Hello :D 

In short, I'm basically a book dragon that spends six months (at least, it feels like six months) of the cold north winter hibernating in an underground library devouring reading material.

In the more lengthy form:

My name is Lisa, and I'm a highschooler who has been homeschooled most of her life. :) I love reading, and do so quite voraciously. My tbr is my arch-nemesis; also one of my best friends. I say I'm an ENTP, because the description suits me, even though some of the quizzes say I'm ENFP. I call myself an aspiring writer because I haven't actually finished a full book yet. But that's going to change. Soon. I love God and believe in Jesus, and whatever I write I want to reflect on the things he teaches me.

The best genre for me to read and write is speculative fiction (you know, fantasy, sci-fi ...). But I'm also exceedingly fond of mysteries, historical fiction, and classics. I'm also finding that contemporary is becoming a new favorite. And who says MG isn't fun too? This year I decided to review every book I read and have done so quite successfully - with some help from Goodreads :D

When I'm not studying, reading, or writing, I am most likely found creating art, watching movies, enjoying the outdoors, working in the kitchen, having fun with music one way or another, or spending too much time on other peoples' blogs and sites :)

Anyway, I'm very happy you chose to stop by! Hope you enjoy your stay!