six things I've learned from katie grace

by - August 28, 2017

*throws confetti and balloons* HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY, KATIE <3 The rest of you, this is cool post I thought up when I heard her third year blogging anniversary was yesterday (I can be so amazing sometimes *cough* #ToopyandBinooquote *cough*) It's a surprise so shhh don't tell her till it's up - whoops... what am I talking about you wouldn't know it was up unless it was up - so cross out what I said, it's not a secret anymore xD

Katie Grace is an amazing blogger and fabulous person and you really should check her out and follow her if you don't already :D 

She's the first blogger I ever met - virtually, that is - the first I ever talked to. And her blog is probably the first I ever followed as well. If anyone would ask me for a list of blogs to follow, I can bet you, A Writer's Faith would be at the top of it :)

So the title says, six things she has taught me. Let's get to the list then xD

Yes. Because as a newbie to the blogging world (I'm still a newbie, only three months old compared to her three years! but then - i.e. in the spring - I was a real absolutely total newbie) I had no idea how to go about saying, "hi. I'm a fellow writer and I LOVE YOUR BLOG." I didn't comment though I stalked some people for ... like half a year ... before they actually knew I existed. So Katie was the first person I ever messaged. It was because she has this awesome "let's chat" page which gives an absolutely irresistible invitation to get to know her! So... Did she know the reputation of the entire blogosphere actually rested on her shoulders that time? Haha - now she will. But she gave the sweetest, friendliest response ever and from then on I knew that most bloggers love hearing from their followers and are more than happy to make friends with you and give advice if you need it! And I also learned that as a blogger, this is what I should be like too (umm yeah, I think I would have figured it out, but Katie was a marvelous example). She always replies to all comments and really wants to know all her followers and it feels like yes she's friends with all of us. And she was the first blogger who encouraged me to start a blog and who told me it would be awesome to read :D

Did I know what on earth NaNoWriMo was when I first came here? No. But reading Katie's posts obviously gave me a pretty good idea! And then she wrote and entire post about why you should join Camp Nano. And I was like, "whoa how did I not know this before!" And Katie urged me to try it, and her sheer enthusiasm for it made me more than excited to give it a shot. (Guess what? I loved it too!)

She said it was hard. She did. And here I was like, whoa an experienced blogger who has a gorgeous blog says it's hard so where does that put me? But her tutorials? Gold. I highly suggest you go read them all. She taught me aesthetic is important for your blog when I basically wanted to roll my eyes at that advice (#oops). How did she teach me? By having a gorgeous blog. And I go there so often just to look at how she does things! Not so that I can copy exactly - but yes, so that I can be inspired and see what really works. Her blog is model for me to follow and I want to say - thanks Katie, for showing me so much :D I was trying to figure out how others made these beautiful sub-headers in their posts in fancy script. So I went to her place and clicked around and discovered it was an image! Of course. Stupid me. So there - I discovered a secret :D 

Trust me, I am groaning over my schedule this very instant. Do I have to post today? I ask myself. I am tempted to not be consistent and do it whenever I please. But then I look at those who are consistent and I know it's important. Because Katie posts every Saturday, and what does that mean for me? Well, I wake up on Saturday and the first chance I get I'm running to her blog to read her latest post. And then I miss her when she's on hiatus. Plus, you know, the archives look much nicer when they have a consistent number every month. ;) You know when to expect these posts, and you are waiting for them all week.

Katie's posts aren't all that long. Unlike some other people's. So, I admit, I love long posts. But short ones are just as good. Chances are the longer posts have a lot of filler material and long sentences that don't serve that much purpose except to make you laugh. (I must be offending someone. Making others laugh is a great purpose, so I amend). But what I learned is your posts don't have to be super long. But their content needs to matter. Your posts should contain substance. Something the readers will take away when they leave. And wow, I always take so much away from Katie!

She doesn't post all about writing. Nor all about books. Nor all about life. I learned that you don't have to have a blog about one thing alone. As long as it's relatable to your readers, as long as it's substance, as long as you have something worth saying - go ahead. Have variety. And maybe it's really good. Maybe the readers will love the different things you have up :D (Because yes I DO, even though there are favorites ;D)

*    *    *

Those are some of the things I've learned from Katie! I've only got to know her and her blog this year, but everything she wrote in the past continues to teach and inspire me :D She's been an amazing person to get to know and read about, and you all should hop over and wish her a amazing fourth year of blogging! *offers everyone homemade pizza for the party*

And Katie, when you read this - thanks :D For everything <3

keep on shining,

do you follow Katie?
what has she taught you?
how long have you been blogging?

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  1. Katie is the BEST. I love her blog so much :) I actually learned most of what I know about the blogosphere from Tracey, Christine (Lauriloth), and Cait at Paper Fury. And I just did that by copying them XD

    1. YAY!!!
      Tracey, Christine, and Cait are AMAZING bloggers too! I've actually learned so. much. from Cait - and I used to pop over to Tracey's and Christine's to learn from their designs as well!!! Yes, copying /is/ indeed the best way to learn!

  2. Katie Grace is a fantastic blogger! I don't comment there as often as I'd like, but every time a new post goes up, I KNOW it will be entertaining, helpful, or inspiring. Or, you know, all of the above. ;)

    @Florid Sword: Oh my goodness, let me hug you! That's so sweet! (Christine and Cait are both amazing, I agree!)

    1. Oh my, Tracey. Your blog was the first one I discovered that was one belonging to a young Christian writer, and I realized that I could blog there too. XD (they're amazing!)

    2. @Tracey - yes! I agree a 100%. It can be hard to keep up commenting on all the places you follow xD Like I hardly ever read any of Cait (Paper Fury's) posts when they go up - I save them to my e-reader and then binge read five to ten of them when I have spare time xD

      @FloridSword - Ah, and Tracey was the first Ted Dekker fan I found and I was beyond thrilled xD

  3. Great post! I don't think I've been to her blog, but I'm about to go check it out. Just so you know, your blog has inspired me to do better graphics. So thank you. And I thought you were on blogger for much longer than me. Sounds like we started around the same time! 😊


    1. Disregard the random I. Trying to use my kindle to blog, lol.

    2. YES. I was going to say, 'do check it out', but then you already did - YOU SHOULD FOLLOW HER BECAUSE YOU'LL LEARN A LOT TOO <3
      Aww - that's so nice of you to tell me. Thanks :D And guess what? Technically, you've been a blogger longer than me. I saw you started in May, but I began in June xD

    3. Really? I would have thought you were on longer. Go figure that one, lol. Your posts are always so pretty. You do an amazing job, Lisa. :D

  4. KATIE IS THE BEST. I honestly wouldn't know all of you guys without her, she's the first blog I found and I based my blogging/nano knowledge of her.I was nodding the whole time through this post, WORDS OF TRUTH. <3 <3 <3

    and if you see this...WE LOVE YOU KATIE <3

    1. I saw your comment on her place, and looks like we are SAME in this :D *nods* <3 <3 <3

    2. IKR ;D :) Katie is great

  5. Katie is such a sweet blogger! <3

  6. This is a lovely idea for Katie's blogaversary, and she definitely deserves it! <3
    Jem Jones

  7. Oh my gosh, this is such a sweet post! I've poked around Katie's blog a little, but I should definitely check her out more!!! XD

  8. LISA I AM S Q U E A L I N G. Loudly. I'm so thankful I'm all alone in my house right now because I CAN SCREAM WITH EXCITEMENT. Oh my goodness. *flails* I don't... I don't even know what to say? I can only scream? Like, I'm having trouble typing this comment because I'm smiling so hard? (I don't know why excessive grinning handicaps my typing abilities buuut :P)

    Lisa, you're so amazing and thoughtful and kind. <3 <3 <3 I'm absolute AMAZED by how far you've come on your blog in just three months! If I hadn't known that you just started it, I would've easily guessed that you've been blogging for well over a year. I haven't been a great commenter on your blog, but just know that I love your bright personality and fantastic posts. :D :D

    I've been staring at this comment and post for close to seven minutes because HOW DO I EXPLAIN HOW SPECIAL THIS IS. You have such a gift for making people feel happy and appreciated, Lisa!

    Thank you. Really -- thank you. You deserve homemade delicious pizza for life. xD

    *flops around happily* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. KATIE! <3
      OH THAT IS SO AWESOME! I'm glad you liked this. I've been grinning so hard myself every time I read your comment through (yes, I had to read it several times).

      Thanks for telling me - that's a great compliment <3 I'm glad you think so. and obviously I value your opinion! You are one reason I'm this far <3
      And that's perfectly fine - I know keeping up with commenting on all your friends' blogs is hard, so don't feel bad. Happens to me all the time!


      Aww, you are more than welcome! *hands you some more pizza* (see, ours is a baker's family so we make our own pizza xD) (what's your favorite topping?)

      <3 <3 <3

  9. EEEPPPP YAYYYY! Happy blogiversary, Katie! Katie was one of the first bloggers I found too! I just didn't get to know her very well because I'm not a writer, and . . . that's kinda what she does. XD

    You're so sweet for writing this post, Lisa! :)

    1. *cheers with you* HANNE, welcome to the party! <3

      Oh really, you aren't a writer? *thinks back* yeaaaah, now that I think about it, I never saw a post about writing on your blog! It's mostly life and books ... and you are a musician too - aren't you!?

      *heaps you with thanks*

  10. This was such a sweet post, Katie is such an inspiring blogger!

  11. ALL THE YES TO THIS POST. And that's such a sweet idea for you to do this for her!! Katie is so wonderful and amazing. When I started the process of creating my blog almost two years ago now, Katie was there the whole time to help me through the tricky techy stuff and navigating blogger and formats and all that stuff that I had no clue how to do. And I was and am so thankful for her help! I like what you said about bloggers being friendly--cause Katie definitely is, and most bloggers in general are, too! They're not going to get mad at you if you email them :P Which is what I was afraid of for a time--I didn't want to risk annoying anyone. And also YES to consistent posting--that's always been a huge policy for me, and Katie's consistency helped me keep up my own.

    This was such a lovely post! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Hey Hannah -- I know I'm really late replying here but AHH THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS YOURSELF. THAT WAS SUCH A SWEET COMMENT AND I TOTALLY AGREE <333 Katie is really inspiring and amazing. THANKS SO MUCH AND I'M GLAD YOU LIKED THIS POST.


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