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by - August 07, 2017

What I'm doing to day is entirely a matter of my personal taste. We all have different opinions and "favorites". And I hope you will enjoy hearing about my favorites in book titles. 

Titles are very important because together with the cover it's the first impression of the book you are going to get. The title can turn you away, or it can grab you. I know only a small amount of books that I would have read for their titles alone and you'll get to see them in a minute. 

I remember reading once in a book about writing that one should collect book titles - those you see and those you make up - and think about why you like them, so that you would learn to create good titles too. I haven't done that, but this just might be the beginning. So, here you go. Feast yourselves.

(Just a note these are liable to change at any time if I stumble on a new beautiful title somewhere.)

10. The Color Project
This is a book just recently published, but the cover and the synopsis and the reviews on Goodreads told me way in advance that this would be a must read for me! The title is just marvelous - aren't colors just the best thing ever? They are so important in so many things. I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore. What I mean is - this is an intriguing title that leaves you with questions in your head and the picture it brings to your mind's eye is so alluring. 

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9. Angel Eyes
I haven't read this book, but some friends have rated it very highly (there's even a review over at Ivie's place) and it sounds really cool and the cover is really lovely and Angel Eyes is such. a. beautiful. title. I hear it's a bit dark and a bit romantic and has some special powers involved and something about angels (and maybe demons?) and well, yes, I want to find out more! (If you have read it, tell me if you think it would be my kind of book!)

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8. All the Light We Cannot See
Just wow. I haven't read this yet - though they say I should - yet this title deserves so much of my respect. It's one of those kinds of titles I want to learn to create. Think about it - all the light we cannot see. So it's about light right? Light one can't see? Why not? I'm thinking there's hidden meaning and some reference here we can't catch at first glance (my theory involves the character who is blind, I think). And those titles are the absolute best - those that have double meaning and have hidden references.

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7. Remember to Forget
Another one. This teen author had 11 million readers for this book on Wattpad before she published it. I can't wait to get my hands on this someday! The cover is wonderful (and someday you will find that interesting because you may come to discover that I am extremely picky about people on covers) and think about the irony of the title. Remember to Forget. The two opposites. (Wouldn't it be good if there was a sequel of something called, Forget to Remember? hehehe)

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6. Mockingjay
Any Hunger Games fans out there? One-word titles are hardly ever my favorites. Buuut, here's an exception. I love the title Mockingjay! One reason I ever got into researching this series before I read it was seeing the movie cover and the title Mockingjay. I love it. It's symbolic. It's Katniss. And the cover is beautiful and symbolic and simple too. 

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5. Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Beautiful. In fact, there are a lot of Stiefvater titles that deserve a place on my list - like The Raven Boys - why raven? who are these boys? and ravens are some of my favorite birds - and The Dream Thieves - what are 'dream thieves'? how do you steal dreams? - and The Scorpio Races - 'race' is obviously alluring, and what about 'scorpio'? - because I have a lot of love for these titles. Listen to the sound of the title: blue lily, lily blue. It's like music.

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4. Chasing Jupiter
I have a thing for this one. You know I have a kind of motto that says "chase the sun"? Well, this is so similar. Just that it's Jupiter. But in this one, doesn't that kind of stand for your dreams as well? It's really curious - you want to find out, who is chasing Jupiter, and why? What on earth (hehehe get it? We're talking about space? Planets?) does it mean? Also note: I got this one last week and review coming here soon! It's wonderful and if you haven't read it you absolutely must xD

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3. Snow Like Ashes
In all honesty, I don't like this series much. I found it too boring and political and I couldn't abide the love triangle. I was reading it in the library and nearly got up and hurled the book across the room. Didn't, but really wanted to. It would have been interesting to see the look on others faces, you know. Ahem. However. The titles. THE TITLES! SNOW LIKE ASHES! FROST LIKE NIGHT! ICE LIKE FIRE! Such delicious titles everyone, I aspire to have titles like these!

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2. Dandelion Dust
And here you will see - a book I would have read for it's title alone. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that dandelions are a significant symbol for me? Or that it sounds so ... lovely, so reminiscent, kind of dreamy ... yaaas well you also must read this book because it's the sweetest and kind of heart breaking too :D (Also, hello, it was written by our fellow blogger and friend Faith Potts, so obviously you should want to go read her word!)

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1. Six of Crows
Aaaand our finalist - number one fave of all time: Six of Crows. I would have read this just for it's title. I did read it for it's title alone. And it's cover. I can't quite explain why I love it much but I just do. Six of crows. You'll know why it's called that if you read it. Six of crows. I highly recommend this one. I loved it - it's a five star book for sure. Of course feel free to ask about content and so forth if you want or look up my review on Goodreads. But that title ... *hearteyes*.

What do you think of my list? Any titles here that call to you? What kinds of titles don't you like? As I said, review of Chasing Jupiter coming up next so keep an eye out for that. ;)

yours in ink, lisa

Tell me all about your favorite book titles in the comments! You could totally do a post on that as well if you want! I really want to hear everything about your opinions on book titles! Or any other kinds of titles!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! That is so sweet. :D
    Also, yes there is stuff about demons, too. Angel Eyes (the first one anyway) is a great book. After that book, when they lure you in, the other two seem a little overly preachy, but overall a great story line. It is a great series.

    Wow, these titles are just so beautiful. *swoons*
    I want to make titles like these. And the covers of these books are amazing. I especially love the title "Remember to Forget." And the cover of that book is just so beautiful. I will be looking into some of these.

    1. No problem. Thanks for the review! I plan to look that one up soon and see if it's at the library :)

      I'd love to see your list! Glad you liked all these. I think you can find 'Remember to Forget' on Wattpad still - but I think the book version is all edited :D

      By all means, do look into them!

  2. I must agree with all your choices! I am a devoted book title nerd and titles like this...YES. I definitely need to check out Dandelion Dust, it's already capturing my heart and I know NOTHING about it. xD
    Great Post Lisa :)

    Anna |

    1. WELL THAT IS TERRIFIC! Do share your faves someday.

      Dandelion Dust is wonderful. Would you like me to post my review on this blog (cause I did review it on Goodreada and could just link you to it too.) BUT THAT TITLE. *fangirls*

    2. YES please do link me to it! I would love to hear more on it :D Thanks Lisa

      There you go.

  3. All of these are great, but Six of Crows is my favorite.

  4. Oooh yeah I love all these titles! To be honest I haven't thought much about my favourites, but from this list "Angel Eyes" would have to be my favourite. :) Great post!

    1. Thanks :D Yes, 'Angel Eyes' is really lovely!

  5. I practically dote on "All the Light We Cannot See." The story is just as beautiful as the title-- it's very rich, and it doesn't like to hide away from any of the harsh realities it pictures.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Wow. Now I absolutely must go read it xD Thanks for telling me!

  6. You included Dandelion Dust, WHAAAA?! Thank you so much!! :D
    The Color Project, All the Light We Cannot See, and Chasing Jupiter are on my TBR. And Remember to Forget was reealllyyy good!! Gahh, all the lovely titles. <3

    1. YESSS. NO PROBLEM I GENUINELY LOVE THAT TITLE. And thanks forever for the arc :D Niiice we have similar tastes xD You loved Remember to Forget? Cool. Must read soon.

  7. My favorite book titles are:

    -If I Run // Terri Blackstock

    -The Hunger Games // Suzanne Collins

    -The Death Cure // James Dashner

    -The Fault In Our Stars // John Green (I haven't read this book, but I've seen the movie and I love it.)

    -Anomaly // Krista McGee (my friend told me about this one and I still haven't read it...)


    1. I have read The Hunger Games, The Death Cure, and some of The Fault in Our Stars! All those are great titles! Ok wow I MUST GO PUT A HOLD ON UNWIND. I actually love books that break me mwahahaa Have you read Scythe? Cause that is by Neal Shusterman too and IT IS SO AWESOME and one of my favorites :D


      No I haven't, but I've heard a little about it. I'll check it out sometime.