unfinished works of mine // part 2

by - August 21, 2017

Guess what I'm talking about today? More of my unfinished writings! You guys liked it the last time, and hopefully today's stories are as fun! Again, they were mostly written when I was 13/14 (so just one or two years ago lol) and I NEVER FINISHED ANY. Let me confess - I've always been horrible at finishing my writings. Hahaha. But now I am learning to push through even when inspiration isn't striking. 

But even though I never finished, I did have a semi-mature plot in mind, so feel free to ask what happens in the end xD

onceuponawildflower:  Did I Think I Was A King Somehow? by John Westrock on Flickr.


This was a story about stress. About worry. About being free. And letting go. The mc, a girl named Tari, is having an overwhelming and stifling summer as she is pressured to do so much and do it so well. So what does she do? She runs away. To the forest. And she meets a man in the forest, a ... Sensei kind of character. (lol unfortunately you won't know what I mean unless you read The Blood Race.) And he teaches her to watch the flowers and birds. (Get it?)


Right now she wished she were somewhere else. Right now she wanted to do something new and different. She didn't want to stay here, trapped by these walls and all her work and everyone else's expectations. She wanted to go away and do something wild and reckless. 

She wanted a vacation.

It was late afternoon the next day. Harry and Marie [the uncle and aunt she lives with] had gone out to a concert with friends, and Tari was home alone. She had eaten early, and was now ready to put her crazy plan into motion.

She grabbed her backpack which she had already packed [the day before]. She switched off all the lights in the house, and then she went outside.

The country air was fresh and clean after the showers of the day. The sky was still grey though. It looked overcast and dull, and the wet grass soaked her shoes through.

She sped across the grass, and up the hill toward the woods. Well, they called it "the woods" but she knew the forest stretched on for miles beyond.

Изречение, которым я руководствуюсь во всем Вы никогда не узнаете, что искали, пока не найдете это.


That isn't the name of the story. It didn't have a name. At all. And this rare piece I nearly completed. It is super short. And kind of weird too. 


"Hey," he said. "Nice stuff, eh?"

"Sure is," I replied.

"Where are you from?"

"Canada. And you?"

He laughed. "All over."

"What's your name?"

"I haven't got one."


"Just that. I don't have a name."

"Why not?"

He shrugged. "I'm looking for one."

"What d'you mean?"

"I've been all over the world looking for a name. A good name. A name that rings true with my person. One that says who I am."

I'd never heard of such a thing before. "Have you found it?"

"No, not yet."

"Where've you been?"

"Oh, Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, China, India, Russia, Egypt, South America, France -"

"Okay, okay ... And what are you doing? Learning all the names there are out there?"

Reid Valmestad is a talented self-taught photographer and adventurer, who has travelled across five continents capturing stunning nature and urban landscapes.


Untitled is the real name of this story, okay? It's not an untitled story - Untitled is the title. I know it's funny. This one I actually completed, and all it need it's a bit of polish. I could share the full thing someday if you'd all like that?


The bird had fought with its tribe mate, and lost. Now it lay, weak and wounded, somewhere on the forest floor, left to die. It was barely conscious, but somewhere in its delirious mind it was sure it saw someone approaching. Someone sliding warm hands under it, holding it gently, raising it's head, and arranging it's mangled wings and broken legs.

Did it realise what was happening? Perhaps not.

The bird was aware that it had been lifted, and was being carried. For how long it didn't know. It only knew it was far away. It understood better when it came into the warm, when it felt itself being washed. It felt strong and gentle fingers handling its feathers, cleaning the blood, the dirt, the stains.


And this one ... it was meant to be book length. Did that happen? Lol no. And it's gone through many titles and changes, but the main idea still remains. In this science-fiction world - post-superhero days - everyone has a superpower. But the mc doesn't. Which makes her odd and abnormal. So she goes on a hunt to find her hidden powers. 


I come home to our apartment at four o'clock. I find my mother and my brother Lukas in the kitchen.

My mother is baking; she is measuring ingredients and reading the cookbooks. My brother seems to be sitting and reading the newspaper, but the whisk in the dough bowl is moving and stirring at a fierce pace, which means he isn't quite as engrossed as he seems. 


I sit next to him at the table and bite into an oven fresh cookie.

"How was school?" he asks without looking up.

"Okay," I say.

My mom raises her eyebrow at me.

I sigh. "Well, not so okay."

I lay the envelope on the table. I don't need to be gifted to know what that's about. 

My mom works in intelligence and interrogation ... because she can tell if people are telling lies or half-truths. It's like her sixth sense. I can tell you that honesty is very well established in our house. I'm glad she isn't a mind reader.

"What is it?" my brother asks about the envelope. It starts to rise up off the table and move towards him. I clamp my hand down on it.

"It's for mom and dad, not for you," I say.

He goes back to reading.

My mom dries her hands, and opens it. She takes a few minutes to read it, then tucks it into her apron pocket. 

"I see," she says to me. "Don't worry. It'll be fine."

"Fine what?" Lukas asks.

My mom gives me the looks that says, don't you want to tell him?

"It's about my gift," I say.

"Have you found it?" he drops the paper.

"No. That's what it's about. It's bothering my teacher."

"Oh," Lukas looks puzzled. "You should have discovered it by now, huh?"

I nod.

"Well," another voice interrupts and I whirl around. "It certainly isn't in sensing other people's presences!"

I can't see anyone.

"Xavier!" I snap.

My other brother materializes in front of me.

This is more a "path" than a "road," but I like it. ;o)


I could spend hours telling you about Edinwag, guys. Edinwag isn't just a story. A book. A project. Or a country. Edinwag is the name of a farm. It's the name of a family. It's a world we've created, me and my sibs. It's a super high-tech society of walking, talking, intelligent dinosaurs. And their earth has six or seven continents - each for a different type of dinosaur. Our main characters are the Claw kids - six crazy reckless and absolutely lovable long-neck children who live on this farm with their huge extended family. Edinwag and Sauran (the name of their country) deserves a full post for itself, but let me give you just a taste of their adventures.


Somewhere in the fray [of chickens] Tricksy caught sight of a bushy white tail. Of course! A fox.

No wonder the chickens were in such a panic.

All of a sudden, the front door burst open and two dinos came rushing out. One was of turquoise blue and the other, white. They seemed to be about six and five years old.

The blue one ran ahead waving her hands wildly above her head.

With her right hand, the white one swung a wooden sword in circles above her head, while with her left hand, she jabbed another sword in the direction of the melee. The white dino also had three more swords of the wooden weapons. Two hung at her sides, one at each hip. The other was strapped to her back.

"Charge!" yelled the blue dino as she reached the chickens.

"How dare you! How dare you! How dare you!" screeched the white one, presumably at the fox.

"Here, chickens, chickens. Here, chickens!" the blue one called, shooing the chickens in one direction away from the fox.

"Come on!" yelled the white one, presumably at the chickens. "Get the intruder outta here, chickens!"

Suddenly, all the chickens halted in mid flight. They all turned toward the fox slowly. They lowered their heads and pointed their beaks towards him.

"And now," said the white one, sword held high as she stood in front of the chickens, "Charge!" she cried, and ran straight for the intruder with the chickens on her heels.

The fox saw what was coming and started in fright. Then he turned tail and began a hasty retreat.

Well, some of these turned out a bit short! If you want to know more about any of these projects, feel free to ask about them!


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  1. FIRST!!!
    That's right people. I'm back!!!!
    Ahem, my favorite was the one where the girl couldn't find her super powers or gift. These were great. Awesome job. <3


    1. WHOO! So you are, and welcome :D Yes I think that idea was really ... cool ... because usually the mc is the special one with the powers xD Thanks again <3

  2. I really liked The Story with No Name (which I think would be a cool title, since the guy doesn't have a name?); I think the dialogue is quite good! Giftless also sounds like an intriguing story - and I really want to read about how family members with powers is annoying. xD
    Lovely post, Lisa!
    Jem Jones

    1. OMW, YOU'RE A GENIUS <3 Just realized it myself! Yes, it was quite ... unusual - and I did it as an exercise in dialogue writing :D Yeah ... if I had gone further with the Giftless snippet you'd have seen more ... uh ... family relations when they all ... can do something unusual xD
      Why thanks :D

  3. These were really fun to read about! Though I liked them all Giftless really captured my attention; such a cool premise! :)

    1. NICE THAT YOU THINK SO TOO - I was wondering what others would think about the premise. <3 Thanks for commenting!

  4. These all are actually pretty good! The snippet from a story with no name was intriguing.

    1. Hehehe THANKS A MILLION. I like to do intriguing ... and I'm forever wondering if I was successful :D

  5. Just like part 1, this was super fun to read about! I especially enjoyed the Giftless snippet XD Maybe someday these unfinished works will inspire you and you'll pick one or two of them back up. Who knows, right? :) You had some good ideas with these, after all.

    1. Wow looks like Giftless is the winner xD Definitely - that's why I'm keeping them and putting them up and going through them. I'm thinking if I can take the best ideas and somehow mash them together and put them into a current wip of mine it would be cool. THANKS FOR COMMENTING <3 <3 <3 And you are right. There are some hidden gems in our old messes. xD

  6. Oooh, I really like the idea of "Friend." It's one I'd definitely want to read. (though, all of them sound awesome. I'm always impressed by people who have lots of stories because I rarely get any ideas xD)

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. I think "Friend" would be pretty relatable to us all at times <3 Really? You don't get flashes of inspiration to write a new book every two days? Wow. I didn't know that xD Thanks for commenting Katie <3

  7. Oh my goodness these are so good Lisa!!! O-O


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