE WE KIDDING OF COURSE IT IS.

// amanda //

Amanda always has the awesomest posts on SKGfun! What I was delighted to find was SOMEONE STANDING UP FOR PERFECTIONISM FOR ONE!!! Usually it gets bashed together with comparison but ... I might be a little rebel, but perfectionism has been good to me *shrug* Also she has these lovely posts on doing devotions plus taking a break from technology.

>> I moved :P Which you already know because I've talked about it all month :P Important note: I brought along only 52 books xD

>> I turned 16. Which is cool and a bit scary and WOW I HAVEN'T COME TO GRIPS WITH IT YET

>> I've started school. This might really mess with my blogging so bear with me okay?? I'll be doing a tag all about school later so we'll wait until then for a glimpse of my ...life??

>> Nano begins! I wrote 5.7 k on day one, which was yesterday with an epic "cabin" (chat group) so if you are doing Nano (or even if you aren't but just want the warring buddies) you should totally join! Give me a shout if you're interested and I'll see if I can get you in!!

Okay that's it for now. I'm late with this post and I am late for everything I'm doing these days xD Whatever craziness November brings you -- enjoy it, guys :D

Bye now!

-- Lisa

How was your month?
Are you doing Nano?
Have you read In 27 Days? 

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  1. I want to read In 27 Days, but my library doesn't have it. And this post is awesome!! Thanks for the mention. :D
    Your month sounded full and awesome! :D


    1. It's really problematic when the library doesn't have the books we want ... *sigh* Maybe later though? It was just published in August.

      Thanks Ivie! No problem :D

  2. Which was your favorite book from them all?

    1. Yeah i did to. Thats why i picked it. I've seen your blog, its nice. (Bty i'm lisa's pet dragon. Don't tell anybody.)

    2. Lol, thanks. Oh, okay. I'll keep it on the down low. ;)

    3. Thanks, for a while I thought someone heard me....

    4. @Retse Lol my favorite book was In 27 Days
      @Ivie looks like you two have some thing in common ^-^

  3. In 27 days sounds soooo good! I'm definitely going to request it at my library!

    Also - Your blog is amazing, Lisa! =)

    - Madeline Joy

    1. Hey Madeline!! In 27 Days was awesome! I highly recommend!
      Thanks so much girl <333 I hopped over to your blog earlier today and gave it a follow! It's really pretty too :D
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Yay, you're doing NaNo! Are you handwriting for it? I wrote my first two books by hand. Some days I miss it, but then I reality slaps me in the face and reminds me that it's not feasible right now. But kudos to you for doing it!

    I hope your move is going smoothly. I know it can take a long time to settle into a new place. *cough* we moved 50 ft. fours years ago and we still haven't gotten our stuff in place *cough*

    1. Yes I am doing Nano! You too? And yes, I am handwriting it! Thanks! *shrugs* personally I just find handwriting more convenient and easier for me so yeah ... (Realistically it's because I don't have my own computer anymore now that it broke down and me typing all day would be hogging other people's time lol)

      We are settling in really nicely! I've started school and work already so I am rather swamped but that's ok! Hehe I know. Once we moved just two houses down the street and it wasn't any easier either ... xD

  5. Your month sounded exhausting with the move and all, but I'm glad it was fun too!

    1. Ahahaha yes it was but thanks :D I took the advice of you all and relaxed too :D <333

  6. Aw thanks soooo much for sharing my blog!! ;) That means so much to me. WUTHERING HEIGHTS AND THE BOOK THIEF ARE TWO OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOKS IN THE WORLD!!!!! Have you watched the Book Thief movie??? ALL THE FEELS!!! If you want your heart to get ripped out of your chest, that is the movie for you. I mean, the book made me cry but the movie destroyed me lol.

    1. NO PROBLEM GIRL <333 I love your blog :D And I have to agree Wuthering Heights was just astonishingly awesome (I don't even know why or how???) and THE BOOK THIEF!!!! No I haven't watched the movie, but I guess I'll have to stick it on my "to be watched" list now haha! Ugh I shall think twice first to make sure I'm ready to be destroyed lol xD

      Thanks for commenting Amanda!! (btw how did you like appear here just at the time I mentioned your name???)

  7. Woah...more books for my TBR....thanks, girl. Thanks. (*sarcastic voice*) I've read the Book Thief, but that's the only one from the list. (I found it okay...the language got very annoying after a while, and I had to watch my own words carefully...for what I read a lot of can often come out via the mouth...)

    1. Ugh I know. Sorry #notsorry I mean hey, I AM JUST RECOUNTING MY BOOK ADVENTURES. I never said you have to read them all (I know you want to thu lol) (but for In 27 Days you have to -- it's so amazing and an all time favorite of mine now haha!)! You are so right btw -- the biggest reason I try to avoid reading too much language *sigh* Thanks for your comment girl <333

  8. I'm always surprised at how much, everyone else does in a month.
    So many books and words, I'm impressed.

    1. #same I'm with you Skye. Everyone else never ceases to amaze me either lol THANKS THOUGH <333


    Dude, 5.7k in a DAY??? That is unbelievably awesome and beyond what I am capable of.

    Aaaaaand I kinda needed Twinepathy YESTERDAY. XD

    1. Awww THANKS LILA <333
      We had this 5k1day challenge for November 1st and in all honestly I didn't realize I was capable of it either lol xD

      TWINEPATHY YESSS. Um so wait ... you've read it them??

  10. You're doing awesome in NaNo, girl! :D ROCK ON!!!
    And yoo happy belated birthday! ;D Gotta agree... being 16 is cool but also like 0-0 what.
    Anyway glad to see you blogging again!
    God bless Lisa!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. THANK YOU ANG!! *fist bump*
      Eheh you are like almost my virtual twin so yes #relatable THANK YOU SO MUCH.

      Super happy to be blogging again! Although all the crazy writing plus word wars might mess with my schedule haha LETS ROCK THIS NANO!

      Blessings <333

  11. I've been meaning to read The Book Thief for so long now but haven't gotten around to it yet. URGH

    (Good luck with NaNo!)

    1. HAHAHAHA isn't that like ... BOOKWORM'S LIFE UNVEILED??? LOL

      (Thanks Hanne I need it xD)


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